CCTV Annual Review 2016.17 - Royal Borough of Greenwich

CCTV Annual Review 2016.17 - Royal Borough of Greenwich
Community Safety CCTV System
Annual Review
Date of Review:
Responsible Officer:
25 April 2016
Responsible Officer:
of 020 8921 2482
[email protected]
Next Review Due By
Community Safety CCTV Manager
Royal Borough of Greenwich
April 2017
Operational Requirements
Does the system continue to meet the
purpose for which it was installed?
Review of Compliance
The system continues to meet its original
lawful objectives as set out in the Code of
Practice for the operation of the Community
Safety Closed Circuit Television System.
No complaints were received during the review
period April 2015 to April 2016.
Have any complaints been received about
an individual camera or the whole/part of
the system? If yes, what was the outcome?
Has the location of each camera been
Yes, each camera location has been reviewed
reviewed to ensure they remain suitable?
and the details recorded on the CCTV
Are there any new residential/business
Any requests for additional cameras/moving
developments within existing areas that
cameras are referred to the Safer Communities
could benefit from additional
Team for problem solving. Any
cameras/moving existing cameras?
recommendations for new cameras are to be
considered within existing network, budgetary
and staffing constraints.
Is there a comprehensive maintenance and A four year maintenance contract is in place
cleaning regime in place?
effective from July 2015. The maintenance
contractor is Openview.
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Further Actions Required
On-going maintenance of database
Consider Safer Communities Team
recommendations as required.
Re-tender contract at expiry of existing
Operational Requirements
Is there appropriate and sufficient signage
in place to warn people that CCTV is in
Is the Data Protection Code of Practice up
to date?
Is the Code of Practice accessible to both
staff and the public?
Review of Compliance
Signage is in place in all primary areas and
most sub-areas.
Yes, current version of the Code of Practice is
version 8.0 dated March 2015.
A copy of the Code of Practice is available to
all staff within the CCTV control room and it is
also published on the RBG website as a public
Are audits carried out regularly to ensure
Annual inspections are carried out to ensure
the security of all equipment and media
compliance with the Code of Practice. These
and is a record of the audits kept for
inspections also consider health and safety
issues and the security of the control room.
Is the equipment of sufficient quality to
All cameras/equipment has been installed to
enable images to be used as evidence in
meet Home Office Scientific Development
Branch requirements.
Are there regular function checks to ensure Regular camera/recording checks are
that all equipment is in operating and
undertaken and any identified system faults
recording correctly and that all images are are reported for repair to the maintenance
stamped with the correct date/time?
What precautions are in place to ensure
Power to the recorded system is protected by
that data will continue to be collected e.g.
an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) within
in the event of a failure of power to
the CCTV control room. The UPS would
enable the system to be shut down in a
controlled manner which would lead to a
maintenance call out to the contractor.
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Further Actions Required
Maintenance contractor to install new
signs as required.
Maintenance call-outs to be made as
Privacy Impact Assessment
01 Has a camera specific review taken place?
Where are the real time images from the
cameras displayed?
Who has operational access and ability to
control the CCTV cameras?
Where are recorded images stored?
What measures are in place to control
access to the area in which the recorded
images are stored?
How are the images recorded?
Who has access to the recorded images?
How is access gained to the recorded
How long are the images retained?
How are the images deleted?
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Review of Compliance
Yes, details are recorded on the CCTV
Real time images are displayed within the
Borough CCTV control room. Selected images
are also displayed live at the Metropolitan
Police Central Command and Control at
Operational access is restricted to the system
manager, supervisor and appointed CCTV
Images are stored on primary storage nodes
(PSN’s) within a secure rack room within the
CCTV control room. Encrypted recorded
images are also securely stored within outlying
Housing sub locations.
Access control measures are in place to
restrict access into the control room only to
authorised and trained personnel.
Images are recorded on digital recorders.
Access is restricted to system manager,
supervisor and appointed CCTV operators.
Access as required is provided to the
maintenance contractor solely for the purposes
of system maintenance.
Physical access is gained by approved users
via system login.
31 days.
The system automatically over-rights all data
not required for evidential purposes after 31
Further Actions Required
Database to be kept up to date in line
with this review.
Privacy Impact Assessment
11 When the data is downloaded or copied for
release to a third party how is information
12 What processes are in place to ensure that
data protection responsibilities are
understood by persons receiving the data?
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Review of Compliance
Further Actions Required
A written request is required before any data
can be released and the details are recorded in
the evidence management system log.
Data is only released to the Police and other
enforcement agencies. These agencies are all
required to have Data Protection Policies in
place. Relevant paperwork is completed and a
copy retained for records.
Service Standards
01 Ensure that the CCTV control room is
staffed by a minimum of two operators 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.
When requested, provide CCTV evidence
to Police and other enforcement agencies
within 7 days of written request.
Meet Security Industry Authority (SIA)
licensing requirements for Public Space
Ensure that at least 95% of on-street
CCTV cameras are fully operational at all
Provide and maintain a CCTV Code of
Practice agreed by the Council and the
Metropolitan Police.
Train all CCTV Operators to BTEC level
two in CCTV Operations Public Space
Maintain the system using an external
contractor who will provide emergency callout and repair services.
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Review of Compliance
The CCTV control room remained 100%
operational during year 2015/16 and was
staffed by an average of 2.5 operators 7
days a week.
Met within 7 days of receiving written
request in line with service standards.
Further Actions Required
All staff/operators are in-house employees
and do not require SIA licencing but are
trained to this level.
An average of 95.8% of cameras
operational was achieved during year
Last updated March 2015 version 8.0.
17 control room staff have achieved BTEC
level two in CCTV Operations Public
Space Surveillance.
Service provided by Openview under
One new member of staff will be attending
training course in May 2016
Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice
01 Use of a surveillance camera must always be for
a specified purpose which is in pursuit of a
legitimate aim and necessary to meet an
identified pressing need.
02 The use of a surveillance camera system must
take into account its effect on individuals and their
privacy, with regular reviews to ensure its use
remains justified.
There must be as much transparency in the use
of a surveillance camera system as possible,
including a published contact point for access to
information and complaints.
There must be clear responsibility for all
surveillance camera system activities including
images and information collected, held and used.
Clear rules, policies and procedures must be in
place before a surveillance camera system is
used, and these must be communicated to all
who need to comply with them.
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Review of Compliance
The CCTV database documents the purpose
for each individual camera and this is subject
to annual review and on-going maintenance..
The CCTV database documents the privacy
impact of each individual camera and this is
subject to annual review. Any privacy zones
that have been installed will be included within
the database.
The following documents are published on the
council website:
CCTV Code of Practice (data protection)
Service Standards
Annual Review
Annual Performance Report
Privacy Impact Assessment
Surveillance Camera Code of Practice:
self assessment tool
Details of responsibilities are contained within
CCTV Code of Practice (data protection).
Existing system in operation since 1997 and
operated within the CCTV Code of Practice
(data protection) and supplemented by an
operational procedure manual for control room
Further Actions Required
Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice
06 No more images and information should be
stored than that which is strictly required for the
stated purpose of a surveillance camera
system, and such images and information
should be deleted once their purposes have
been discharged.
07 Access to retained images and information
should be restricted and there must be clearly
defined rules on who can gain access and for
what purpose such access is granted; the
disclosure of images and information should
only take place when it is necessary for such a
purpose or for law enforcement purposes.
08 Surveillance camera system operators should
consider any approved operational, technical
and competency standards relevant to a
system and its purpose and work to meet and
maintain those standards.
Surveillance camera system images and
information should be subject to appropriate
security measures to safeguard against
unauthorised access and use.
There should be effective review and audit
mechanisms to ensure legal requirements,
policies and standards are complied with in
practice, and regular reports should be
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Review of Compliance
Non evidential images are system
deleted after 31 days. Images to be
used for evidential purposes are
deleted once the evidence disk has
been collected by the officer in the
Access restrictions apply as detailed in
the CCTV Code of Practice (data
Further Actions Required
System has been installed to meet
Home Office technical standards. A
maintenance contract is in place to
ensure that standards continue to be
maintained. Operators are trained to
SIA level to ensure competency.
Appropriate security measures are in
place as detailed within the CCTV
Code of Practice (data protection).
Annual review has taken place and
control room is deemed fit for purpose.
On-going annual reviews/inspections to be
Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice
11 When the use of a surveillance camera
system is in pursuit of a legitimate aim, and
there is a pressing need for its use, it
should then be used in the most effective
way to support public safety and law
enforcement with the aim of processing
images and information of evidential value.
12 Any information used to support a
surveillance camera system which
compares against a reference database for
matching purposes should be accurate and
kept up to date.
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Review of Compliance
System has been established to meet the
pressing need of the prevention and
detection of crime. Procedures are in
place to ensure that appropriate standards
are achieved and images of evidential
value are provided.
Not applicable as the CCTV system is not
supported by any other reference
Further Actions Required
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