dVault DVCS0020-5 Use and Care Manual

dVault DVCS0020-5 Use and Care Manual
User Maintenance and Care Instructions
In order to keep its appearance and extend the life of the unit,
dVault® mailboxes require minimal maintenance. Be sure to follow
manufacturer’s assembly instructions for your specific product to
ensure proper use and warranty coverage. Amount and frequency of
maintenance varies greatly depending on the type of weather
conditions the unit is exposed to.
When the unit begins to appear weathered or dirty, basic cleaning may
be required. Rinse the surface with clean water to remove debris on
the unit. Use mild soap and water to clean buildup and excess debris
from the unit. Do NOT use abrasive scrubbing pads to clean the
unit. The use of abrasive pads could cause permament damage to the
powder coat finish.
Your mailbox is protected with a rust-resistant powder coat paint. In
order to retain the finish of your unit, periodically clean your unit as
described above, and coat your unit with a high quality automotive
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