Chapter 2: Computer Hardware Quiz Yourself Answers

Chapter 2: Computer Hardware Quiz Yourself Answers
Chapter 2: Computer Hardware
Quiz Yourself Answers
1. Data is represented in a computer as binary digits—a series of 0s and 1s.
2. A bit is the smallest unit of data that a computer can recognize.
3. A byte is a series of eight bits.
4. The main circuit board inside the system unit is the motherboard.
5. The main processing device for a computer is called the CPU (or processor or central processing unit).
6. RAM is volatile memory used to store data and instructions while the computer is running. ROM is nonvolatile
memory that permanently store data or programs.
7. An expansion card is a circuit board used to give desktop computers additional capabilities.
8. Plug and Play means the computer automatically configures new devices as soon as they are installed and the
computer is powered up.
9. The ALU is the part of a CPU core that performs logical operations and integer arithmetic.
10. A storage medium is the hardware where data is actually stored. A storage medium is inserted into its corresponding
storage device in order to be read from or written to.
11. The surface of a hard disk is organized into concentric tracks and pie-shaped groups of sectors.
12. A disk cache stores copies of data or programs that are located on the hard drive and that might be needed soon in
memory chips to avoid having to retrieve the data or programs from the hard drive when they are requested.
13. The three types of optical discs are CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray.
14. Remote storage devices accessed via the Internet.
15. An input device is any piece of equipment that is used to enter data into the computer. An output device accepts
processed data from the computer and presents the results to the user, most of the time on the computer screen, on
paper, or through a speaker.
16. The most common pointing device is the mouse.
17. The quality of scanned images and printed output is measured in dots per inch (dpi).
18. One of the most common types of flat-panel technologies in use today is LCD technology.
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