ANU Sport– Lunchtime Sport Competition 6-a

ANU Sport– Lunchtime Sport Competition 6-a
ANU Sport– Lunchtime Sport Competition
6-a-Side Soccer Rules
1. Team registrations must be paid in full before the first round of competition. Teams with
outstanding fees will forfeit match points until the fees are paid. (Unless alternate
arrangements have been made with the Lunchtime Sport Coordinator)
2. All team members must wear shirts of the same type and colour. Bibs may be provided if
needed by ANU Sport.
3. Matches shall be between two (2) sides of six (6) players one (1) being the goalkeeper. There
must be one (1) female on the field at all times. A team may have a maximum of six (6)
4. If a team cannot field a female player that team must forfeit the game unless the opponent
agrees to play. The opponent may request that the opposition play with five (5) players.
5. A player can only be used from another team if the borrowing team has less than six (6)
players. Teams not able to field five (5) of their own players will forfeit match points. A
friendly game may still be played but the outcome will have no bearing on the competition.
6. All games will be 2x20min halves with a 5min half time. All games will begin promptly at 10
minutes past the hour.
7. No extra time is played. In the case of semi finals and finals, if the scores are level at full
time, extra time is played. This will be golden goal format, played for five (5) minutes or until
the first goal is scored. The team who scores 1st in extra time will be the winner. If the
scores are still level after these five (5) extra minutes, the match will be decided by penalty
kicks. The team who is one (1) goal in front on even kicks will be the winner.
8. Four (4) points will be awarded for a win, one (2) points for a draw and zero (0) point for a
loss. A team forfeiting will receive no points. A team winning by a forfeit will receive four (4)
points and a score of ten (10) goals to nil. If a team forfeits without advising ANU Sport they
will lose two (2) competition points.
9. A team can interchange players when the ball is out of play and after a goal has been scored.
There is no limit to the amount of times a player may leave or re-enter the play.
10. There will be NO offside; a player may stand anywhere on the field.
11. Back passes are permitted.
12. For all free kicks, opposing players must be at least four (4) meters from the ball.
13. Slide tackling is NOT permitted. A direct free kick will be awarded against any player that
uses this type of tackle. A slide tackle inside the goal keeper’s area will result in a direct free
kick from the penalty spot
14. A direct free kick will be awarded if a player kicks, trips, charges, strikes
or holds an opponent or intentionally handles the ball. A penalty kick will be awarded if any
of these offences occurs inside the goal circle.
15. An indirect free kick will be awarded if a player intentionally obstructs an opponent or is
playing in a dangerous manner.
16. The goalkeeper must release the ball within six (6) seconds of receiving it.
17. Any player sent off will receive an automatic suspension (see attached list below). If a player
is sent off a 2nd time during the same competition, the player will be suspended for the
remainder of that competition, including semi finals, finals and grand finals. Any player sent
from the field during any semi final, final or grand final will not be entitled to any prizes
awarded to his or her team.
18. A suspended player may not play for any other team during the period of the suspension.
Suspension from one (1) team is suspension from all soccer teams.
19. It is recommended that all players wear shin guards.
20. Always remember a good game is a clean game, if you are not there to enjoy yourself and
play soccer, then don't play!!
Send Offs and Suspensions
1 Foul and abusive language to others
2 games
2 Persistent misconduct after previously being cautioned
2 games
3 Attempting to strike or kick a player
2 games
4 Deliberately striking a player
5 Deliberately kicking or kneeing a player
6 Spitting on a player
7 Deliberate foul or late tackle on a player
3 games
8 Deliberately wrestling an opponent to the ground
3 games
9 Deliberately throwing a ball at a player
3 games
OR such other offences as the referee shall deem to be dangerous or unsportsmanlike.
At all times the management of ANU Sport reserve the right to ban any player or team from
further participation in any competition.
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