Chorus 816 V
Chorus 816 V
Product specification sheet
Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome TNV tweeter.
Extended response to 28kHz, ready for SACD.
Acrylic core, black miror effect.
Exclusive finish.
61/2’’ (165mm) Polyglass midbass.
Highly dynamic medium.
Solid MDF construction
up to 1" (25mm) width.
Non parallel inner wall structure.
61/2" (165mm) Polyglass woofer.
High power handling.
Front-firing port for bass impact.
Powerflow™ multiport system.
Powerful bass.
OPC crossover.
Perfect staging.
New insulated Focal terminals.
Cast Aluminum base.
Stable base.
Adjustable spikes with key.
Down-firing port for deep bass.
Standard finishes of the sides
 High-end design, affordable luxury
 Speakers designed and manufactured by Focal
 A sound quality never seen before at this price level
Acrylic body, 2 side finishes; Ebony and Natural
Ebony (satin)
Frequency response (+/- 3dB)
Low frequency point (- 6dB)
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)
Nom. impedance
Minimum impedance (@25°C)
Max. power handling.
Power RMS
Crossover frequency
Dimensions (HxWxD)
Net weight
2 1/2-way bass-reflex floorstanding
61/2" (165mm) Polyglass woofer
61/2" (165mm) Polyglass mid-bass
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted dome tweeter
47Hz - 28kHz
8 ohms
4.3 ohms @ 146Hz
300Hz / 3kHz
49.5lbs (22.5kg)
Focal® is a trademark of Focal-JMlab® - BP 374 - 108, rue de l’Avenir - 42353 La Talaudière cedex
France - Tel. 00 33 4 77 43 57 00 - Fax 00 33 4 77 37 65 87 - - SCAuB091026/1
Natural (matte) Acrylic body
Chorus 816 V makes the most of the 2 and a
half-way configuration: elevated performance
in lower octaves thanks to the combination of
woofers working in unison. Up to 30 m2.
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