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Caring for the Environment by Recycling
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Recycling Mobile Phones and Accessories
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interference that may cause undesired operation. See‑47‑CFR‑Sec.‑15.19(3).
Motorola S9 Headphones
Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headphones S9 integrate wireless mobile
music and calls with unmatched lightweight design. Behind-the-head
wearing style, preferred for top comfort and stability, combines with
integrated controls for music and calls selection. The S9 connects with a
compatible Bluetooth stereo-enabled music phone or with an iPod (adapter
sold separately) to bring the music library along for a full wireless music
The Motorola Bluetooth Headphones S9 allow you to both listen to music
and place and receive phone calls wirelessly.
Along with making and receiving phone calls using your Bluetooth-enabled
mobile phone, there are several possible scenarios for using your S9 with
your music devices:
Music Source Home stereo
Wireless Music Experience
Listen to music from your home stereo.
(Requires adapter, such as the Motorola DC800
Bluetooth Home Stereo Adapter.)
Listen to music from your PC. (Requires adapter, such
as the Motorola D200 Bluetooth Stereo PC Adapter.)
Listen to music from your iPod. (Requires adapter, such
as TEN Technologies naviPlay™ Bluetooth Stereo
Adapter for iPod.)
Listen to music from your phone that supports
Bluetooth streaming music capabilities. (Find Motorola
Bluetooth-enabled phones at
To use your S9, your phone or music device should support the following
Bluetooth profiles:
Profile HFP (Handsfree Profile) A2DP (Advanced Audio
Distribution Profile)
AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile)
Telephony / Call management: operations related to
placing/receiving phone calls
Stereo music streaming
Remote music control (for example, ability to remotely
play/pause or skip tracks)
Wearing Your S9
Follow these steps to wear your S9 on your head:
Important: Always use both hands when handling your S9.
Place S9 on your head and rotate
Place earhooks over ears
For personal comfort, the back of your S9 can be adjusted up or down as
Before You Begin
Take a moment before you get started to familiarize yourself with the
components of your S9:
1Call Button Ñ Used to answer and end calls.
2Volume Controls Used to increase (9) or decrease (Ï) volume for
music or calls.
3Music Button \ Used to play/pause and stop music.
4Music Controls Used to skip to next (])or previous ([) music
track when listening to music.
5Speakers Used to listen to music and calls.
6Microphone Used when placing or receiving calls (embedded inside
right ear housing).
7Charging Port Ò Covered by rubber flap.
8Indicator Light Used to provide operational status of S9.
9Power Button Ö Used to turn the S9 on and off.
Charging Your S9
First-Time Use: Before you can use your S9, charge its self-contained
battery for two hours.
Recharging: When the S9’s indicator light flashes red, the S9 battery needs
recharging. Over time, batteries gradually wear down and require longer
charging times. This is normal. The more you use your S9 with your Bluetooth
devices, the less standby time your battery has.
The rechargeable batteries that power your S9 must be disposed of
properly and may need to be recycled. Contact your local recycling
center for proper disposal methods.
Warning: Never dispose of batteries in a fire because they may explode.
To charge your S9:
1Lift up Ò rubber flap
cover off of charging
2Plug the Motorola
charger into the S9’s
charging port.
The indicator light turns red when the battery is charging. It may take up
to 1 minute for the indicator light to turn on. When the headset’s battery is
approximately 25% charged, the indicator light turns yellow. When charging
is complete (a full charge takes about 2 hours), the indicator light turns
The S9 cannot be used while charging.
Note: You can also use a Motorola Original Vehicle Power Adapter to charge
the S9 battery while in your vehicle.
Your S9 powers off after one hour if not in use (no audio or control activity).
Note: If using a dual charging cable for charging, your S9 charges only on
the phone plug (not the accessory plug).
Pairing Your S9 with Your Bluetooth Device(s)
Before you can use your S9, you must pair (link) it with your Bluetoothenabled phone and/or music devices.
“Pairing” links devices equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology and
allows a previously linked device to remember your S9. Once devices are
paired, they automatically connect when turned on and within range.
First Time Use
If you are pairing separate Bluetooth devices for handsfree calls and
streaming music, it is recommended that you pair your S9 with your
handsfree device (phone) first.
Ensure the Bluetooth feature is enabled (turned on) in your device.
(Refer to your phone or music device manual for detailed instructions
on enabling Bluetooth).
T urn on your S9 by pressing and holding Ö button until the indicator
light flashes three times in blue. After a few moments, the indicator light
will be steadily lit in blue to indicate your S9 is in pairing mode.
F rom your device, perform a Bluetooth device discovery/search (Refer
to your phone or music device manual).
The phone lists Bluetooth devices it finds.
Select Motorola S9 and confirm.
Enter the passkey: 0000 and confirm.
When your S9 successfully pairs and connects to your device, the indicator
light displays blue with 10 quick purple flashes. If wearing your S9, you will
also hear an audio tone indicating successful pairing and connection to your
To verify your S9 has successfully established a handsfree calling
connection with your phone, dial a phone number you want to call.
When successfully connected, you hear ringing on your S9.
To verify your S9 has successfully established a streaming music
connection with your music source device, play music on your music
When successfully connected, you hear this music on your S9.
Upon successfully pairing your phone to your S9, if you are using a
separate music device as your streaming music source, perform these
steps to pair your S9 with your Bluetooth streaming music device or
a T emporarily disable your current handsfree connection by turning off
both your phone and S9.
b Follow previous steps (1-7), except step 6.
ote: If you are using a Bluetooth adapter, it may pair with the S9
automatically when turned on, or may require you to press a button
on the adapter. Refer to your adapter’s user’s guide for instructions
on how to successfully pair your adapter with Bluetooth devices.
c R
eestablish handsfree connection by turning on your phone and
selecting the S9 from phone’s Bluetooth menu.
Pairing Additional Devices
After you initially pair and connect your Bluetooth devices, you can later pair
additional devices. However, you will need to restart the S9 and turn off any
previously paired devices before pairing a new device.
About Pairing and Your S9
Your S9 can store pairing information for up to eight different Bluetooth
devices. Device IDs are stored in memory. If you try to pair more than eight
devices, the oldest paired device is removed from memory.
If connected when turned off, when your S9 is turned on, it automatically
connects with the last handsfree device (such as a mobile phone) and the
last streaming music source it was connected to.
Tip: You can also reconnect your S9 using the Bluetooth menu on your
To connect your S9 to another device in the paired device list, start the
connection by restarting the S9 and the device you want to connect with.
The last device connected with your S9 becomes the “last connected”
Turning Your S9 On and Off
To turn your S9 on, press and hold Ö button for approximately 3-5 seconds
until the indicator light flashes blue.
When turned on, the S9 automatically establishes handsfree phone and
streaming music connections with the last connected Bluetooth devices
(phone and/or music devices).
Note: To connect to another paired Bluetooth device, see “About Pairing
and Your S9”.
If the connected phone is currently on a call, it is automatically transferred
to the S9. Likewise, if the S9 is turned off during a call, it is automatically
transferred to the phone.
To turn your S9 off, press and hold Ö button for approximately 3-5 seconds
until the indicator light flashes red three times.
No Bluetooth Connection
If no Bluetooth device connections are established when turning on, the
S9 enters Bluetooth discoverable (or “pairing”) mode for 5 minutes. See
“Pairing Your S9 with Your Bluetooth Device(s)”.
Reestablishing Bluetooth Connections
After restarting your phone, you may need to reestablish a Handsfree Phone
(HFP) connection. To do this, press Ñ button. The indicator light is steadily
lit in red until the connection is reestablished, upon which the indicator light
changes to long flashing in blue.
To reestablish the Streaming Music (A2DP) connection between your S9 and
phone, press \ button. The indicator light is steadily lit in red until the
connection is reestablished, upon which the indicator light changes to long
flashing in blue.
Listening to Music
Your S9 allows you to listen to music from your Bluetooth streaming music
Skip to next music
Increase music
Play, pause, and
stop music
Decrease music
Skip to previous
music track
The following table provides details for listening to music from your
connected streaming music source:
Play or Pause Music
Stop Music
Adjust Music Volume
Skip Back to Previous Song
Skip Forward to Next Song
Press \
Press and hold \ until your hear a beep
Press 9 to increase volume
Press Ï to decrease volume
Press [
Press ]
Making and Receiving Calls
Your S9 allows you to make and receive phone calls from your Bluetooth
Reject incoming call,
mute/unmute call
Increase call
Make voice dial call,
redial last call,
answer call,
end call,
answer second
incoming call
Decrease call
While on a call, sound is heard only in the left speaker.
When placing or receiving calls, music playing from a Bluetooth music
source is automatically paused. When the call is finished, music playing is
The following table provides details for making and receiving calls from your
connected phone:
Note: Some features are phone/network dependent.
Make a Call (Hand Dial)
Enter phone number on phone, press
Send key on phone, phone dials call.
Make a Call (Voice Dial)
On-in idle
Press Ñ, speak name, phone dials
Redial Last Number
On-in idle
Press and hold Ñ until you hear
Receive(Answer) a Call
Press Ñ
End a Call
On–in call
Press Ñ If 2 calls are connected,
the second call becomes active
Reject a Call
Press \
On–phone rings
Mute/ Unmute a Call
On–in call
Press \ While muted, indicator light
pulses in purple
Answer Second Incoming Call
On–in call, On
2nd call
incoming in
Press Ñ, places 1st call on hold,
answers incoming call
Transfer Call Audio from S9 to Phone
On–in call
Tap (short press) Ö
Transfer Call Audio from Phone to S9
On–in call
Tap (short press) Ñ
S9 Indicator Lights
The indicator light on the S9 provides status information.
With charger plugged in:
Red (Steady)
Yellow (Steady)
Green (Steady)
charging in progress
(currently less than 25% charged)
charging in progress
(currently more than 25% charged)
charging complete
With no charger plugged in:
Off Blue (three flashes)
Blue (steady) Blue with 10 quick purple flashes
Blue (long flash)
Blue (quick flash)
Blue (long pulse)
Purple (long pulse)
Red (long flash)
Green (long flash)
Red (quick flash)
Red (three flashes)
power off
powering on/enabling indicator light
pairing mode
pairing successful
standby (connected but not on a call or streaming
incoming call
on a call
on a call (muted)
idle (not connected)
playing streaming music
low battery
powering off/disabling indicator light
You can disable/enable the indicator light by pressing and holding \
button while turning on the S9. The indicator light will remain disabled for
the following states:
• Idle (not connected to Bluetooth device)
• Standby (connected but not on a call or streaming music)
• On a call
• Playing or pausing music
S9 Audio Tones
The audio tones in your S9 provide status information.
Audio Tone
Double tone when adjusting volume
Tones while adjusting volume
High tone followed by low tone, repeated every 60 seconds
No audio indications; deteriorating audio quality
Ring tone
Two ascending low tones
Two ascending medium tones
Two descending medium tones
Series of ascending tones
Three ascending high tones
Three descending high tones
Low to high tone High to low tone Single medium tone Single high tone Status
volume maximum or minimum reached
increasing or decreasing volume
low battery
out of range
incoming call
pairing confirmation
mute enabled
power off/mute disabled
power on
call connected
call ended/disconnected
skip track forward
skip track backward
play music
stop music
Learn more about the S9 at
Bluetooth Transmission Issues
Bluetooth data transmission may be affected by the position of the music
device in relation to your S9. The S9 has a connection range of up to 30 feet.
If you are beyond this range, the connection is dropped.
If you take your S9 outside of the transmission range,and music does not
resume automatically when you return within range, you may be able to
reconnect by doing one of the following:
• Make sure the phone or music device is set to transmit (stream) music
using Bluetooth.
• Press \ button on your S9.
• Press ] button on your S9 to advance to the next song.
• Restart the music player on your phone or music device.
• Restart your S9 by pressing and holding the Ö button to turn off, and
again to turn your S9 back on. After fully powering on and establishing
a connection, make sure the phone or music device is set to transmit
(stream) music using Bluetooth.
Bluetooth Interference Issues
The quality of Bluetooth transmission may also be affected by the position of
your music device. Should you experience choppy or distorted audio, move
the position of your music device or phone to a different location until the
signal improves.
If you have any additional questions, please call your hotline number
(0870‑9010‑555) or visit us at
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