applicomIO® EtherNet/IP

applicomIO® EtherNet/IP
BradCommunications™ applicomIO® Ethernet network
interface cards provide powerful and reliable data
acquisition for PC-based control and visualization
07 Jul. 10
applicomIO® EtherNet/IP
Best Choice for controlling I/O over EtherNet/IP
ƒ Support of Windows 32-bit and
64-bit (WoW64)
ƒ Support of Windows Seven and
2008 Server
PCI 3.3/5V
PCI Express
ƒ Support of PCI Express 1x form
ƒ EtherNet/IP Master/Scanner
ƒ EtherNet/IP Adapter
Reliable solution based on
embedded protocol technology for
powerful data throughput
Single-time development of API for
whatever fieldbus used
“User-friendly” engineering tools
for configuration and diagnostics
Remote connection through
Ethernet port (for embedded
system platform)
Application watchdog
Automatic I/O mapping for
easy configuration
I/O exchange up to 14 Kbytes
Typical Application
PC-Based Control
Robotic application
Panel PC visualization system
Supported OS
Standard package
Windows 32-bit and 64-bit (WoW64)
ƒ Windows XP
ƒ Windows 2003 Server
ƒ Windows Vista
ƒ Windows Seven
ƒ Windows 2008 Server
ƒ Windows 2008 Server R2
Other operating systems
Ardence RTX, VxWorks, QNX,
Linux, DOS
Some of the world’s most demanding high-speed control and automation applications run on
standard PCs using BradCommunications™ applicomIO® fieldbus interface cards.
Dedicated DCS and PLC systems have been eliminated in favor of open platforms running
PC-based control systems.
The benefits include:
ƒ Reduced material costs
ƒ Reduced development times
ƒ More flexible and customizable systems
ƒ Reduced field-support costs
applicomIO products are design so industrial applications can be designed independently of
the fieldbus used. OEMs, system integrators and end-users can take advantage of
developing standard control applications as well as selecting the fieldbus connectivity
required from the applicomIO product range.
applicomIO products consist of a fieldbus card and engineering tools which quickly and
easily setup communication. EVERYTHING is included for a successful implementation at a
lower cost.
applicomIO provides connectivity support for all popular fieldbuses including EtherNet/IP,
PROFINET IO, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CANopen. Our cards are
developed in compliance with the technical specifications of industrial organizations and
comply with the applicable industrial standards. applicomIO supports up to 8 cards in a
single PC and can run on various operating systems including Windows 32-bits, Linux as
well as real-time OS such as VxWorks, QNX, and VenturCom RTX.
Particularly, the applicomIO® network interface card provides high-speed deterministic
communication to exchange data with industrial devices through EtherNet/IP messaging.
The built-in processor handles all the protocol management to offer reliable and outstanding
The software package includes a common development library for all fieldbuses supported.
The process data is exchanged with the control application through a shared memory where
inputs/outputs are automatically mapped. To monitor the communication between the card
and the control application, the library includes a watchdog feature to automatically detect
software blocking.
applicomIO® configuration software console provides a standardized and user-friendly
environment for quick development of communication applications without the worry of
knowing industrial communication protocols. The console saves time during the
commissioning phase by offering features such as automatic device detection, user
configuration management, diagnostic information, etc.
The product package includes:
ƒ Fieldbus interface card
ƒ Engineering console for configuration and diagnostics
ƒ Data Servers (OPC DA v3.0 & v2.05, Wonderware DAServer and FastDDE/SuiteLink)
ƒ Development Libraries: Windows (DLL), VenturCom (RTX)
ƒ Static library for non-windows OS (VxWorks, QNX, Linux, etc)
applicomIO® EtherNet/IP
Software tools
applicomIO® software tools enable fast
integration of the fieldbus into your control
application. No matter the fieldbus; the
console remains the same.
- Configuration Console -
Hardware specifications
Bus interface
PCI rev 2.2, 32-bit, 33 MHz, PCI Universal 3.3V/5V keying,
PCI-X compatible
PCI Express 1x
AMD SC520 - 133 MHz
SDRAM: 16 Mbytes
Flash: 4 Mbytes
Hardware Plug&Play
DPRAM Address
Hardware Plug&Play (32 Kbytes used per card)
Dimensions (L x W)
168mm x 107mm (6.61" x 4.21")
5.5 W
Operating Temperature
0º C (32º F) ↔ +65º C (149º F)
Storage Temperature
-40º C (-40º F) ↔ +85º C (185º F)
Discrete Input
1x Opto-coupled
Discrete Output
1x "WatchDog" (dry contact)
EMC Compliance
EN55022 Class B, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
RoHS Compliance
1 Ethernet port
- Device Properties -
- Online Actions -
Port type
Ethernet port IEEE 802.3 for industrial applications
Connector type
BaseT (RJ45)
10/100 Mbps (Auto-negotiation)
LED indicators
4 LEDs - TX, RX, Link, 100 Mbps
Remote Access
Also usable for remote and diagnostic configuration
Protocols supported
EtherNet/IP - Explicit Msg and Implicit Msg (I/O Control)
I/O Master/Scanner and Slave according to EtherNet/IP specifications
Up to 128 simultaneous CIP based connections
EtherNet/IP Devices supported: Generic and Rockwell I/O through EDS
files (FlexIO, CompactLogix, etc)
ƒ IP address settings configurable via the console or DHCP/BOOTP server
ƒ Client DNS Supported
ƒ ODVA Conformance Tested
Ordering information
Part Number
Product description
BradCommunications™ applicomIO PCU-ETHIO Ethernet
card for EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter, PCI 3.3/ 5V
BradCommunications™ applicomIO PCU-ETHIO Ethernet
card for EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter, PCI Express 1x
Also available Modbus TCP and PROFINET IO network interface cards.
- Diagnostic and Test tools -
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