FUNCIONALIDADES HT ingles con logo feder

FUNCIONALIDADES HT ingles con logo feder
A complete hospitality
management software
With nearly 15 years of experience and 5.000 clients in Spain, Hosteltáctil is one of the best and
most comprehensive dedicated software for the hospitality industry.
- Hosteltáctil is a very fast and dynamic management software. Its interface was made according
to the usability requirements, which makes it very intuitive and attractive.
- Very easy to use and offers a very complete configuration, and adaptable to each
of your business needs. It also has a multilingual functionality: Spanish, Valencian, Catalan,
English and French.
- Hosteltáctil is self-manageable. You can configure it yourself from anywhere and at any
time: create your own categories, products, rooms, change the prices, make reservations,
save new customers, etc.
- Hosteltáctil manages simultaneously and automatically different VAT rates that correspond
to your products, you just need to insert the prices (including VAT) and Hosteltáctil takes care
of the price breakdown.
- Our management system complies with the specifications and requirements provided by
the Simplified Invoice under the 2013 billing regulations, Royal Decree 1619/2012 of
November, 30 2012.
- It manages all the products that are meant to be sold, organized and accurate way (by family),
allowing up to eight different prices per product.
- It facilitates access to the best seller’s products
thanks to the “direct product” configuration,
situated on Hosteltáctil’s main screen.
- Hosteltáctil manages for the same product, several
products at the same time that are meant to be sold together, which is a very useful for the
management of menus, dishes, sandwiches or pizzas (that include several ingredients).
- It enables you to create annotations about products for the kitchen. These annotations
can be predetermined by category/product family or customizable for a particular product.
- It enables you to manage extras, both for products that are meant to be sold directly and
products that are included in menus or dishes.
- It manages discounts and special prices,
both for products and customers or tables.
Direct discounts can be applied per unit or
as a percentage on the ticket’s amount.
- It manages products and cost evaluations
and controls the quantities consumed, allowing
you to setup alerts for critical stock.
- Hosteltáctil manages and controls your warehouse, stock of products and raw materials,
as well as your suppliers thanks to the delivery note register, cost evaluations and
orders made to suppliers.
- You can send orders automatically to the kitchen or configure the software for it to
allow you to send them manually.
- Configure, create, manage your rooms, tables
and customize them easily. Hosteltáctil enables you to
create as many rooms as needed, personalize their
name, apply to every table or room a different tariff,
and group them together (for instance, in order to
print the order of a particular table group on a
particular printer).
- Manage the reservations with different table availabilities, being able to differentiate
according to different colors (green - free, red- taken, blue - pending and yellow - reserved).
- It enables you to move tables. Hosteltáctil will transfer automatically the order history to the
new table, and will notify this change to the different places of production that are concerned
(for instance: bar or kitchen). In addition, the new orders that will come from the new table will
be processed according to the new table configuration.
- Hosteltáctil enables you to work in a safe
environment thanks to the different levels of
user/ employee access: manager, assistant
manager and waiter. Permissions for each user
are completely customizable.
- Control of your employees: working hours thanks to the “checking in” optional function, which even
enables users to leave a comment, i.e: if they leave earlier or arrive late for some special reason.
- All your business information is completely protected thanks to the backup that Hosteltáctil
makes on a daily basis, which can even be sent to Google Drive.
- Tickets can be managed directly by table, bar or as take away order. It is also possible to
create an infinite number of ticket series for your business management (simplified invoice,
pre-ticket or estimate, delivery note, losses, internal consumption, invitation, etc.)
- It manages as many payment methods as possible: cash, Visa, restaurant checks, pending for payment,
intelligent cash drawer use, etc. In addition, it will allow you to manage
deferred, partial and total payment.
- It enables to assign a ticket to different number of diners, and configure
it so that this element can be suggested when assigning a table.
This functionality will enable you to calculate easily the average
ticket cost per diner.
- It allows you to divide a ticket, which means that you will be able to make partial payment collections
with the guarantee that the rest of the products you sold will be pending for payment.
- It calculates automatically the change to be given to the customer, both on the main screen and
on the customer’s ticket (only if the amount payed is introduced). And if it is connected to the intelligent
cash drawer, the change will be exact and given directly, which prevents mistakes made when
calculating the change. As a consequence, the cash balance is always correct.
- It has a very important ticket and invoice management functionality,
which will enable you to display all the tickets that were generated
and filter them by dat/period, series type (pre-ticket, invoice,
correction, etc.) or by customer. It also enables you to reprint or
collect payments for tickets that are pending payment, change the
series or merge serveral tickets into a single one.
- Close your till whenever you want, Hosteltáctil enables you to do so even if some tickets are
still pending payment, or some tables are still open (also will show and advice that still are some
- It offers a great variety of reports that will enable you to control, manage
and take business decisions on a daily basis using solid and reliable
information. These reports are connected directly to the different till
closings, economic data (which can be filtered thanks to many options),
total reports, sales per customer, employee timetable control, internal
consumptions, ticket incidents, cash movements, etc. In addition, it enables
a full tracability since every action or letter typed on Hosteltáctil is recorded, which provides you with
very accurate information about the time at which the action took place, the user, the date, etc.
You will also be able to export all this information to Excel upon your request.
- With Hosteltáctil, you can also manage your customer database being able to assign a ticket to
a particular customer directly, being able to manage your loyalty campings, offering your
customers discounts or special prices.
These discounts can be applied in a completely objective manner thanks to the customer
consumption reports, as you will know the customer consumption on the period of your
- Offer to your customers customized
loyalty cards, which will automate
their identification and then
enable you to offer the best
quality service.
- New advanced system that sends orders to the kitchen or kitchen paths and printer
configuration which allow:
a.- Each product to be printed simultaneously on the printers
of your choice, customizing the information on each product
according to the needs of each printer and place of
b.- Print by product and/or print the number of ticket
copies you need.
c.- Identical products that are meant to be sold to be grouped
together when printing the ticket.
d.- The order, document or series to be printed on each
printer with the required format, according to the printing
characteristics (A4, A5, landscape format, etc.) It will
also enable you to export documents to PDF, configure and
customize the print style: color, font, etc.
- With cooking time: this new functionality guarantees a complete control and organization
of the orders that were sent to the kitchen.
It enables you to establish for each family, dish
or product the order in which it has to be served
(starter, first, second course, dessert, etc.)
Moreover, you can adapt this functionality to the
customer’s request.
In the kitchen, orders are received by cooking time.
Hosteltáctil is completely optimized for you to
use handheld remote ordering systems.
We offer the best handheld systems, which can be
used with Orderman NCR handheld or any other
device with an Android operating system.
Our handheld system enables you to manage, boost
and improve the service simply and naturally. You
will be able to take orders directly and
automatically from anywhere on the go, and if
you have several rooms, you can network several
devices at the same time and synchronized.
Our system gives you the possibility to manage your business (es) at any time and from anywhere
thanks to our Remote Management - Hosteltáctil Cloud.
You can obtain all your business financial and operating information 24 hours a day and 365
days a year, without installing anything, you will ba able to connect to Internet
and access to our webpage
Among other things, Hosteltáctil enables you to access:
a.- The daily invoicing
b.- The till closing and cash flows
c.- The sales per hour
d.- The sales and consumptions (per family, products,
category, sales, consumptions, amount, etc.)
e.- Camera and event control (live or recorded)
f.- And it enables you to makes changes and recordings
from anywhere on the premises as regards sales, products,
prices and associated printers. In addiction, you can program all
these changes so that they activate themselves when you need them to.
Hosteltáctil has integration with the main cash management
systems: SMARTtill, Cashguard, Cashkeeper and Cashlogy.
Among many benefits, these allow:
a.- Elimination of shrinkage and mistakes,
customers are always given the exact change.
b.- Exact cash balancing because
“anything that is written down is collected”.
c.- Optimized cash collection processes.
It balances the cash register automatically.
d.- Counterfeit detection.
e.-Theft prevention.
f.- Information of cash balance at any time. And much more!
We complement Hosteltáctil with a powerful SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS module:
Thanks to this module, users who have the required access
permission can see on live the whole activity that is taking place
in your business, and all the recorded actions completed
by each user, and events you want to retrieve thanks to the
camera images (wich star being recorded from the
typing, event or action completed on the POS).
Each of these actions is recorded for a
total of 65 seconds, which include the 5
seconds that precede the action
and up to 60 seconds after it.
You are then able to have a complete
and total view of the action that was
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