2014/15 AV ResouRce Guide

2014/15 AV ResouRce Guide
2014/15 AV Resource Guide
Welcome to our 2014 / 15 AV Resource Guide. This year’s guide features a number of exciting new products
that compliment our existing portfolio and provide you with opportunities to grow your revenue on every
As the newest Lutron distributor in Canada, we now offer solutions for whole - home lighting control and
motorized shades from an industry leading manufacturer. Every project has a light switch and almost
certainly has windows – meaning the possibilities for additional revenue are endless. If you aren’t offering lighting control or motorized shades to your clients, isn’t it time? We have numerous training opportunities throughout the year, along with industry leading dealer support to help you build confidence
when executing your projects. Talk to one of our team members about how to become certified to sell and
install Lutron’s vast line of products.
We have also partnered with a new and innovative start- up company, Custom Integration Solutions ( CIS ), to
market their industry specific router which features a pre - configured virtual private network ( VPN ). This
unique product and services bundle was designed by an integrator to address the challenges many of you
may be facing when it comes to providing a secure and reliable networking solution to your customers.
Whether you know it or not, if you are opening ports for remote access you are leaving the clients network
vulnerable and opening yourself up to liability. Take a close look at page 16 and contact one of our sales
specialists for more information.
Landscape speakers are another new category for us and a way you can make more money when quoting outdoor audio. Deck and backyard spaces are an extension of one’s home, and outdoor audio is a fast growing
category. Why would you have a whole - house audio system indoors but leave the outdoors to a simple pair
of surface mounted or rock speakers? Check out page 24 – 25 for more details on our landscape speaker
systems, direct burial subwoofer and dealer demo kits.
Also, the “Staub Difference” can help your business run smoother and more efficiently than ever before.
With one of THE easiest to use websites in the country, low prepaid freight levels, same - day shipping for
orders placed by 5:00pm, knowledgeable support staff and dealer friendly return policies - working with
Staub will help you complete more projects and be more profitable!
Home automation
rack products
lighting Control
power & protection
SHade control
film screens
AV distribution
Commercial | 70 volt
wire & cable
commercial | media distribution
structured wiring
commercial | projectors
commercial | video distribution
commercial | film screens
the STAUB difference
Landscape speakers
View 3rd party IP cameras on URC interfaces such as Wirepath Surveillance
cameras. Display live, full-motion video from around your home or office with
the touchscreen/remote of your choice!
URC Total Control In - Wall Color Touchscreen/Keypad
SKU: TKP -7000
Featuring a 7”, 1024 x 600 LCD, full-color graphical touchscreen, the TKP-7000 controller is always-on
and sits in-wall in a sleek, low-profile enclosure that looks fabulous in any environment. Extraordinary
graphics can be personalized to display weather, time and climate info, music album cover art, photo slide
shows and more. Move between screens by simple finger swipes to enjoy instant access to handy visuals
and controls. The TKP-7000 also offers full graphic feedback from both URC and compatible 3rd party
URC Total Control Wand Style Color Touchscreen
Wi - Fi Handheld Remote
SKU: TRC-1280
URC Total Control In - Wall Two - Way Network
SKU: TKP -2000
With its ability to control multiple rooms of equipment, the TKP-2000
truly is the ultimate in-wall controller. Because it’s permanently
connected to your home’s wireless network, the TKP-2000 is always
ready with real-time information about your environment. With the
press of one button, you can dim the lights, fire up your favorite play
list from your iPod and set your surround sound system to the correct
The TRC-1280 features a brilliant,
large 2.8” color LCD touchscreen that
can be used to control every connected device in your home. It integrates
with your whole-home system and
provides instant access to entertainment, security, climate and more, with
the ability to control devices located
in different rooms via Wi-Fi. Receive
two-way feedback from controlled
rooms and music sources with the
Active Matrix color TFT display with
vibrating Haptic feedback technology.
The TRC-1280 features intuitively
placed hard buttons to control all
options quickly and conveniently as
URC Programmable Wi - Fi
Universal Remote Control
SKU: TRC-1080
The TRC-1080 dazzles with its vivid 2”
color high-resolution screen, backlit
LCD screen area that supports up
to six buttons per screen, and sleek
ergonomic design. Thanks to pick-up
sensor technology, this remote automatically wakes up when lifted from
its black tabletop charging cradle.
With just the right number of hard
button keys, including the four colored
buttons, you can enjoy fast access to
complete cable interactive services
and Blu-ray/DVR functionality. Just one
button press gives you immediate access to your A/V equipment and more.
URC Advanced Network System Controller
URC IOS Setup for MRX-10
The MRX-2 two-way Network Base Station bridges the digital divide
between control of clients’ legacy components and the IP network.
Acting as a Total Control sub-base station, it receives commands from
an MRX-10 and reissues them via IR, RS-232, or Relays. Each MRX-2
has the following: one relay, one sensor port, two RS-232 ports and 6
IR ports. The advanced connectivity of the MRX-2 allows it to connect
to virtually any device or component. When used in a Total Control
system, it can expand zones throughout the space by installing multiple MRX-2 units and control equipment such as shades and TV lifts
using the base station sensors, relays and RS-232 ports.
The MRX-10 is the Total Control solution for any commercial application. For installs where multiple control protocols need addressing,
the MRX-10 issues commands to all IP, IR, RS-232, relay and sensor
controlled devices throughout the entire system. A two-way RF transceiver offers communication with current and future Total Control
remotes, and control over IP is possible via a network connection for
all other Universal Remote Controls and keypads. The MRX-10 routes
macro steps via IR, RS-232, relays and sensors to up to 8 sub-base
stations on a network, perfect for the hospitality industry where control over inaccessible locations is always a necessity. Programmable
via the internet for convenient off premises configuration.
This mobile two-way app enables users of Total Control systems
to access all the benefits of Total Control through three additional
popular devices—the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch over their local
area network. With an intuitive GUI, clients can control music, video,
URC lighting, security and more. This app works with any of the MRX
Advanced Network System Controllers, and can be downloaded from
the iTunes store. Once paired with the system’s MRX unit using the
purchased setup code, up to 32 iDevices can be used. Downloading
the app is free and requires professional programming and set-up
by an authorized dealer. There is a one-time setup charge, and no
per-device fee.
URC Network Home Theatre Amplifier
URC Multi - Zone Network Amplifier
URC Network Single - Zone Amplifier
SKU: DMS -1200
SKU: DMS -100
Delivering crystal clear audio and video to your home theater or entertainment room, the DMS-AV incorporates 7.2 surround sound, Dolby
TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and URC’s proprietary multichannel
stereo and surround modes. With the latest A/V processing, you get
true video scaling up to 1080p with musical performance to match.
The DMS-AV has a fully loaded rear panel with 11 discrete audio
and video inputs, as well as a Phono input (MM), including five HDMI
inputs and 7 x 125 watt amplifier channels.
The DMS-1200 is a native to the network, CD quality digital music
distribution system with a range of keypads and remote controls that
not only fully control your music, but also control all of your other audio video components. The eight-zone DMS-1200 delivers 50 watts
of audio to up to six zones, as well as pre-amp outputs for two additional zones that require increased power, such as outdoor areas. The
rack-mountable DMS-1200 also includes four analog-to-digital inputs
that stream to other DMS-1200 amps, making the system expandable
to up to 32 zones. There is no limit on the number of sources that can
be added to the system.
Add premium audio quality streams to any one area of your home
with the DMS-100 single-zone amplifier. One audio input on board
allows you to plug in any music source. Plug in a URC SNP-1 streaming network player to your new audio zone and listen to Sirius/XM
radio, Rhapsody, Pandora, internet radio or even your network stored
music library. Add additional zones of audio anywhere at any time
following the same simple formula. With multiple DMS amps you can
share audio sources across zones, up to 32 sources in total, all playing
independently at the same time. Cutting edge streaming technology
makes your audio crystal clear with no audible signal degradation.
URC Two - Way Streaming Network Player
URC Advanced Thermostat
URC Total Control Sensor Extender
SKU: THZ-100
The SNP-1 streaming network player merges all your music sources
into one simple interface. Gain instant access to streaming music
services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius/XM and thousands of
other internet radio stations. Search for your favorite tracks while
monitoring your playlists on your video display, all through a colorful
graphic user interface. The SNP-1 installs best with DMS-1200 or
DMS-100 amplifiers since they incorporate Universal Remote Controls
superior media streaming capabilities. Flawless CD quality streams
can be routed to various locations in one whole-home system leaving
configuration options open.
The THZ-100 advanced thermostat is colorful, bright and easy to use
when combined with the URC Total Control integrated system. Control
the climate from anywhere within your home or business environment in a way like never before. With dozens of advanced features,
the THZ-100 features Intelligent Comfort Recovery, which means that
when you set schedules it monitors the current environment and
then it intelligently slowly heats or cools accordingly, with dollar-saving efficiency, until it reaches your preset. Additional features include
password protection for homes or businesses where access must be
limited, and optional wired remote sensors to increase efficiency and
accuracy of programmed temperature adjustments.
The URC MRX-4SEN wireless sensor relay is the perfect complement to a Total Control system when combined with any of the six
available sensors. With the MRX-4SEN, your network system controller
will always know what is happening with other devices in your home
or office. This smart piece communicates with your system controller
via URC 2.4GHz RF, and detects changes in a connected sensor to
instantly start a series of activities important to you.
URC Voltage Sensor
URC Video Sensor
Detects AC or DC voltage between 5 – 24
volts and sends a signal to any sensor
input starting an activity for connected
Detects an active video signal from
components such as a satellite receiver or
DVD player and starts an activity such as
dimming lights or playing a movie.
URC Light Sensor
URC Audio Sensor
Senses ambient light present or detects
a unit’s power state via an LED light
on its front panel and sends a signal to
any sensor input starting an activity for
connected components.
Detects an active audio signal from
components such as a satellite receiver or
DVD player and starts an activity such as
dimming lights or turning on music.
URC Contact Closure
Detects when a switch/relay is opened or
closed and sends a signal to the MRX unit
with sensor ports starting an activity for
connected components.
URC Current Sensor /
Magnetic Field
Detects AC power in power cords and AC
magnetic fields created by audio/video
components. The Total Control sensor can
also track a unit’s power state.
Use wall-mounted or tabletop keypads to adjust lights, ceiling fans, shades or HVAC. Handheld controls and the car visor transmitter are convenient ways to adjust lights and shades. Keypads are available in a
wide variety of button configurations and colors.
RadioRA 2 was developed to work in any residence, new or existing. Easily install keypads, sensors, light controls, fan controls, temperature controls, appliance controls and shades to create a system that will best suit your needs. Whether you have incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, fluorescent lights or LEDs, RadioRA 2 will provide the control you need.
GC seeTouch wall- mounted keypads
Installs in a standard wallbox to provide control of lights and/or shades individually or in preset scenes. The unit replaces a light switch, and
offers system dimming control of the attached load while also functioning as a keypad. Features backlit buttons and personalized engraving and
available in ten different button configurations.
RadioRA 2 keypads, dimmers and accessories come in beautiful color palettes, while shades
are available in a wide variety of fabrics and styles. You can choose colors and fabrics to
complement a room’s look and feel, and to coordinate with the overall style of your home.
The Lutron Home Control+ app lets you control and monitor you RadioRA 2 system right from
your mobile device – at home or while away.
Full two-way functionality allows your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices to update in real-time when you adjust lights, ceiling fans, shades, temperature or plug-in devices
in your home. The app supports multiple RadioRA 2 systems – perfect for users with more
than one home.
SM seeTouch tabletop keypads
GC designer gloss COLORS
Provides homeowners with a simple and elegant way to operate
lights, shades, motorized screens, pumps, thermostats and many other devices. The keypads communicate with the system through radio
frequency (RF) and are perfect for the coffee table or the nightstand.
Powered by standard AAA batteries or an included plug-in adapter.
Available in 5, 10 and 15 button configurations.
GC * Pico wireless controls
SM snow & midnight only
WB white & black only
W white only
A flexible and easy to use device that allows the user to control Sivioia QS Wireless shades and drapes, and RadioRA 2 lighting devices.
These battery-powered (10-year battery life) remote controls can
be mounted to any wall surface, placed on a pedestal for tabletop
use, or used as a handheld control. A wall-mount option provides
the convenience of additional “3-way” control of lights and shades
with no new wiring. *Available in White/Gray and all Designer Gloss
Colors except Brown and Gray.
car visor transmitter
A three-button, battery-powered control that provides control of
lights and shades from your car. HomeLink compatibility in the visor
control receiver allows your car’s built-in buttons to adjust lights
and shades.
WB Pico wireless control pedestals
Pedestals for table-top control. Available in single, double, triple
and quad pedestal configurations.
Light controls provide the basic building blocks for the RadioRA 2 system. Dimmers, switches and other components are available in a variety of colors and finishes.
Appliance controls save energy by shutting off standby power to electronic appliances such as printers and computer monitors when they’re not in use.
Fan controls are a convenient way of controlling ceiling fans without the hassle of
pull chains.
GC wall- mounted hybrid keypad
Replaces a standard light switch and installs in a standard
wallbox gang. Receives signals from keypads and sensors
and controls power to your lights. With the hybrid keypad
you can turn your lights on, off, dim them or create specific
scenes. You can also control other lights throughout your
home, as well as shades, using this keypad. Features
backlit buttons and personalized engraving. Available in
six different button configurations.
GC wall- mounted dimmer
Installs in place of a standard light switch to provide
dimming control of the attached lighting, as well as system
control from keypads and other devices. Green indicator
lights glow softly as nightlight when room light is off.
GC wall- mounted switch
Installs in place of a standard light switch to provide
switching control of the attached lighting, as well as system control from keypads, sensors, and other devices. Each
switch controls one zone, or area, of light and lights turn
on and off with a tap of the switch.
SM plug - in appliance module
Plugs into a standard receptacle and provides connection for electrical appliances
with a capacity of 15 A for one receptacle. Plug-in modules are designed to be concealed behind furnishings and turn appliances off or on at the touch of a button.
GC wall- mounted fan control
Works with ceiling fans up to 2 amps, provides four quiet speeds and doesn’t require
any additional wiring.
SM tabletop lamp dimmer
Provides direct dimming control of an attached table or
floor lamp, and provides system control of the lamp from
keypads and other devices. The dimmer’s “stack-on” plug
connects to a standard electrical receptacle and also
provides the connection for the lamp.
SM plug - in dimming module
Plugs into a standard receptacle and provides connection
for floor or table lamps with a capacity of 300 W incandescent/halogen for one receptacle. Plug-in modules are
designed to be concealed behind furnishings. Connected
lights can be controlled only from keypads, sensors and
other system devices.
Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors provide convenient light control and are engineered for optimum energy savings and easy installation. These wireless sensors save energy by working with RadioRA 2 light controls to turn lights on when people enter a room and turn lights off automatically when the room is empty. The sensors are
battery powered (10-year battery life) and can be installed without the need for any wiring. Available in ceiling, corner and hallway mount configurations for appropriate sensor
coverage in any room.
Ceiling - mounted
Include auto-on/auto-off or manual on/
auto-off settings.
Wall- mounted
Include auto-on/auto-off or manual on/
auto-off settings.
Lutron temperature controls are designed to work in conjunction with your RadioRA 2 system for convenient temperature control from
keypads, mobile devices and the timeclock. They provide convenience, flexibility and energy savings in an aesthetically pleasing design.
GC seeTemp wall control
Shows current temperature and allows you to adjust set
point and system mode (heating, cooling, auto, fan on/off).
Multiple wall controls can be used, providing multi-location control. Communicates via Lutron Clear Connect® RF
Technology to ensure reliable communication and consistent performance. Save energy by reducing your HVAC usage with the “eco” button which adjusts the temperature by
two degrees. Available in Celsius and Fahrenheit versions.
SM HVAC controller
Replaces the wall-mounted thermostat and connects to
and controls HVAC equipment using standard low-voltage
thermostat wiring. Communicates with a wireless temperature sensor and seeTemp wall controls via Clear Connect
RF technology to simplify installation and ensure reliable
TouchPRO Wireless thermostat
The TouchPRO wireless thermostat with Clear Connect RF
Technology combines the trusted Honeywell brand with
Lutron innovation. It looks like a conventional thermostat,
is easy to install and program, and it works with Lutron’s
designer seeTemp wall-mounted temperature controls—
making it easy to add additional points of control. Temperature can be controlled from keypads, sensors, mobile
devices and third-party control systems.
main repeater
auxiliary repeater
visor control receiver
Provides open integration with other systems, devices and the Web.
The included astronomic timeclock allows system control based on
time of day as well as sunrise/sunset. The main repeater is required
for system set up and operation.
Extends system radio frequency (RF) range in larger applications, outdoor spaces and between buildings. It can be used wirelessly within
the home or be wired to another repeater to span longer distances.
Provides system control from the car. The security feature turns on
and flashes selected lights when the security system is activated.
Contact closure outputs enable remote control of garage door
SM wireless temperature sensor
The battery-powered (5-year battery life) wireless
temperature sensor is surface-mounted to the wall in
the space to be conditioned. It detects temperature and
transmits that information to the HVAC controller.
Sivoia QS Triathlon is the most fashionable, flexible and affordable motorized shading system available today. This battery-powered solution offers a 3-5 year battery life for easy installation and maintenance, perfect for retrofit applications. Able to work as a standalone or system solution, these shades can be controlled at the touch of a button with a Pico wireless control,
or integrated into a whole-home control system.
Triathlon Shade Essentials Qualification training is intended for any dealer or contractor interested in making automated shading solutions an integral part of their business/profit model.
This program is designed to get you qualified on the sales, specification, measurement, ordering and installation of Triathlon roller and honeycomb shades. Learn how battery powered
shades can increase your sales opportunities while reducing your labour and time on the job. Training can be completed online or in-person by attending a live training event. For more
details, visit the Staub website at www.staub.ca/catalog/lutron.
Qualification Requirements
Roller shades
Honeycomb shades
Roller shades offer a contemporary and stylish window treatment that combines
superior functionality for precision control of daylight with near-silent operation
and a clean and elegant aesthetic. They use 6-8 store-bought D-cell batteries (depending on size) with plug-in power options also available. Shades are available in
a wide variety of fabric colors and textures including sheer, translucent and blackout
fabrics. Roller shade sizes range from as wide as 96” and as tall as 120”.
Honeycomb shades are a stylish, functional, motorized shade that provides convenience, enhances your décor and also saves energy. Thanks to their cellular design,
Honeycomb shades add dimension to a space while their air pockets trap heat to
provide superior insulation. Insulating honeycomb shades can cover windows up
to 96” x 96” and use 4-8 store-bought AA or D-cell batteries (depending on size)
with plug-in power options also available. Shades are available in different light
transmittance options including sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening, as well as
a variety of colors and textures.
Upon completion of the training
course, a final exam with a score
of 90% or higher, and the qualifying opening order, attendees
earn access to Lutron’s Shade
Configuration Tool (SCT)—a software design and quote tool that
provides access to the Sivoia QS
Triathlon line of honeycomb and
roller shades.
Access to purchase Sivoia QS Triathlon shades will not be granted until a copy of your invoice for the below opening order items is
submitted to [email protected] Binders and portable demos are to be purchased directly from Staub Electronics.
Fabric Binders (Choose 1)
a) ROLLER-ESSENTIAL Roller Essentials Fabric Binder b) HONEYCOMB-BINDER Honeycomb Essentials Fabric Binder
Demos (Choose 1)
a) ROLLER-BATT-DEMOSivoia QS Triathlon Portable,
Pop-up Roller Shade Demo
b) HONEYCOMB-DEMOSivoia QS Triathlon Portable,
Pop-up Honeycomb Shade Demo
c) Installed Shades for your Showroom
To order, please contact Staub Electronics. If you choose to install shades in your showroom to complete your qualification requirements, in lieu of purchasing a portable demo unit, please coordinate with a Staub Electronics Representative
for the development of a Bill of Materials and ordering.
Custom Integration Solutions ( CIS ) was founded to address
the growing demands of Integrators struggling to profitably deploy reliable and secure networks. The move to
IP based communication, and the need for secure remote
access, has driven the need for a solution tailored toward
our industries unique requirements.
Atheros 600MHz 74K MIPS network
Pre-configured CIS VPN*
URC Power Over Ethernet MAC Filtering Network Switch
URC MAC Filtering Network Switch
The MFSPOE-8 protects the network and provides power to PoE devices. Includes
eight PoE ports plus one LAN port. Smart PoE supports keypads, cameras, etc. while
maintaining compatibility with non-PoE devices. MAC filtering prevents video or
audio streams from interfering with network traffic. Conventional switches installed
“downstream” from MFSPOE-8 are equally protected. Includes a 48 volt power
The MFS-8 protects the network by preventing audio streams from slowing it down.
It features eight ports plus one LAN 10/100 Ethernet port. MAC filtering prevents
video or audio streams from consuming network bandwidth. Conventional switches
installed “downstream” from MFS-8 are equally protected. A 12 volt power supply is
also included.
Five Gigabit LAN ports
The CIS-80WM is a 5 port gigabit and 5 port fast Ethernet LAN industry specific router with 128MB of RAM.
It has a fully featured operating system capable of dynamic routing, hotspot, firewall, MPLS, VPN, advanced
quality of service, load balancing and bonding, real-time configuration and monitoring. In addition, the unit
has been pre-configured for optimal use in home automation applications and includes a fully featured VPN
for remote access to home automation, surveillance or any other applications that run within a local network.
Five Fast Ethernet LAN ports
* Activation of CIS VPN requires end-user subscription to CIS DNS service, a $45 annual fee.
MicroUSB port
1000mW dual chain 2.4Ghz 802.11bgn
wireless AP
RJ45 serial port
Power supply
Wall Mount Kit
Includes one 30 minute no-charge
setup / support call with CIS. Additional time / calls billed at $99 per
hour by CIS.
Araknis Network Accessory Gigabit
POE+ Injector
ArAKNis 100- Series 24- Port Unmanaged Gigabit
Switch With Rear Ports
SKU: AN - ACC- INJ -30W-100
SKU: AN -100- SW- R-24
This PoE+ injector is the perfect accessory for connecting a
PoE device to an unmanaged network switch. By combining an
Ethernet input with its 48V supply, it creates a simple one-wire
solution that delivers 30W of power and 1Gbps data to your
PoE-enabled device at the other end, such as an IP camera or
control system equipment. Stream HD and support PoE devices
with minimal latency and maximum performance. Its palmsized design and mounting ears allow for maximum placement
options while the fan-less design creates a silent operation.
This unmanaged Gigabit switch delivers powerful and reliable
enterprise-grade networking in an AV rack-friendly design. It
offers support for 1Gbps on all ports simultaneously – perfect for
high bandwidth devices and video streaming. Designed with custom installers in mind, this product boasts an all-metal chassis,
features LEDs on the front and ports on the back, includes ears
for standard 19” rack mounting, and has plug-and-play setup.
Also available in 8, 16 and 24 Front Ports. Rear Ports also available in
5, 8 and 16 ports.
Integration Ready with Ethernet RS-232 and IR
B6-Series HDMI cables with Ethernet. Ft-4 rated. Low profile
and flexible. GripTek connector. Ultra 4kx2k compatible.
Avocation 8x8 HDMI Matrix With 8x8 Analog and Digital Audio I/O - Full
Audio Converstion
SKU: HX-0808HAC/8
The HX-0808HAC/8 is an 8x8 HDMI matrix integrated with an 8x8 analog and digital audio matrix. The
HX-0808HAC/8 features eight analog audio inputs and 16 digital audio inputs (eight coax, eight optical).
In addition to output volume control and input attenuation control, it also has a 6-band equalizer for
refining all of your audio outputs. Full conversion capabilities with all audio formats means you can strip
the audio from an HDMI input and route it out an analog audio output or you can take an analog audio
input and route it through a digital audio or HDMI output. The same holds true for any digital audio input
while the built-in delay controls ensure your audio and video will always remain in sync. RS-232, TCP/IP,
USB, IR, and front panel controllable as well as HDMI 1.4 compliant supporting 3D and 4K video.
* Available Summer 2014
Binary HDMI 8x8 Matrix Switch With HDMI and HDBaseT
Binary HDBaseT Receiver with Bi - Directional IR for B -500
HDBaseT Matrix Switchers
SKU: B -500- MTRX-230-8x8
SKU: B -500- RX-230- IR
The B-500-MTRX-230-8x8 uses a single Cat5e/6 output to transmit HDMI signals
and bi-directional IR from eight sources to eight displays – up to 230 feet with full
1080p video and support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio. Each output
provides an HDMI output for local display(s), as well as an HDBaseT output for
longer distances, and can be used in parallel. Just pair the HDBaseT output with the
B-500-RX-230-IR to achieve distances up to 230 feet.
This HDBaseT Receiver easily extends audio and HDMI video signals over long
distances from a B-500-MTRX-230 switcher or other HDBaseT transmitter devices
without sacrificing quality or resolution. One Cat5e/6 cable and the Binary B-500RX-230-IR can receive up to 4K video and 7.1 channels of lossless audio. This
HDBaseT certified device works with dedicated HDBaseT transmitters, as well as
products with the transmitters built in – providing flexibility and interoperability on
the job. Plug-and-play technology allows this product to bypass frustrating EQ and
EDID settings, and it includes bi-directional IR for complete system integration.
Also available: B-500-MTRX-230-4x4, B-500-MTRX-230-8x16, B-500-MTRX-230-16x16
Binary Single CAT 5e/6 HDMI Extender (330’),
Bi - directional IR, RS 232, Ethernet and POC
Binary Cat 5e/6 HDMI 3D Extender (130’) w/ Wall
Plate Receiver & IR Pass Through
Avocation 32x32 Analog and Digital Audio Matrix
SKU: AX-3232
SKU: B -500- EXT-330- RS - IP
SKU: B -320-1CAT- HDIR- W
SKU: HX-0808U
The Binary Single CAT 5e/6 HDMI Extender transmits up to 4K
video (including HDMI with 3D), 7.1 channels of lossless audio,
and Ethernet – up to 330 ft. over a single Cat 5e/6 cable. It saves
valuable install time, thanks to Power over Cable (POC), which
eliminates the need to fit a bulky power supply behind the TV,
and “plug and play” technology that bypasses frustrating EQ and
EDID settings. Support for 100Mb Ethernet makes streaming
Netflix or Pandora on your Smart TVs easier than ever.
The Binary Single Cat 5e/6 HDMI 3D Extender transmits full
HDMI 3D and bidirectional IR up to 130’ over a single Cat5e/6
cable. Over the same CAT5e cable, you can easily send commands
from a control system to the TV – and simultaneously control
DVD players, cable boxes and other source equipment from the
TV location. The recessed, in-wall receiver makes the most out of
the shrinking space behind TVs and is specifically designed to fit
any single-jang J box, providing room for bulky connectors.
The HX-0808U is an 8x8 HDMI Matrix with HDBaseT Lite outputs and
up to 1080p 60Hz pixel rates (225MHz). With full matrix capabilities, any HDMI input can be routed to any or all HDMI outputs. To
control the matrix itself, IR and bi-directional RS-232 are available,
with an Ethernet port for system integration for more sophisticated controllers. HDMI 1.4 and HDCP 1.1 complaint and supporting
3D content, this router will route sources with one key to multiple
displays. Rack-mountable with 2RU housing, rack ears and power cord
The AX-3232 is an audio-only matrix that features 32 analog audio
and 48 digital audio inputs (32 coax, 16 optical), along with 32 analog
audio and 32 digital audio (coax) outputs that are all independently
routable to any or all inputs. Full audio conversion means that you
can convert analog to digital and digital to analog. Featuring input
gains for both analog and digital audio, plus output volume control
and a 6-band equalizer for both analog and digital audio, this audio
matrix is the perfect solution for large scale audio distribution projects. A smart 4RU design features connectors on the back and LEDs
and control buttons on the front.
* Available Summer 2014
* Available Summer 2014
Also available: B-320-1CAT-HDIR
Avocation 8x8 HDMI Matrix Router With HDBaseT
Audio Authority 16x16 Multi -Zone Audio Matrix
Switcher w/ DSP
SKU: AA- ADX-1616
The ADX-1616 is the cornerstone of a quality distributed audio system. Loaded with features like onboard volume control, 2.1 low-pass
filter, a 10-band equalizer, tone and balance controls, the ADX-1616
mates up with any zone amplifier and control system to deliver high
fidelity audio to up to 16 independent stereo zones. Features front
panel touch surface and knob with panel lockout. Rack mountable
with 2U rack-mount ears included.
Also available: AA-ADX-0808
Automation Cable from Ice Cable is available in multiple combinations such as (1) 18 gauge, 2 Cond. + (1) 22 gauge, 2 Cond. w/ Shield
Wirepath Structured Wire Can 40” ( White )
Binary Cat 6 Plenum - 1000’
Nest in Box
Binary Cables 16 AWG 4- Conductor Speaker Wire ( White
or purple )
Cable Type: 550 MHz, 23/4, unshielded,
Color: Black, Blue, Gray or White
Certifications: RoHS Compliant, UL
Listed, FT6, CMP
Available in Black, Blue, Gray & White
SKU: SP -164-500- WH
SKU: SP -164- CAT5E -500- PU
Cable Type: 65 strand oxygen-free
Length: 500 ft./box Spool
Certifications: CL2 Rated, UL Listed,
RoHS Compliant, FT4
Cable Type: Cat5e (350Mhz) + 16/4 (65
strand) Speaker Wire, unshielded
Certifications: CL2 Rated, UL Listed,
RoHS Compliant, FT4
Binary Cables RG6U 3GHz
Quad 18 AWG CMG - Rated
Coax + 3 x Cat5e 350 MHz - 500’
Wooden Drum ( Blue )
ICE 7 Conductor Cable - Sivila Shade Control Systems
- Spool - 500’ ( Blue/Red )
bINARY RG59/U + 18/2 - 1000’
SKU: SP - RG59-182-1000- BLK
Cable Type: 20 gauge, Solid Copper Inner conductor, 100% bonded foil tape
- 95% tinned copper braid, 18 gauge, 2
conductor, 16 strand
Certifications: RoHS, UL Listed, FT4,
ICE Celcius Series - 14-2 - Box
- 500’ - Plenum ( WHITE )
Packaging: 500ft Reelex box
Certifications: c ( UL) CMP OR (UL)
SKU: SP - HNET2-500- BLU
Certifications: Sweep Tested to 3GHZ,
CMG Rated, UL Listed, FT4, RoHS
ICE CAT6E - 550 MHZ - Box - 1000’
Cable Type: 23 gauge, 4 Pair, Solid Core,
Rip Cord
Certifications: (UL) CMR or c(UL) CMG,
Available in Black, Blue, Gray, Green,
White & Yellow
Binary Cables 16-4 Speaker
Wire + Cat5e 500’ Spool in
Box ( Pur ple )
Color: Blue with Red Stripe (Pantone:
279 C)
Packaging: 500ft Spool
Certifications: UL CL3 & Direct Burial,
ICE (2) CAT6e 550 MHZ & (2) RG6
QSBC - Spool - 500’ ( BLUe )
SKU: ICE -2- PLUS -2/C6
Packaging: 1000ft Spool
Certifications: UL CM & C (UL) CMG,
Powder coated finish on 20AWG hot-rolled stamped
steel, universal mounting holes, and pre-installed
grommets. Easy access rear-mounted keyholes allow for
surface-mount use that is quick and painless. Metal doors
available - WP-DOOR-40.
A reliable way to connect up to 8 network jacks from a
switch or hub to up to 8 rooms. Standard color-coded
110 punch down terminals and RJ-45 ports make this a
fast installation. Enables clean and easy to test network
Also available in 14” and 28”
Wirepath RF Bi - Direction Video Splitter
Features a 13dB powered amplifier w/ 1 input and 8
outputs and a PC Modem Connection to simplify the installation process. Can be installed outside as it is weather
sealed to 15 PSI. The housing is shielded to provide 130dB
of extra interference protection.
Wirepath 1x12 phone Module
w/ RJ45
Wet Slick Jacket
The most popular control cable SKUs, 18-2EPS, 22-2EPS, 22-2OS and 22-4OS
have been upgraded with 10009 PVC compound. This gives the cable a shiny
look and a slick feel, resulting in less friction, easier pulls and more flexibility
than a standard PVC jacket.
iLabel is a print legend to help you identify and pre-mark your cable for each
room, wall and jack location. All ICE cables come pre-printed with location
and application information that can be circled with a felt-tipped pen.
Foot Markers
Foot markers show how much cable has been used and how much is left, and
are printed every two feet on all ICE cables. This reduces waste and makes the
best use of the cable remaining in each box or spool.
BMP – Big Mouth Payout
BMP boxes feature a new type of coil payout that’s 20 times larger and results
in an exceptionally quick and efficient payout while improving productivity.
The figure-8 wind cancels out recoil, back-twist, kinks, and even knots to allow
the cable to easily pull from the package.
Wirepath Aluminum Single Plate - VGA Audio (3.5mm ) - Video ( RCA ) - LR Audio (2 RCA )
and Data ( RJ45)
SKU: WP - COMM -360-1- ALU
Provides a rugged and durable mounting surface for
commercial and residential applications. Each plate is
individually assembled, sanded by hand and comes with
matching hardware.
Strong Versabox Recessed Dual Layer
Flat Panel Solution - 14” X 14”
SKU: WP - MOD - RJ45-TEL1x12
SKU: SM - RBX-14- WH
Terminates up to 12 CAT5E lines and offers a superior
method for telephone connections. Interface up to 4
incoming telephone lines via a 110 punch down or a
RJ45 connector. Comes with a RJ31 jack for security line 1
Constructed from rugged, professional-grade materials and
designed to fit behind ultra-slim TVs. Attaches cleanly into
the wall and fits all equipment behind the TV. A hinged,
movable shelf makes it easy to service the equipment
Wirepath 7.2 Surround Kit with 5 Pairs of
Speaker Binding Posts and 2 Sub Jacks on
2 Decor Straps ( white )
WirePath UL certified Gold - Plated Speaker Binding Post Insert ( Pair / White )
ICE cable
Wirepath 8X8 Data Patch Module
SKU: WP - CAN -40
Three white Decora-Style inserts for 7.2 theater installations with eight pairs of gold-plated five-way binding
posts and two gold-plated RCA to F connectors.
Wirepath Décor Straps
SKU: DEC- STRAP -xx-xx
Available in blank or 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 ports and Almond, Ivory,
Light Almond and White. Also available in Standard Decor
Plates (PLATE-XX-XX) in the same sizes and colors.
These five-way speaker snap-in inserts are packed in pairs
(one red and one black stripe), compatible with a number
of other manufacturers’ plate and are easy to terminate
with a simple rear-mounted set screw.
Compatible with a number of other manufacturers’ plates,
these inserts are clearly labeled, easy to punch down and
have 568 A/B functionality.
Available in 9 colors
Episode 700 Series In - Ceiling Thin Bezel Speakers With
6 1/2” Woofer
Episode Evolution 10” Powered Subwoofer (200 Watt/
Gloss Black )
SKU: ES -700T- IC-6 ( sold per pair )
SKU: ES - SUB - EVO10-200- BLK
Designed to meet the demands of both designers and critical listeners, the sleek ES700T thin bezel speaker is equally capable as a music or home theater speaker with
its clean design and dynamic sound quality. Featuring the low frequency responsiveness of a 6 1/2” NCS woofer with a 1” titanium catenary dome tweeter, this 700
series speaker also includes compensation switches and a pivoting tweeter. You can
quickly adjust the woofer and tweeter output by 3db to compensate for rooms with
more or less sound absorbing materials and aim the tweeter where you want.
The Episode Evolution Subwoofer delivers tight, punchy bass and is the perfect
complement to Episode Speakers and Soundbars. An efficient DRiVE™ digital
amplifier produces 200 RMS (400W dynamic) of clean, tight bass and is up to 60%
more efficient than conventional analog designs. A custom 10” driver with a woven
fiberglass cone, Nomex spider and high-temperature voice coil coupled with a rigid,
lightweight design produces tight, low distortion. Featuring LFEQ Technology, Episode’s exclusive dual equalization circuitry, this sealed subwoofer delivers extended
and powerful bass response.
Also available: 6”, 8”, 12”, 100 Watt, 110 Watt, 300 Watt and Gloss White options
Episode 900 Series In - Wall Home Theater Speaker
with dual 7” Woofers ( SOLD EACH )
Episode 900 Series In - Wall Home Theater
Surround Speaker with 6 1/2” Woofer ( SOLD EACH )
Episode Passive In - Wall Sub with Dual 8”
Woofers ( sold each )
SKU: ES - HT950- IW-7
The ES-950 In-Wall speaker is a three-way design that boasts two
high-powered drivers, mid-range, and tweeter, perfectly matched
to provide a rich, full sound. Perfect for high-end dedicated home
theaters, this speaker will offer remarkable clarity, detail and overall
sound for the ultimate cinematic or musical experience. A premium
4.65” ribbon provides amazing clarity and detail while the 7” NCS
woofers feature a 1.25” voicecoil and 18° larger magnet for unsurpassed output and performance.
The same premium components found in our other 900-series
speakers have been selected to create this 3-way bi-pole / di-pole
system that can be configured for 5.1 or 7.1 systems, in either bi-pole
or di-pole operation. Bi-pole mode is suited for larger rooms, while
di-pole is perfect for tighter quarters or dedicated theaters where
an enhanced sense of space is desired. Dual 4.65 in. ribbon tweeters
and 4 in. honeycomb midrange drivers create a wide rear soundstage,
while the 6.5” NCS woofer delivers the low-end punch for the ultimate cinematic experience.
Each 8” Woven Fiberglass Sandwich woofer features a Nomex Spider
and oversized voicecoil for unparalleled accuracy and low-end
response. The system is enclosed in an easy to install sealed backbox
to deliver low-distortion, high-impact bass for mid to high-end home
theater and two-channel applications. This Episode subwoofer
includes an EQ box to tune and optimize the subwoofer for its companiion amplifier, power supply, magnetic aluminum grill, Y-Adapter
cable, anti-vibration foam inserts, cardboard cutout templates and
installation instructions.
Episode 300 Series In - Wall
Speakers with 6 1/2”
Episode In - Wall Speaker
Brackets for ES Series 6 1/2”
In - Wall Speakers
Episode In - Ceiling Speaker
Brackets for 6 1/2”
In - Ceiling Speakers
SKU: ES -300- IW-6 ( sold per pair )
SKU: ES - BRKT- IW-6 ( per pair )
SKU: ES - BRKT- IC-6 ( per pair )
Episode Digital Subwoofer Amplifier
Remarkable clarity and dynamics make
this an ideal multi-room audio speaker whether for background music, surround
applications or mid-level listening rooms.
In-wall placement provides superior
imaging and fidelity, when aesthetic
considerations allow for it.
Stiff ABS plastic and adjustable wire
mesh wings make this bracket one of the
quickest and easiest to install speaker
brackets on the market. Also features
sturdy ABS construction, multiple mounting options, adjustable metal mesh wings
and a speaker wire attachment. For use
with Episode 6 1/2” In-Wall Speakers.
Stiff ABS plastic and adjustable wire
mesh wings make this bracket one of the
quickest and easiest to install speaker
brackets on the market. Also features
sturdy ABS construction, multiple mounting options, adjustable metal mesh wings
and a speaker wire attachment. For use
with Episode 6 1/2” ES-Series In-Ceiling
SKU: EA- AMP - SUB -1D -500
IMPORTANT NOTE: The ES-SUB-IW-DUAL8 requires the use of an amplifier
which is sold separately. We recommend the Episode EA-AMP-SUB-1D-500
Digital Amplifier.
The EA-AMP-SUB-1D-500 is a single channel, digital subwoofer amplifier capable of 500 watts at 4 ohms, making it a perfect powerhouse for the ES-SUB-IWDUAL8. Features advanced LFE protection circuitry, factory set movie and music
EQ modes, variable power-on options, IR control, and a hand-held remote.
Episode Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer
with 12” Woofer ( Brown Dome/Each )
SKU: ES - LS - BSUB -12- CPR
Equipped with a beefy 12” woofer, this burial subwoofer hits the
low notes and is the perfect complement to our Episode Landscape Series Satellite Speakers with only the ported “mushroom”
visible above ground. This high-excursion subwoofer features
a burial-rated HDPE housing, 3’ of heavy-duty burial-rated 12/2
cable and silicone-filled waterproof wire-nuts – so it’s sure to
stand up to even the toughest conditions. Plus, it has an elegant,
earth-tone dome that blends seamlessly into any outdoor design.
Episode Landscape Series Satellite Speaker
with 6” Woofer ( Dark Brown/Each )
Episode Landscape Speaker Kit
The Episode Landscape Series Kit is designed to bring stunning, discreet audio performance to your
outdoor space. Four premium 6.5” two-way speakers (ES-LS-SAT-6-BRN) are driven by a powerful
two-channel Crown amplifier. This professional 1KW amplifier delivers premium performance for even
the largest of outdoor speaker systems. It comes pre-programmed with EQ settings for maximum
sound quality and has customizable DSP settings using Crown’s System Architect Software. Plus, it’s
versatile with two configurable output channels that support hybrid 70V/8-ohm configurations (2ohm minimum).
Also available: KIT-ES-LS-SAT-4
Episode Landscape Series Satellite Speakers are built to expertly
blend into the most beautiful outdoor environments, minimizing
visual impact and maximizing performance. Premium components deliver a full, natural sound and crystal-clear highs, while a
wide dispersion ensures a more uniform coverage area with less
“hot spots.” For added versatility, a hidden tap switch allows the
speaker to be configured for 70V or 8-ohm systems. In 70V mode
there is individual volume control at each speaker, so you can
have it lower near seating areas and higher in open spaces.
Also available: ES-LS-SAT-4-BRN
Episode Surface Mount Base For Landscape Satellite Speakers ( Each )
Episode Tree Mount Base For Landscape Satellite
Speakers ( Each )
Designed specifically for Episode Landscape Speakers to be installed
on hard surfaces, such as under an eave, on a wall, or to a post, the
ES-LS-MOUNT-SURFACE base offers instant versatility for your
application. When attached to this Surface Mount Base, the Episode
Landscape Speakers will blend easily into the surroundings and
provide exceptional sound exactly where it’s needed.
This Tree Mount Base makes it easy to mount your Episode Landscape
Speakers directly onto a tree. Simply use the included mounting bolts
to secure the base, and then screw in the speaker to get a stable and
aesthetically pleasing install. The low-profile Episode Landscape
Speakers will blend effortlessly into the environment, and they’ll
pump out impressive sound right where customers want it.
12” Stake Mount for Episode Landscape Satellite
Speakers ( Each )
SKU: ES - LS - STAKE -12
The quickest, easiest and most common way to mount a landscape
speaker, this 12” Stake Mount goes into the ground and stays put
– providing a strong and stable base for your install. Its rugged
construction can stand up to the elements, and a smart design allows
you to install, test and adjust the speakers completely before burying
the wires. Simply run your wires from the speaker through the stake,
tighten the speaker, adjust the angle, and insert the entire assembly
into the ground.
Landscape Speaker Demo Kits
Boost your revenue on almost any job with outdoor landscape speakers! Staub has demo kits available to help you demonstrate the system, live and on-site for your customers. Complete with a four (4) Satellite Speakers with 4” woofer (ES-LS-SAT4-BRN), a 1000 watt Crown amplifier and a Burial Subwoofer with 12” woofer (ES-LS-BSUB-12-CPR), this system is sure to
Contact your local Staub Representative to schedule a time to demonstrate the landscape speaker demo kit.
Use your computer, or FREE iPhone, native iPad, Mac,
Android, and Smartphone Apps to view cameras while
at the office or on the go!
Live Video Streaming from Wirepath Surveillance
Systems DVRs to Control Systems.
Wirepath Surveillance 500- Series PTZ IP Indoor Camera with 22x Zoom
SKU: WPS -500- PTZ- IP - WH
The WPS-500-PTZ-IP-WH gets you close to the action with a 22X optical zoom and pan/tilt functionality, and
clear video with its 1.3MP CMOS sensor. Precision PTZ control lets you dictate the camera’s speed and range of
motion through sophisticated pan, tit and zoom functionality, complete with auto flip. Watching video on the go
is made easy thanks to free apps for PC, iOS® and Android, as well as streaming video drivers for popular control
systems. Installation is simplified with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and an IP Installer utility that makes it easy to
find cameras on the network. Features a 1/3” 1.3MP Panasonic CMOS sensor, 4.7 - 103.4 mm lens, smooth video up
to 30FPS and H.264/M-JPEG/MPEG4 video compression formats.
Wirepath Surveillance 8 Channel DVR with 500GB HDD
Wirepath Surveillance 16 Channel DVR with 1TB HDD
SKU: WPS -100- DVR-8CH
SKU: WPS -300- DVR-16CH
Offers unsurpassed technology, features and easy-to-use remote access from a Windows Computer, iPhone/iPad or Android device. IP control and native live streaming
to Total Control, Control4, Crestron, RTI and Savant user interfaces are included, with
no expensive 3rd party video encoders required.
A professional-grade DVR that features advanced compression technologies and
native live streaming to Total Control, Control4, Crestron, RTI and Savant user interfaces. Features RS-232 and IP control for system integration, an HDMI output, DVD
sled for archiving, included rack mounting hardware and buffered loop outputs.
Also available: WPS-100-DVR-4CH
Also available: WPS-300-DVR-9CH
Wirepath Surveillance 750- Series Dome IP
Outdoor Camera with IR
SKU: WPS -750- DOM - IP - BL
SKU: WPS -750- DOM - AH - WH
With a premium 2MP CMOS sensor, the WPS-750-DOMIP-BL delivers pristine video resolutions up to 1920x1080
at a full 30FPS - eight times the pixels of analog models.
Plus, Wirepath cameras offer a true 16:9 widescreen, giving
you a wider view of the action and filling your TV or mobile device’s screen. Features a 1/2.7” 2MP CMOS sensor,
650 TVL, Vari-focal 3.3~12mm Mega Pixel Lens F1.4, IP66
weather rating and 50 ft. IR range.
If your installation requires the ultimate image quality
and performance for both day and night applications, the
WPS-750-DOM-AH-WH is the perfect solution. It comes
equipped with a test port for on-the-spot video and OSD
adjustments, plus longer zoom/focus adjustment knobs,
and a heater that allows for smooth operation in extreme
temperatures. This smart camera also features a 1/3” Color
Sony Super HAD II Image Sensor, 650 TVL, 2.8-10 mm
Vari-Focal Lens, IP66 weather rating and 80 ft. IR range.
Also available: WPS-750-DOM-IP-WH,
Wirepath Surveillance 100- Series 4 Channel NVR
Wirepath Surveillance 300- Series 16 Channel NVR
SKU: WPS -100- NVR-4IP
SKU: WPS -300- NVR-16IP
Equipped with advanced compression technologies, 1TB pre-installed internal storage, and support of four 8Mbps streams (1080HD), this NVR makes it easy to view,
control and configure all of your cameras from one convenient location – whether
you’re across the room or across the globe. All of its channels are activated out of
the box, so there aren’t any hidden licensing fees to surprise you, and you can use
the IP Installer utility to quickly and easily find Wirepath cameras on the network.
View all your cameras from one convenient location with this 16-Channel NVR.
Equipped with advanced compression technologies, 2TB internal storage, and support of 16 full 4Mbps streams (1080HD), the WPS-300-NVP-16IP provides high-definition viewing from anywhere in the world. Monitoring surveillance equipment is
easy thanks to a clean, streamlined user interface. Paired with Wirepath IP cameras,
event-based alerts allow you to create custom notifications based on motion detection and alarm triggers.
Also available: WPS-300-NVR-9IP
SKU: WPS -350- DOM - A- BL
The WPS-350-DOM-A-BL dome color camera delivers great
picture quality, installation flexibility and value. A varifocal
lens, auto iris and IR make it an ideal solution for retail
spaces, restaurants, offices and residential applications
needing general surveillance. Features a 1/3” Color Sony
Super HAD II Image Sensor, 550 TVL, 4-9 mm Vari-Focal
Lens, IP66 weather rating and 65 ft. IR range.
Also available: WPS-350-DOM-A-WH, WPS-350-BUL-A-WH,
Also available: WPS-750-DOM-AH-BL, WPS-750-BUL-AH-WH,
Wirepath Surveillance 4 Channel Encoder
SKU: WPS -300- ENC-4IP
The Wirepath Surveillance 4-Channel Encoder uses advanced compression technologies to convert analog video
into an IP stream. The WPS-300-ENC-4IP provides both
high-resolution for local viewing and control systems and
independent low-bandwidth streams for mobile devices.
This is done through H.264 compression with D1, Half-D1,
and CIF resolutions plus customizable frame rate settings
across multiple streams.
Also available: WPS-300-ENC-1IP
Strong 42U Floor Standing Rack (24” Depth )
Strong 16U Wall Mount Rack
Strong Rack 12U In - Cabinet Rack
SKU: EA- AMP -12D -45A
SKU: SR- wm -16u
SKU: SR- cab -12u
Featuring a chassis that’s 50% shorter and significantly lighter than competitive
models, this digital amplifier takes up a compact 1U of rack space while providing
45 watts RMS per channel. Suitable for multi-room applications, it features three
turn on-modes that integrate easily with simple volume controls or advanced
control systems.
This 24” deep rack is the perfect choice when you need more room
for equipment or wire management. When using large products like
servers or hard drive arrays, you’ll really appreciate the added depth.
Includes smart installation features like silk screened rails in both
directions, pre-installed rail studs, integrated slots and knockouts for
wire management and gangable side-by-side design. Designed with
an electrocoating for a perfect jet black finish and floor casters right
in the box.
The SR-WM-16U is perfect for keeping small servers, networking gear
and surveillance equipment locked up, off the floor, away from dust
and easily accessible during light commercial jobs. Features top and
bottom plates made of 14 gauge steel, 11 gauge thick labeled rack
rails with adjustable rail depth, a durable jet black finish with an
electrocoating that is 60% thinner than powder-coating, and keyhole
locations at 16” on-center for easy installation directly to wall studs.
This discreet 12U in-cabinet rack allows for an easier and more
professional looking installation. It’s perfect for a built-in cabinet in
the living room, boardroom or light commercial applications. Plus,
with the optional SR-RACKSLIDE-300, you can easily access the rear
panels of the equipment for wiring and servicing. Features a durable
jet black finish, ganagable side-by-side design, slots for wire management and easy installation with only a Phillips srewdriver.
Also available in 10U and 12U
Also available in 8U, 10U and 14U
Episode 12 Channel 70 Wat ts Digital Amplifier
Episode 12 Channel 45 Watts Digital Amplifier
SKU: ea- amp -12d -70a
The Episode EA-AMP-12D-70A is an efficient twelve-channel, Class-D amplifier that
delivers a powerful 70 watts RMS per channel. Perfectly at home in multi-room
applications, it features audio sensing turn-on, loop outputs, adjustable gain control
and bridgeable outputs, giving installers the versatility required for today’s sophisticated audio systems.
Also available: EA-AMP-8D-70A, EA-AMP-2D-150A
Also available in 16U, 21U, 32U and 37U and 20”
Strong 42U Plexiglass Rack
Episode 2 Channel 35 Wat ts Digital Mini - Amplifier
Episode 3 Channel 35 Watts Digital Mini - Amplifier
SKU: EA- MINI -2D -35
SKU: EA- MINI -3D -35
The Episode 2-channel digital mini amplifier delivers outstanding sound quality and
cool-running performance in a conveniently sized package. Featuring two inputs
(analog RCA and digital optical Toslink) with selectable priority and IR control with
learning, this amp can be programmed to work with any remote or control system.
This digital mini amplifier fits easily into the Strong VersaBox.
Enhance the audio of even the thinnest TVs without having to use a bulky AV receiver. The Episode 3-channel mini amplifier can power a soundbar or speakers while
staying cleanly out of sight. It delivers outstanding sound quality and cool-running
performance in a conveniently sized package. Plus, it has two inputs with selectable
priority and IR control with learning, so it can be programmed with any remote.
Strong 16U Wall Mount
Rack Swing Kit
Strong 3U Extender &
Accessory Shelf
Featuring lockable door features with two
keys and an elegant tinted acrylic panel,
this rack door will keep your system
secure and will perfectly complement the
Strong SR-SKEL-42U-24/20 inch racks.
If your SR-WM-16U wall rack installation
doesn’t offer access through the wall,
like through an adjacent closet, this 16U
swing kit is perfect for getting to the
Also available in 16U, 21U, 32U and 37U and
Also available in 10U and 12U
This 3U accessory shelf is the perfect
companion to matrix switchers giving
you the ability to mount up to 8 assorted
media extenders on a single shelf in the
back of the rack. You can also use it to
install IR blocks, wireless transmitters
and more!
SKU: SR- IT- CAB -42U -30IN
This premium network cabinet rack creates a solid foundation for your critical IT/
Datacomm infrastructure. A fully welded design allows it to handle 2,200 pounds,
and because it’s pre-assembled, it’s also built to save you valuable install time.
Featuring integrated wire management and fully vented, locking doors that keep
equipment cool and safe, this cabinet rack can handle even the most complex
Designed for use with the SR-CAB and SR-CS (Contractor Series) rack lines, the
SR-RACKSLIDE-300 saves your back and neck by giving you easy access to equipment when installing it into a cabinet. Adds 2.56” to the height needed for the rack
application needs.
Also available: SR-IT-CAB-42U-40IN
WattBox IP+ Controllable 3 Outlet Compact Power
Conditioner with Auto Reboot
Wat tBox IP+ Controllable 8 Outlet Rack Mount Power
Conditioner with Auto Reboot
WattBox IP+ Controllable 12 Outlet Rack Mount Power
Conditioner with Auto Reboot
WattBox IP+ Controllable 12 Outlet (8 CTRL ) Chassis Power
Conditioner w/ Auto Reboot
SKU: WB -200- IPCE -3
SKU: WB -400- IPCE -8
SKU: WB -600- IPVCE -12
SKU: WB -600CH - IPVCE -12
The WattBox IP+ Controllable 3 Outlet Compact Power Conditioner with Auto
Reboot provides premium 2160 joules surge protection and noise filtration, plus it’s
smart enough to automatically reboot the device when network connectivity is lost.
Wattbox IP also features remote access that enables you to cycle power from anywhere, scheduling and programming to automate commonly performed functions,
and email alerts for key events. Plus, one of the power conditioner’s three outlets is
always on for critical components and a $25,000 connected equipment warranty is
The WattBox IP+ Controllable 8 Outlet Compact Power Conditioner with Auto
Reboot provides a premium 3240 joules of surge protection, fireproof MOVs with
ceramic encased surge components and 1 isolated noise filter. This IP network
enabled power conditioner also features auto reboot when network connectivity is
lost, remote access to cycle power from anywhere, scheduling and programming to
automate commonly performed functions, and email alerts for key events. Plus, four
of the power conditioner’s eight outlets are always on for critical components and a
$50,000 connected equipment warranty is included.
If you’re tired of rolling a truck every time you need to reset a cable box, modem,
router or other network device, the WattBox IP+ Controllable 12 Outlet Power
Conditioner with Auto Reboot is the solution. It provides premium 3480 joules surge
protection and noise filtration in a versatile rack-mount design. Wattbox IP also
features remote access that lets you cycle power from anywhere, scheduling and
programming to automate commonly performed functions, and email alerts for key
Get all the features and functionality you love about the innovative WattBox IP+
line in a chassis form factor that’s perfect for cabinet and shelf mounting. The
WB-600CH-IPVCE-12 provides easy access to 12 outlets and has a front panel
with voltage/current displays and utility outlets for charging peripherals. It’s smart
enough to automatically reboot an attached device when network connectivity is
lost, provides premium 6480 Joules of surge protection/noise filtration, and offers
eight controllable outlets and four always on outlets.
Also available: WB-600-SVCE-12
Wat tBox Mounted Power Conditioner, 2 Outlets, 2160J, EMI/RFI Filtration
WattBox Power Conditioner, 10 Outlets - 3240J,
EMI/RFI Filtration, 2 Coax, 1 Ethernet
WattBox Faceplate Display Option for 600
Episode Surge Rack Mount, 15 Amp, 8- Outlets,
SKU: WB -200-2
SKU: WB -400- CE -10
SKU: WB -600- FP
SKU: EP -400- UPS -8HTR-1000
Whether it’s a structured wiring can, flat panel TV or cabinet - the
WB-200-2 power conditioner provides premium surge protection of up to 2160 joules and one isolated noise filtration bank
to two outlets. Its outside is just as rugged as the protection
it offers, with an 18 gauge steel chassis and built-in wings for
mounting. It also features a flexible and detachable 1.5 ft power
cord, ceramic encased MOVs to protect from fire and a $25,000
connected equipment warranty.
The WB-400-CE-10 power conditioner provides 10 outlets on the
back of the rack and includes hardware that lets you mount it in
any direction. Connected equipment is safe and sound thanks to
best-in-class 3240 joules surge protection of power, coax, and
telephone/Ethernet – plus noise filtration for improved audio
and video performance. Built with an 18 gauge steel chassis, and
featuring a 6 ft flexible and detachable IEC power cord and a
$50,000 connected equipment warranty.
This optional faceplate provides individual displays for voltage
and current, a utility outlet, dual USB charging plus a convenient
power button that controls switched outlets back at the power
conditioner. Designed exclusively for the 600-series Wattbox
power conditioners, its innovative modular design means the
faceplate can be placed almost anywhere, regardless of where
you’ve placed the rear outlets. The faceplate and power conditioner connect using a short extension cord and RJ45 cable.
Keep equipment operating safely with an automatic voltage regulated (AVR) UPS. The technology will prevent any voltage drops
below 112 volts and will prevent any spikes or surges above 128
volts. This unit uses Boost/Buck Topology which increases voltage
drops and decreases voltages peaks without needing to utilize
the battery mode. The UPS provides a pure sine wave waveform,
1000 VAC and 700 watts.
Also available: EP-400-UPS-8HTR-2200
Vivitek 1080P Multimedia Projector (4500 Lumens )
With 4500 lumens and a 3000:1 contrast level, the Vivitek D963HD 1080p multimedia projector accommodates almost any
lighting condition in the home and office. Using the latest video processing technologies, the Vivitek D963HD is a multi-tasking powerhouse that produces impressive color reproduction and delivers amazing performance. Featuring an assortment
of connectivity options and network capability, the D963HD is the ultimate choice for today’s high-definition multi-purpose
» DLP and BrilliantColor technologies from Texas Instruments
» Connectivity options include: two (2) HDMI v1.3, VGA-in, composite, component, S-video, USB service
» RJ45/RS-232c for integration and system administration
» 12V trigger for simple screen/projector automation
Dragonfly AcoustiWeave Projection Screen W/ Black Frame
Dragonfly Motorized Matte White Projection Screen (16:9)
AcoustiWeave screens are acoustically transparent and bring you a true high-performance cinematic experience by allowing you to place the speakers directly behind
the screen. This technology offers up to 10% more acoustical transparency compared
to competitive “perforated” designs. This is particularly useful with larger screen
sizes as it keeps the left/center/right in the action and at ear level.
The newly designed Dragonfly standard motorized projection screens give you the
same stellar visual performance as its fixed-screen counterpart. As standard screens
do not offer a tab tensioning system, the fabric includes an inner layer of weaved
fiberglass to stiffen the material to help hold a flat surface along the viewing area.
Also available in High Contrast and sizes 92”, 100”, 110”
Also available in Matte White and High Contrast and sizes 92”, 100”, 106”, 110”, 120”
Also available: D912HD (3500 Lumens)
Vivitek 1080P Home Theatre Projector (1800 Lumens )
SKU: H5085
The Vivitek H5085 1080p home theater projector utilizes the latest video processing technologies for a remarkable home
theater experience. With a Pixelworks processor and other image-boosting technologies, such as day/night modes and custom calibration configurations, the H5085 delivers amazing picture performance. With features for color-enhancement and
interchangeable lenses to manual lens shift features, the Vivitek H5085 is the bold choice for home theater excellence.
» Full HD 1080p (1920x1080)
» 1800 lumens and 35,000:1 contrast ratio
» DLP/BrilliantColor technologies by Texas Instruments
» Manual lens shift and interchangeable lens options to accommodate different home theater settings
» Connectivity options include: Three (3) HDMI v1.3, VGA-In, Component, S-Video, Composite
Available lenses: 5811116224-S (Long Throw), 5811116225-S (Extreme Short Throw)
SKU: H1185
Elite Motorized Front Projection Screen - Spectrum (16:9)
Elite Premium Motorized Front Projection Screen (16:9)
SKU: Home 2 Series
The Spectrum Series is great for the entry level projection enthusiast with either a
residential or commercial wall/ceiling application. It comes loaded with features
including an Infrared remote control, internal IR receiver and a 12-volt trigger for
synchronized projector operation. Its 1.1 gain MaxWhite Screen material is duarble
and easy to clean and provides excellent picture clarity with color reproduction.
The Home2 Series is a premium grade electric/motorized front projection screen.
The MaxWhite Fiber-Glass 1.1 gain screen material that is flat, durable and easy to
clean, has a 160 degree viewing angle and black masking to enhance picture contrast. Features infrared and radio frequency remote controls to streamline your wall/
ceiling installation. Internal-In Low Voltage Controller (LVC) with RJ45 port connects
the 5-12 volt trigger to synchronize the drop/rise cycle of your screen with the projector’s power cycle. Extend this port using CAT-5 cable to anywhere in the room.
Also available in 84”, 90”, 106”, 120”, 125”, 128”
* Some screen sizes are available by Special Order only.
Available sizes: 90”, 106”, 112”, 126”
The Vivitek H1185HD is a high-performance digital projector that integrates perfectly into any home theater installation.
With native 1080p resolution, the H1185HD delivers brilliant and amazing digital images with full color saturation. Designed
for high-impact picture quality, 2.35 screen display capability with or without anamorphic lens, and Full HD 3D features, the
Vivitek H1185HD is unmatched and unrivaled in value, function and performance. Connectivity options include two (2) HDMI
v1.4b, VGA-In, Component, S-Video and Composite Video.
» Native 1080p resolution (1920x1080)
» 10,000:1 contrast ratio for vivid picture quality
» DLP DarkChip3 and BrilliantColor technologies by Texas Instruments
» 5000 hours of lamp life (Eco Mode)
» Full 3D-ready via DLP Link and BluRay 3D movie playback
» 2.35 Screen Display capability with or without anamorphic lens
Episode 240 Wat t Rack Mountable 70 Volt Commercial
Amplifier- Mixer
Episode 650 Commercial Series In - Ceiling 70-Volt Subwoofer
with Tile Bridge and 8” Woofer ( Each )
Episode 650 Commercial Series In - Ceiling 70-Volt Speaker
with Tile Bridge and 6” Woofer ( Each )
6 1/2” SPEAKER ( EACH )
SKU: ECA-70MIXAMP -1-240
SKU: KIT- ECS -650- ICSUB -8
SKU: KIT- ECS -650- IC-6
Perfect for light commercial applications, the Episode ECA-70MIXAMP-1-240
Amplifier-Mixer is a high-power single channel 70V amplifier that includes all the
features needed for background music and paging. It has eight inputs for microphone and stereo hookups, plus an integrated mixer that provides expert blending.
The XLR microphone inputs have independent priority modes that enable audio
“ducking” – a must have feature in restaurants and bars – and the powerful 240W
amplifier handles even the most challenging applications. This versatile amplifier
supports 50V, 70V and 100V, as well as low impedance 4-ohm systems.
This sub is the perfect complement to the Episode In-Ceiling Speakers (KIT-ECS650-IC-6), providing deeper bass, better bottom end and improved low frequency
performance. Features a Mica-filled polypropylene woofer for added depth, and an
oversized 1.5” copper voice coil. Outstanding driver voicing is combined with a 1st
order crossover for sound clarity beyond expectations, while a low-turbulence tube
port provides outstanding low-frequency response. Installation is made easy with
an innovative three-piece tile bridge that ships in the same box, front-mounted tap
settings, and a removable screw terminal.
Premium grade components, a wide frequency response, and a two-way design
provide exceptional sound clarity and dynamic highs and lows with this in-ceiling
70V speaker. The KIT-ECS-650-IC-6 has a two-way design featuring a Mica-filled
polypropylene woofer and 1” silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet, plus
a 1.2” oversized voice coil. It also includes convenient front-mounted 7.5w, 15w,
30w, 60w taps, plus an option for 8-ohm bypass. An innovative 3-piece tile bridge,
front-mounted tap setting and all cardboard packaging make it installer-friendly.
Rugged commercial design, easy installation, and premium-quality sound join forces
in the ECS-AW70V-6-WHT. An easy-to-access external tap setting makes adjustments a breeze, while a quick-hang bracket frees up one hand for fast installation.
Truly an all-weather product, it includes durable gold-plated connections, a UV-resistant, mineral-filled Polypropylene cabinet, and the ability to perform flawlessly in
extreme temperatures from -5 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
Also available: ECS-AW70V-6-BLK
Also available: ECA-70MIXAMP-1-60 and ECA-70MIXAMP-1-120
Major System Advantages
Episode Commercial 70V Rotary Volume
Control (100 Wat t )
Equipped with 100 Watts of power handling, the Episode Commercial 70V/100V Rotary Volume Control is perfect for individual
speakers tapped at high levels, or when using multiple low-wattage speakers for greater coverage. Removable screw terminal
connections make inserting wires a breeze, while its form factor
fits into single-gang junction boxes for clean installs.
Also available: EA-MR-COMM-RVC-25, EA-MR-COMM-RVC-50
A universal tile bridge is included in the KIT-ECS-650-IC-6 and
KIT-ECS-650-ICSUB-8 to evenly distribute the weight of the
speaker when used in suspended ceilings. Rigid steel construction and security loops for attachment to ceiling grid for added
Cost Savings
» Multi-channel amplifiers are typically not required.
» Smaller gauge wire – and less of it – is required.
Time Savings
» Daisy chained wire pulls and no need to perform
complex system design.
Customer Benefits
» Microphone inputs and paging functions
» Simplicity of use
Binary HDMI 8x16 Matrix Switcher with Simultaneous HDMI
and HDBaseT Outputs
Binary HDMI 16x16 Matrix Switcher with Simultaneous HDMI
and HDBaseT Outputs
SKU: B -500- MTRX-230-8x16
SKU: B -500- MTRX-230-16x16
The B-500-MTRX-230-8x16 uses a single Cat5e/6 output to transmit HDMI signals
and bi-directional IR from eight sources to 16 displays – up to 230 feet with full
1080p video and support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio. Plus it
features true plug-and-play technology, so there are no EQ settings required for
simple systems. It also comes equipped with everything needed for control system
integration including Ethernet, RS-232 control and IR routing.
The B-500-MTRX-230-16x16 uses a single Cat5e/6 output to transmit HDMI signals
and bi-directional IR from 16 sources to 16 displays – up to 230 feet with full
1080p video and support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio. Each output
provides an HDMI output for local display(s), as well as an HDBaseT output for
longer distances with the option of using both of the outputs in parallel. To control
the matrix itself, Ethernet, bi-directional RS-232 and IR are all available and thanks
to HDBaseT functionality, you don’t have to fiddle with any EQ settings between the
switcher and its receiver.
AVOCATION 8x8 HDMI Matrix w/16x16 Analog and
Digital Audio I/O - Full Audio Conversion
AVOCATION 8x8 HDMI Matrix w/16x16 Analog and
Digital Audio I/O
SKU: HX-0808HAC/16
SKU: HA-0808HA/16
With advanced audio controls, additional optical inputs, and full
audio conversion capabilities, the HX-0808HAC/16 is designed to
resolve common HDMI routing and switching issues confronted
by installers. EDID/key management allows fast, reliable switching while audio conversion of analog, digital coax, digital optical
and HDMI provides a wide array of component hook-up options.
It also has the ability to convert all audio formats.
Supporting HDMI video up to 1080p, this commercial-grade
switcher features independent 16x16 analog and digital audio
matrixes that can cleverly be routed separately from any source
to any zone – perfect for bars/restaurants with tons of TVs. It
offers a full preamp for the analog channels, complete with
volume controls, balance and input gain adjustment to normalize
levels from source to source.
*Available Summer 2014
*Available Summer 2014
Audio Authority HLX
Primary Card Case (6U )
SKU: AA-2006
Audio AuthoritY HD Zone
Card for HLX Modular
Audio Authority Audio
Zone Card for HLX Modular
The HLX System is easy to configure to
your exact requirements. It distributes
HDTV signals up to 1,000 feet away to
convenient zone receivers mounted wherever televisions are to be located.
SKU: AA-2248
SKU: AA-2278
The AA-2248 adds eight dual Cat 5 zone
outputs, that can be terminated up to
1,000 feet away at one of three zone
receiver styles.
The AA-2278 zone card provides more
than just 2 channel analog audio switching for 8 outputs.
Audio Authority HD Source
Card for HLX Modular
Audio Authority HD Zone
Card for HLX Modular
Audio Authority Dual Cat5
Enclosed Receiver - Surface
Mount Box
SKU: AA-2114
SKU: AA-2214
SKU: AA-9880
The AA-2114 adds four AV sources to an
HLX matrix configuration for a maximum
of 12 sources per system.
The AA-2214 adds four AV zones to an
HLX matrix configuration. Useful for local
outputs where the zone equipment is
near the rack.
When connected to a compatible Audio
Authority driver, the 9880 provides
pristine component video, digital coaxial
audio, analog L/R audio, plus an IR jack.
Vivitek Professional- Grade XGA Multimedia
Projector (6000 Lumens )
Vivitek Professional- Grade True HD 3D Multimedia Projector (4700 LUMENS )
Vivitek Full HD Ultra Short-Throw Projector
(3400 LUMENS )
Vivitek Large Venue Projector (8800 Lumens )
SKU: D5010- WNL
SKU: DW6035
SKU: DX6535
SKU: D5190HD - WNL
SKU: D7180
SKU: D8800
Brightness, installation friendly and pristine image, the Vivitek D5010
XGA digital projector utilizes the latest advancements in video
processing technologies to create remarkable image quality. A professional-grade projector with the large venue marketplace in mind,
the D5010 delivers amazing video performance. With vertical and
horizontal lens shift functions and multiple connection alternatives,
the Vivitek D5010 is the most versatile projector to create a superior
picture in a large venue environment.
The Vivitek DW6035 WXGA is designed for demanding large venue
installation applications. The DW6035 features dual-lamp technology,
as well as seven (7) interchangeable optional lenses (Bayonet style)
to meet most large-venue installations. Interchangeable color wheel
(included) for vibrant color and video enhancement. The DW6035
delivers bright, superb digital images with full color saturation
intended for high-impact multimedia presentations, with unmatched
performance and functionality.
The Vivitek DX6535 XGA is designed for demanding large venue
installation applications with its dual-lamp technology and seven (7)
interchangeable optional lenses (Bayonet style). For superior color
detail and to maximize brightness, an interchangeable color wheel is
included. The DX6535 delivers bright, superb digital images with full
color saturation intended for high-impact multimedia presentations,
with unmatched performance and functionality. Features RJ45/RS232c for integration and system administration and a 12V trigger for
simple screen/projector automation.
For the HD format enthusiast, the Vivitek D5190HD 16x9 3D digital
projector utilizes the latest advancements in video processing
technologies to create remarkable image quality. A professional-grade
projector with the large venue marketplace in mind, the D5190HD
delivers amazing video performance with 2D and 3D contents. With
vertical and horizontal lens shift functions and multiple connection
alternatives, the Vivitek D5190HD is the most versatile projector
creating superior picture quality in the large venue environment.
The Vivitek D7180HD is the ultimate short-throw projector with
the world record shortest throw-ratio of 0.19:1, enabling perfect
presentation for the presenter without incident light in the eyes and
shadows on the image. The D7180HD delivers a lot of brightness with
3400 ANSI lumens and an outstanding contrast ratio of 2500:1 for
a perfect displayed image. It also has impressive color reproduction
and amazing performance thanks to DLP BrilliantColor technologies.
A stylish projector with powerful 10W built-in speaker and an assortment of connectivity options, including HDMI v1.3 for perfect digital
image transmission and RJ-45 for network connectivity, the D7180HD
is the ultimate short-throw projector for perfect presentations.
The perfect solution for diverse large-venue applications, the Vivitek
D8800 features native WUXGA resolution, HD-SDI connectivity,
DLP/BrilliantColor and dual-lamp technologies. Designed for video
stacking, the D8800 features centered optics with motorized lens
shift, zoom and focus. The Vivitek D8800 offers six interchangeable
bayonet lens options to match up with various installation requirements. Featuring built-in edge blending and warping capabilities, the
D8800 can take you beyond its native aspect ratio and into endless
» 6000 lumens and 2000:1 contrast ratio
» Native XGA resolution (1024 x 768) and displays up to WUXGA
» DLP and BrilliantColor technologies by Texas Instruments
» Centered lens for easy installation
» Horizontal and vertical lens shift (manual)
» Full 3D capability (DLP Link, BluRay 3D)
» Connectivity options: HDMI v1.3, DVI-D, VGA-In, BNC, Component,
S-Video, Composite
» RS-232c/RJ45 for integration and system automation compatible
with Crestron, AMX, Extron and Telnet
» Three (3) lens options (Bayonet style) available - standard zoom,
long zoom and extreme short fixed
» Lenses sold separately
» 6000 lumens and a 3000:1 contrast ratio
» Native WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) and displays up to UXGA
» DLP/BrilliantColor technologies by Texas Instruments
» Power lens shift, zoom and focus
» RJ45/RS-232c for integration and system administration
» 12V trigger for simple screen/projector automation
» Standard zoom lens included (1.81-2.38:1 throw ratio)
» Seven (7) interchangeable optional lenses available - standard
zoom, long zoom, wide zoom and wide fixed. Additional lenses
sold separately
* All Vivitek Commercial Projectors and lenses are available by Special Order only.
» 6700 lumens and a 3000:1 contrast ratio
» Native XGA resolution (1024 x 768) and displays up to UXGA
» Dual-lamp technology limits down-time of bulbs
» Power lens shift, zoom and focus
» Native XGA resolution and displays up to UXGA
» DLP/BrilliantColor technologies by Texas Instruments
» Standard zoom lens included (1.81-2.38:1 throw ratio)
» Seven (7) interchangeable optional lenses available - standard
zoom, long zoom, wide zoom and wide fixed. Additional lenses
sold separately
» 4700 lumens and 2000:1 contrast ratio
» Native 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080) and displays up to WUXGA
» DLP and BrilliantColor technologies by Texas Instruments
» Centered lens for easy installation
» Horizontal and vertical lens shift (manual)
» Three (3) lens options (Bayonet style) available (not included)
» Full 3D capability (DLP Link, BluRay 3D)
» Connectivity options include: HDMI v1.4, Display Port, DVI-D,
VGA-In, BNC, Component, S-Video, Composite, and 3D Sync
» RS-232c/RJ45 for integration and system automation compatible
with Crestron, AMX, Extron, and Telnet
» Three (3) lens options (Bayonet style) available - standard zoom,
long zoom and extreme short fixed
» Lenses sold separately
» 3400 lumens and a 2500:1 contrast ratio
» Native 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080)
» Delivers a large 86” to 97” image from a zero distance
» DLP and BrilliantColor technologies for detailed image quality
» 6 segment wheel for exceptional color reproduction
» High-efficiency lamps that last up to 4000 hours
» Network ready for integration and system administration via RJ45
» Powerful 10W audio speaker
» Convenient top-loading lamp replacement design
» Native WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200)
» Extremely bright at 8000 lumens with a 3000:1 contrast ratio
» Dual-lamp technology limits down-time
» Centered lens design
» Connectivity options include: 3G HD-SDI (in/out), HDMI, DVI-D,
BNC, VGA-in, Composite, S-video
» Built-in edge blending and warping capabilities
» Motorized lens shift (vertical/horizontal) and power zoom/focus
» Interchangeable color enhancement color wheel (included)
» RJ45/RS-232c for integration and system administration
» 12-V trigger for external module connection
» Rear cover design for quick and easy lamp replacement
» Six (6) interchangeable optional lenses available - standard zoom,
long zoom, wide zoom and wide fixed
» Lenses sold separately
Elite Multi Purpose Electric Screen - VMAX2 Series (16:9)
SKU: VMAX 2 Series
Picture represents stacked image of the front and back of the ZVPRO620.
Picture represents stacked image of the front and back of the ZVPRO820.
The VMAX 2 Series is an enhanced multi-purpose electric/motorized screen. Its internal Infrared and Radio
Frequency receivers streamline the VMAX2’s appearance by eliminating the need for an external control
source. It also has an Ethernet control box for hard-wired operation and a 12-volt trigger that can coordinate
the screen’s drop/rise with the projector’s power cycle. The casing is specially designed for either ceiling
or wall installations and the synchronized motor is quiet and power saving. Features a MaxWhite screen
material that is easy to clean and durable enough for daily use. With a 1.1 gain projection surface and 160°
wide viewing angle, it is suitable for most applications from commercial presentations to home cinema. The
material is black-backed to eliminate light penetration while its textured projection surface helps to eliminate
Moiré or “hot spotting.”
Available sizes: 120”, 135” 265”
ZEEVEE Dual Channel Analog HD Distribution Over Coax
ZeeVee Dual Channel Digital Via Unencrtpted HDMI
The ZvPro 620 Dual Channel Component and VGA Encoder/QAM Modulator lets you
convert component and VGA video input signals into digital cable channels and
distribute them to an unlimited number of HDTVs over your existing coaxial cabling.
The ZvPro 620 outputs 1080p/i, 720p, and 480p/i video signals.
The ZvPro 820 Dual Channel HDMI Encoder/QAM Modulator lets you convert HDMI
video input signals into digital cable channels and distribute them to an unlimited
number of HDTVs over your existing coaxial cabling. The ZvPro 820 outputs 1080p/i,
720p, and 480p/i video signals, and features dual unencrypted HDMI input channels.
Also available: ZVPRO610
Also available: ZVPRO810
Elite Manual Pull Down Screen - MaxWhite Screen (16:9)
The Elite Manual Pull-down series front projection screen is a great cost effective retractable screen with
a dual metal case design for wall or ceiling installation. The MaxWhite 1.1 gain screen material that is flat,
durable and easy to clean, has a 160 degree viewing angle and a black backed screen material to eliminate
light penetration. Features a manually opearted control system and auto-locking mechanism with variable
height settings.
Also available in 80”, 84”, 92”, 106”, 120”, 135”, 150”
ZeeVee HD Bridge 2000 Series 4 CH HD Digital MPEG2 Encoder/
QAM Modulator (480I/480P/720P )
ZeeVee HD Bridge 2000 Series 4 CH HD Digital MPEG2 Encoder/
QAM Modulator (480I/480P/720P/1080P )
SKU: HDB2540
SKU: HDB2640
The HDbridge 2000 Series is a combination HD MPEG 2 Encoder and frequency-agile QAM Modulator, all in a 1RU package, that allow you to convert a video source in
real-time and very high quality into a digital cable (QAM) channel. This channel is
placed onto standard COAX wiring, where it can be combined with hundreds of other
HDTV channels and distributed over an entire premise.
HDbridge 2000 Series encoder / modulators are designed especially for high
channel density environments where rapid deployment, advanced management and
compatibility are critical. The HDB2640 features include Maestro multibox management software for local or remote configuration and management, color LCD for
front-panel configuration and at-a-glance monitoring and status, component video
for HD output and integrated closed caption support for ADA compliance.
Also available: HDB2520
Also available: HDB2620
*Some screen sizes are available by Special Order only.
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