ProDSS - Product Description/Sample Copy

ProDSS - Product Description/Sample Copy
ProDSS - Product Description/Sample Copy
YSI ProDSS - Digital Sampling System
YSI’s ProDSS is a revolutionary handheld instrument for water quality spot-sampling and
profiling in the most demanding field conditions. The ProDSS is the most advanced handheld instrument available and can measure a wide range of parameters including dissolved
oxygen (optical), pH, ORP, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, depth, nitrate, chloride, ammonium and more.
Digital Sampling System - Smart and Easy-to-Use
The ProDSS is a digital instrument with smart sensors that store calibration information
and are auto-recognized by the instrument. Any sensor can be installed in any of the 4
sensor ports, allowing for measurement of any combination of parameters. The ProDSS
handheld features a menu-driven user interface and an on-board help key/function.
Advanced Features and Durable Design
The ProDSS features a graphic, backlit, color display and a backlit keypad for visibility
and easy menu navigation in all lighting conditions. The ProDSS utilizes a rechargeable
lithium-ion battery pack. The ProDSS can be ordered with or without built-in GPS. GPS
coordinates can be stored with measurement data for geo-mapping in the provided PC
data management software, KorDSS. The instrument features a rugged, waterproof case
(IP-67 rated) with rubber over-mold and metal, military-spec (MS) cable connectors.
The ProDSS handheld, cable (cable management kit included with 10, 20, and 30 meter
cables) and sensors are sold separately to provide you many options when “building” a
ProDSS. The handheld features optional built-in GPS capability while the cables (up to 100
meters) have an optional depth sensor. A whole suite of accessories are also available to
complete your system.
Dissolved Oxygen (Optical)
Download Data to PC or Transfer to USB Stick
The ProDSS features a built-in micro USB On-The-Go port for connection to a PC or USB stick.
KorDSS software, a powerful PC data management program for the ProDSS, is included with
each instrument. The ProDSS internal memory allows for logging > 100,000 data sets, plus
Specific Conductance
100 sites, 100 Data IDs and 400 GLP records.
Included with ProDSS Instrument: rechargeable lithium-ion battery (pre-installed), hand
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
strap, USB cable for charging the ProDSS battery and for connection to a PC, AC charger,
cable for connection to a USB memory stick, ProDSS quick start guide, and USB memory
Seawater Density
stick containing KorDSS software and digital copy of the manual.
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
Note: Sensors, cables, and accessories are ordered separately.
ProDSS features:
• Single cable design features universal ports which can accept any 4 sensors plus
• Digital smart sensors store calibration data and are auto-recognized by the ProDSS
• Graphic, backlit, color display and backlit keypad; GPS option; rechargeable battery
• Menu-driven instrument allows for easy operation and quick calibration
• > 100,000 data-set memory; KorDSS PC data software included
• GLP compliant; detailed GLP information is available to view, download or print.
• Built-in USB On-The-Go port for recharging the lithium-ion battery and data transfer
• Rugged, waterproof case (IP-67 rated) with rubber over-mold and metal, militaryspec (MS) cable connectors as well as rugged titanium sensors
• Choose from 1 to 100 meter cable lengths, with or without depth option
• Warranty: 3-year instrument; 2-year cable and sensors; 1-year pH and pH/ORP sensor modules; 6-months ammonium, nitrate and chloride sensor modules.
User-replaceable cables and smart
sensors provide versatility, reducing
instrument down time and the overall
cost of ownership. Sensors can easily be
replaced in the field.
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