For customer-operated, secure PIN entry. Product Data Key Features

For customer-operated, secure PIN entry. Product Data Key Features
For customer-operated, secure PIN entry.
Product Data
The P1100 from Hypercom delivers rapid, secure transactions with a simple-to-use
customer interface. Secure software protects transactions from criminal activities
and the flexible design allows cardholders to keep control of their card.
Key Features
• High security cryptoprocessor supporting a wide range of encryption methods
• Extends life of investments, plugs into existing terminal base
• Reliable and robust for integration in retail environments
• Ergonomically designed and ideal for EMV upgrades
Whether you're looking for a reliable payment terminal, innovative, value-add
technology, or a complete electronic transaction management system, Hypercom
can deliver. Our product portfolio ranges from basic credit authorisation to full
transaction transport and more. Hypercom is more than a one-stop shop for
payment terminals, it's a provider of complete, end-to-end transaction solutions
that expand the possibilities at the POS in ways that translate to greater profits.
w w w. h y p e r c o m . c o m
For customer-operated, secure PIN entry.
Technical Specifications:
• Bringing full flexibility to the point of service, the P1100 offers an extensive range of options for
chip and magnetic stripe card reader positioning, to suit any merchant environment
• With a choice of communication standards, the P1100 extends the life of investments
providing easy connection to and integration with existing terminal devices and EPOS systems.
• 16 hard plastic keys
• 64 x 128 pixel graphic display
• LED backlight
Card Reader
• Magnetic stripe: (optional); Tracks 1, 2 (standard),
Tracks 2, 3 (optional), Tracks 1, 2, 3 (optional)
• Chip card: ISO 7816; 3 SIM sockets
• Hybrid reader: (optional)
Privacy Shield
• A selection of privacy shields is available on request
• RS-232 ports (standard)
• RS-422 ports (optional)
• 512KB SRAM for applications
• 512KB SRAM for data
• Developed in conjunction with specialist disability consultants, the P1100 provides for easy
cardholder use
• Simplified keypad layout features different-sized, colour-coded keys and internationally
recognised tactile identifiers, supports by a large graphic display.
• Provides online/offline PIN protection, online data integrity protection and cryptographic
support, including 3DES and RSA
• Compliant with international security and communication standards
• Design is robust and reliable in suit any environment.
• DC: 12 V, 0.3 A (standard)
• Physical: Intrusion detection and secure CPU
PIN Encryption
• DES: Visa PED approved; PIN-ANSI X9.8,
MAC-ANSI X9.9 Part 1-ANSI X9.24
• Triple DES: ANSI X9.52
• Key management: DUKPT or 12 master/session keys
• 3.78 in x 7.36 in x 2.36 in/9.6 cm x 18.7 cm x 6.0 cm
• .29 lbs/0.13 kg
• Temperature: 0-45°C/32-115°F
• Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
• ESD: 12,000 volts
• Flat or curly
• A range of lengths available
• Black with light gray chip card reader (standard)
• A full colour range is available for volume requests
• Certified to global standards, including EMV Level 1 and
PED approved
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