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DVD Player
DV9600 Multiformat player
The Marantz DV9600 sets the new reference in top quality audio and video playback. It represents
cutting edge engineering, enabling you to experience the true emotion of movies and music. The top
grade 216MHz/14-bit video DAC together with NSV provides inspiring video performances. The HDMI
1.1 port offers fully digital transmission of the video signal in high definition resolutions scaled up to
unbelievable 1080p.
Audio excellence is assured by the renown Marantz engineering skills with endless dedication to deliver
the emotional value of the source as its creator intended. Compatibility with virtually all of today's
digital video and audio disc formats makes the DV9600 a true universal disc player. It allows you to
enjoy the best of two worlds: music and movies, in stereo and multi-channel surround sound. Enjoy the
perfect choice in your home entertainment environment.
216MHz/14-bit video DAC
High definition video up-scaling up to 1080p
PAL/NTSC progressive scan with chroma error correction
HDMI1.1 digital video and audio output
IEEE1394 digital audio connection
Noise Shaped Video
Symmetrical analogue audio board with customized
components and dedicated power supply
HDAMs for all 6 channels
Dolby headphone
In-house developed high quality mechanism
High quality playback of DVD-V, DVD-A, SACD, SVCD, CD,
Faithful and accurate top quality video performance
Maximum High Definition resolution providing the ultimate
match with the latest HD Ready video display devices
Offers improved picture resolution and eliminates virtually
all motion artifacts while chroma upsampling errors are
completely removed.
For a digital full bandwidth, uncompressed digital video
and audio signal transmission to any Marantz HD display,
projector or AV-Receiver
Uncompromised jitter-free digital audio data transmission
for the high resolution formats as SACD and DVD-A in stereo
and multichannel.
Provides the most accurate signal representation and
enhances the picture quality
Sublime audio quality in stereo and multichannel
Achieving a more dynamic, accurate and detailed sound
reproduction regardless the amount of channels
Full multichannel enjoyment via your regular stereo
Near to errorless information retrieval of almost any 12cm
Ultimate disc compatibility; regardless which disc you put
in, this dream machine will play it
Technological glossary:
Digital and analogue perfection
To enjoy all your video and audio materials, the DV9600
provides ultimate versatility with high quality video and audio
performance. Succeeding the acclaimed DV9500 it takes you one
step further into the digital revolution. With the latest video
DACs, Noise Shaped video and video up-scaling up to an
incredible 1080p it offers the ultimate video performance.The
special Marantz attention to every component in each circuitry,
the symmetrical signal paths and the top quality high speed
power supply ensure the transfer of the original emotion in both
video and audio.
Connection flexibility has been extended with HDMI 1.1 and
IEEE1394 connections for uncompressed digital data transfer.
The Marantz DV9600, a worthy successor of the DV9500 and the
embodiment of top quality convenience.
The HDMI1.1 support the transmission of multichannel digital
audio signals like AC-3 and DTS. This makes the connection of
DVD player - AV-receiver - display very comfortable and easy.
Superb video performance
The DV9600 uses the latest and most advanced 216MHz/14-bit
video digital/analog converters and Analog Devices´ Noise
Shaped Video (NSV) for very high-quality picture reproduction.
This technology allows video images to be displayed at
resolutions and lower effective signal to noise ratios well
beyond what would be expected from the data converter by
making use of the latest technological advances. The DV9600
provides unsurpassed progressive scanning and is optimized
for the high resolution and low noise of the DVD-Video format
for both PAL and NTSC software. While most players in the
market offer an 8-bit i/p conversion the Marantz DV9600 has a
10-bit. It assures top quality video with a 4 times higher
Video scaling up to 1080p
resolution and therefore with less interpolation and less failures
The top quality video scalar used in the DV9600 allow you to
generate an output that exactly matches the native resolution of compared to any 8-bit solution.The new 10-bit I/P converter
utilizes chroma error compensation and incorporate a black
for example the Marantz HDTV Ready DLP projectors or flat
panel displays. It produces display-optimized video at a several noise and a mosquito noise reducer to ensure state of the art
video performance. Chrome errors manifests themselves as
output resolutions. A video scalar combines the information in
streaky or spiky horizontal lines running through the chroma
the odd and even fields of an incoming video signal into a
channel, most notably on diagonal edges. On the DV9600 this is
combined, non-interlaced picture.Performing precision
completely removed. The black level noise is noise in the black
resolution upconversion on 576i (or 480i) DVD's, the DV9600
part of the image. Blacks appear grainy due to random noise
provides output video quality approaching High Definition
inserted into the luminance (black and white information)
standard. Outputs spanning from 480p, 720p 1080i and as a
newest feature 1080p are supported. The scaling is done within signal. Whilst this type of artifact affects all shades of grey in
the digital domain and therefore exclusive for the HDMI output. the final image, it is far more noticeable in darker portions of
the image. The black noise reducer makes the blacks in the
High-Definition Multimedia Interface V1.1 (HDMI)
image deep, clear and crisp. The mosquito effect is an MPEG
HDMI assures that pristine high-definition images retain the
compression artifact. It is a blurring of the outline of sharp
highest video quality from the source all the way to the display. objects, with inappropriately-colored pixels appearing around
HDMI combines high-definition video and superb audio in a
the outline of the object. The commonest area in which the
single digital interface with a bandwidth of up to 5 Gigabits/
mosquito effect is seen is during end credits, where insufficient
second. HDMI1.1 on the DV9600 complies with High-bandwidth bits have been allocated to compressing the data. The mosquito
Digital Content Protection (HDCP) technology protecting higheffect reducer ensure clear and razor sharp video. Progressive
value content from unauthorized reproduction and distribution. Scan is provided on both the HDMI as well as on the component
Marantz gives the consumer full digitalized interconnection
from source to display and projectors with HDMI on the DVD
players, AV Receivers and on our latest generation projectors
and flat panel displays.
DTS 96/24 and Dolby Headphone
Dolby Headphone technology allows users to listen to music,
watch movies, or play video games with the dramatic
surround effects of a 5.1-channel soundtrack through any
headphone. Best of all, "listener fatigue," a phenomenon
commonly associated with headphone playback, is replaced
by a spacious, natural sound field that listeners can enjoy for
hours. DTS 96/24 allows for 5.1 channel sound track encoding
at a rate of 96kHz/24 bits on DVD-Video titles.
Bypacked accessories
A true multi format player
Enjoy the fabulous world of stereo and multi channel audio!
The DV9600 provides ultimate versatility with high quality
video and audio performance from virtually any 12cm disc. It
plays among others SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video and of
course CD DA discs.
- AV cable
IEEE1394 digital audio output with flow rate control
The IEEE 1394 standard defines a serial interface ideal for
the digital age. This easy-to-use and high-speed bus easily
handles multimedia bandwidth requirements and provides a
universal interface for a variety of devices. By allowing
seamless data exchange between the DV9600 and an AV
receiver it enables the new generation of Marantz A/V
devices to operate in a common environment. This digital
connection ensures that data streams of high resolution
formats like SACD and DVD-A are transferred without
changing the integrity of the digital signal for both
multichannel and stereo. To produce the high resolution
music of SACD and DVD Audio accurately we have
incorporated flow rate control. In combination with the
SR9600 the signal transfer speed is controlled and with the
high quality clock, build in to the SR9600, the original digital
bit stream is regenerated. Any jitter created due to the signal
transmission process is eliminated by this clock. The result is
an accurate sound reproduction preserving every musical
emotion from the creator of the music.
Marantz HDAMs on all 6 channels
Audio devices are usually equipped with Op-Amps
(operational amplifiers) for which Integrated Circuit (IC) are
commonly used. Unfortunately these IC's do not match the
very high requirements of Marantz. Marantz developed it's
own discrete circuit boardsdoing exactly the same thing as
the Op-Amps, but outperform the regular IC Op-amps
dramatically in terms of the Slew Rate and signal to noise
ratio, resulting in a much more dynamic, accurate and
detailed sound.
Build in multichannel decoders
In order to benefit from the audiophile analogue audio
performance from the DV9600 we have incorporated DD,
DTS and MPEG multichannel DVD-V audio decoders.
CI friendly
To optimize equipment in terms of ease of use, Marantz has
designed the D-Bus system. Received remote control
commands are communicated via this bus. The addition of
the RS232c port allows the DV9600 to be integrated with a
number of control systems such as AMX
and Crestron. Via this interface two-way communication is
possible to control and get status feedback for example.
Environmental friendly
Every electronic equipment product is built of single
electrical components that are made of different material and
substances. Marantz assure that the components used in our
products are free of any dangerous material or substance to
keep our environment clean. We have for example removed
hazardous substances like lead in the solder.
- User manual
- Power cable
- Remote control
- Batteries
- D-Bus cable
Built-in decoders: DD / DTS /
MPEG / DTS96/24
Virtual surround: DPL / DPLII /
-/-/•/TruSurround / other
Headphone surround Dolby Headphone
Pal 60 Conversion
Progressive Scan: PAL / NTSC
Digital Video Scaling (HDMI
output only): 480p /576p / 720p •/•/•/•/•
/ 1080i / 1080p
CD Compatibility: CD / CD-R/
•/•/-/•/RW / HDCD / SA-CD/ WMA /
VCD Compatibility: VCD / VCD 2.0 /
DVD Compatibility: DVD-V /
•/•/•/•/DVD-A / DVD-R / DVD-RW
/(video) / DVD-RW (VR) / DVD+
Image Disc Compatibility: JPEG /
•/Picture CD
HDAM: Standard / SA / Current
HDAM cover: Gold plated / Copper
plated / Metal /no shield
Audio ex.
Display On/Off
Dedicated High Grade Audio Power
Power Transformer: Toroidal / El
High Grade Audio Components
Customised Components
Copper Plated Chassis
System block shielding: Copper
-/•/plated / Metal / none
Chassis : Die-cast / Copper plated /
Double Layer Bottom Plate
Low Noise LCD display
HDMI adjustments
Selectable HDMI output level (normal /
DVi adjustments
Selectable DVi output level (normal /
Selectable Filters for SA-CD
Speaker config (SA-CD/DVD-A)
Lip sync control
External sync control
Auto Aspect Ratio
Still Picture
Multi Language OSD
Multi Channel Down Mix:
MPEG2 / DD / DTS / DVD•/•/•/•/•
Audio / SA-CD
Video Adjustment
Bi-directional control via RS232C
D/A convertion (video)
216 MHz/14-bit
D/A converter (video)
D/A convertion
192 kHz/24-bit (all
D/A converter (audio)
4 Hz - 44 kHz (DVD fs
4 Hz - 100 kHz (SACD); 4
kHz - 88 kHz (DVD-A)
Signal to Noise Ratio
130 dB
Dynamic Range: CD / DVD
110 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.0008
Design and specifications are subject
to change by Marantz without notice.
Composite Out
S-Video Out
Component Out
Gold Plated Cinch
BNC output: Component / RGBhv /
Scart (RGB)
DVi-D (with
- (compatible via
HDMI (with HDCP)
Analogue Out (Cinch)
Multi channel out (5.1)
Digital Coaxial Out / In
1/Digital Optical Out / In
1/Digital AES/EBU out
IEEE 1394
Gold Plated Cinch
D.Bus In/Out
Available colors: Platinum/Gold/
Metal Front Panel
Remote Control
Power Consumption
24 Watts
Detachable Power Cable
Maximum Dimensions
440 x 384 x 115 mm
(W x D x H)
8.5 kg
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