Xerox 6204® Wide Format Solution

Xerox 6204® Wide Format Solution
Xerox 6204®
Wide Format Solution
Xerox 6204
Wide Format Solution
The ideal fit for small
spaces and big projects
A wide format solution that’s incredibly
flexible and perfectly sized.
The fast, affordable Xerox 6204® Wide Format Solution makes it easy to print,
copy and scan a wide range of high quality large-sized documents. It prints
and copies up to 5 D/A1-size prints per minute—big-time speed for such a relatively
small printer. The 6204 provides scanning options that enable even the most complex
documents to be converted to electronic formats and stored anywhere on your network.
Plus, our innovative toner and drum technologies enable the 6204 to deliver outstanding
image quality at 600 x 600 dpi for both copying and printing. And even casual users
will find its intuitive menus and touchscreen interface simple and easy to use.
Get it all right where you need it. While
the 6204 is loaded with powerful features,
its small footprint requires very little space,
making it perfect for crowded offices or
construction sites. It also requires very
little effort to integrate with your existing
workflow, meaning it will quickly and
seamlessly help you boost your productivity.
Outstanding performance
Designed to work the way you do
The 6204 consistently delivers the kind of
printing speed and versatility that produces
up to 5 D/A1-size prints per minute, using drum
and toner technologies that produce extremely
uniform grayscales and solids on outputs
up to 36 inches wide and up to 49.2 feet
long. You’ll enjoy reliable copying power
that supports even the most demanding
requirements, allowing you to choose features
like collated sets or nine levels of copy density,
and save time with Job Recall. And the 6204
offers enhanced scanning flexibility featuring
the fastest on-board scanner in its class. You’ll
be able to convert scanned files to formats
like TIFF, PDF, or CALS Type 1 and 2—allowing
you to share, store or print files anywhere on
your network.
Choose the Xerox 6204 solution that best fits
your specific job and workflow requirements.
Incredible Reliability
• Printer Only creates outstanding image
quality and big productivity in a small
footprint—all at an affordable price.
• Digital Copier/Printer adds copying
capabilities through intuitive menus and
an easy-to-use interface.
• Digital Copier/Printer with Scan-to-Net
is a complete multifunction system that
offers full mobility of documents—from
PC to Printer and from Printer to PC.
• Digital Copier/Printer with the Wide
Format Scan System adds significant
scanning capabilities with options for
color scanning.
The 6204’s design is built on proven Xerox
technology providing you with incredible
reliability day in and day out.
Printer only
Digital Copier/Printer
Wide Format Scan System
Simple, intuitive
menus quickly turn
even casual users into
experts to maximize
the productivity of
any workflow.
Scans of original
documents are
straightened and
cleaned using
automatic de-skewing
and de-speckling.
Get sharp, clear images—
print after print
Your important prints, scans and copies
deserve nothing less than superior image
quality. Count on sharp, precise detail on
even the most complex engineering,
architectural and schematic renderings.
Choose the print server that
best meets your needs
The Basic Print Server is integrated into the
6204 and gives you the ability to affordably
and productively print, copy and scan—as well
as a range of powerful features.
• BT Plot Assistant—Submit document sets
with ease; commonly used print settings do
not have to be re-entered.
• Virtual Printers—Set up parameters to be
used for every job submitted—up to 100
Virtual Printers.
• ScanTools, TWAIN Driver and ScanViewer
(with Scan-to-Net option) provide fast,
efficient scanning capabilities.
The FreeFlow Accxes Print Server adds
productivity-enhancing features to make
the 6204 a versatile solution for your needs
today—and beyond.
• Concurrency—Receive and RIP a job, print,
scan, retrieve a scan, and view the Web
Printer Management Tool simultaneously.
The optional FreeFlow®
Accxes® Print Server
delivers power and
flexibility for today and
the future.
A small footprint and
front-exit paper path
let you put the 6204
almost anywhere—
including where you
need it.
FTP or remote printer
options available for
added functionality.
The 6204 is completely
upgradable, letting you
enhance its features
and performance as
your needs grow.
asy-to-use client software—Utilize tools
like the Document Submit Tool, which makes
it easy to print complex jobs.
Designed for demanding wide
format applications like these:
• Media mapping/auto rotation—Copy
or print any image onto any loaded paper.
• Architectural or construction plans
• Copy from memory—Reprint the last
scanned job without rescanning.
• Sample copy—Print a portion of an
image for validation without printing the
entire print.
• Image overwrite—Image files are
automatically erased for security.
• InstantAccxes—Drag and drop documents
into Hot Folders for a streamlined workflow
from anywhere on the network.
• TotalAccxes­—Scan documents using
the on-board scanner or Wide Format
Scan System and print to a selected
remote printer.
The total support you need
We support your entire solution, from
printer to media and consumables. Our
worldwide network of award-winning service
professionals is always ready to help you
make the most of your Xerox solution and
help you grow your business.
Our guarantee is the leader in the industry.
The Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee
applies to equipment under a Xerox warranty
or Xerox maintenance agreement, subject to
certain restrictions.
• Architectural or engineering renderings
• Schematics
• Electrical diagrams (e.g., wiring)
• Mechanical 2D
• Solids modeling
• Mechanical 3D
• Scientific/Medical
• Seismic
• GIS/Mapping
Xerox 6204® Wide Format Solution Specifications
Print Engine
• Xerographic LED
Print Engine Speed
• 2.36 ips (60 mm/s)
• 4 D-size (A1); 5 D (A1) optional
• Basic Server: 25 sec (D/A1)
• FreeFlow ® Accxes® Print Server: 25 sec (D/A1)
• Basic Server: 25 sec (D/A1)
• FreeFlow Accxes Print Server: 25 sec (D/A1)
Maximum Copies
• Basic Server: 99
• FreeFlow Accxes Print Server: 999
Warm-up Time
• 2.75 minutes
Media Supply
• 1 roll (standard); 2nd roll (optional)
• Single cut-sheet inserter (standard)
Output Size
• Minimum: 11” (297 mm) width
• Maximum: 36” (914.4 mm) width
• Long-Plot maximum: 49.2’ (15 m)
• 600 dpi
Grayscale Levels
• 256
User Interface
• Touchscreen
Media Types
• Bond, vellum, tracing paper, film
Media Weights
• Bond: 18-20 lb. (60-110 g/m2)
• Vellum: 20 lb. (90-112 g/m2)
• Tracing Paper: 20 lb. (90-112 g/m2)
• Film: 75-100 micron (4 mil)
Scanner Speed
• 3.0 ips (76.2 mm/s)
Scanner Resolution
• 600 dpi
• 256
Maximum Document Input Size
• 38” (965.2 mm) x 49.2’ (15 m) input size
• 36” (914.4 mm) width image area
Maximum Document Thickness
• 0.13’’ (3.2 mm)
Electronic Collation
• Basic Server: 99
• FreeFlow Accxes Print Server: 999
• 25 – 400% in 0.1% increments
• Optional
Scanner Catch Tray
• Optional
To learn more about the Xerox 6204 Wide
Format Solution, visit or
call 800-ASK-XEROX.
Xerox Wide Format Scan System
Scanner Speed
• 2.0 ips (50.8 mm/s) standard
• 4.0 ips (101.6 mm/s) optional
• 7.3 ips (185.4 mm/s) optional for Scan-to-Net only
Scanner Resolution
• Up to 600 dpi
• 256
Color (optional)
• 24-bit color
Maximum Document Input Size
• 42” (1066.8 mm) width x 100’ (30.5 m) input size
• 36” (914.4 mm) width x 100’ (30.5 m) input size
Maximum Document Thickness
• 0.5’’ (12.7 mm)
• Center
Electronic Collation
• 999
• 25-400% in 0.1% increments
• Optional
Scan-to-Net Formats
• PDF, CALS, and TIFF (Line or Grayscale only),
TIFF and JPG (Optional Color)
• Optional
Options include
• Catch Tray, Flat Stacker (up to 100 originals),
Output Stacker
• Front-Exit Stacker
Output Stacker Capacity
• 20 D (A1)
• O ptional Gera Butterfly Folder;
Output capacity of 25 E/A0 prints
Basic Print Server
• Embedded Controller
• 1.25 GB RAM
• 40 GB Hard Disk Drive
• Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
Network Protocols
Data Formats
CALS Type 1 (standard), Adobe ®
PostScript®/PDF v.1.3 (optional)
Job Accounting
• Job log—print only
• BT-Plot Assistant, Wide Format Scan Service,
Network TWAIN Driver, Web Administrator
Windows Printer Drivers
• Windows® XP/2000
AutoCad HDI Drivers
• AutoCAD 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Optional Printer Driver
• Adobe PostScript 3
Scan-to-Net Formats
• T IFF (Single and Multi-page),
PDF (Single and Multi-page), CALS Type 1
©2009 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and the sphere of connectivity design, Accxes®, FreeFlow® and 6204® are
trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Windows® is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Adobe®, PostScript® 3™ are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. AutoCAD® is a trademark of Autodesk®, Inc.
Product appearance, build status, and/or specifications are subject to change without notice. 03/09
FreeFlow Accxes Print Server
• Memory 2 GB or better
• H ard Disk Drive 80 GB or better
• O ptional 80 GB Removable Hard Drive
• Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base T, IEEE1394
(scanner only), Serial RS232 (service only),
and USB 2.0 (device interface only)
Network Protocols
Data Formats
• Standard: HP-GL HP-GL/2 HP-RTL (HP 750C emulation),
TIFF 6.0 (including LZW), JPEG, C4, CALS 1 and 2,
CalComp 906/907/951/PCI, CGM (Level 1 with ATA ext.),
FileNET®, NIRS/NIFF, VCGL, VRF, Versatec Data Standards
(Ordered Vector, Blocked Raster, Compact Raster)
• O ptional: Adobe ® PostScript® 3™, PDF (v1.7), DWF
(v6.0), BMP, JPEG 2000, PNG, GIF, DGN
Job Accounting (optional)
• S can/Copy and Print Accounting
Image Overwrite (optional)
• Erases data for added security
• FreeFlow ® Accxes® Document Submit
• FreeFlow Accxes Document Retrieve
• Web Printer Management Tool
• Account Management Tool
• Concurrent print, copy and scan to file
(with select options)
• InstantAccxes (Hot Folder submission)
• TotalAccxes (print to remote printer)
• S can to multi-page PDF (with select options)
• S can to multi-page TIFF (with select options)
Printer Drivers
• B oth 32 bit and 64 bit (x64) versions of
Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows
Server ® 2003, Windows Server ® 2008
• AutoCAD® printer drivers through
AutoCAD 2009; included in AutoCAD
only for 510, 6030/50, 721 systems
Optional Printer Drivers
• Adobe PostScript 3 for both 32 bit and 64 bit (x64)
versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows
Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
Electrical Requirements
North America
• 120V, 12 amp
Europe/South America
• 220-240V, 10 amp
Space Requirements
Width, Depth, Height, Weight
6204 Printer with Basic Print Server
51.6” (1310 mm), 22” (560 mm), 43” (1090 mm),
518 lbs. (235 kg)
6204 Printer with FreeFlow Accxes Print Server
56.1” (1425 mm), 22” (560 mm), 43” (1090 mm),
536 lbs. (243 kg)
6204 Printer/Copier with Basic Print Server
51.6” (1310 mm), 22” (560 mm), 43” (1090 mm),
536 lbs. (243 kg)
6204 Printer/Copier with FreeFlow Accxes Print Server
56.1” (1425 mm), 22” (560 mm), 43” (1090 mm),
536 lbs. (243 kg)
Xerox Wide Format Scan System
101” (2565 mm), 76.25” (1937 mm), 46” (1168 mm)
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