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Comfort™ Series Thermostats
Programmable and Non-Programmable
Comfort, Convenience, Power
Things to Consider Before You Buy
Carrier's Comfort™ Series thermostats offer the most popular comfort options for
today's homeowner. Depending on your lifestyle, choose a programmable or a
non-programmable thermostat. The Comfort programmable thermostat offers:
● Large, easy-to-read illuminated display for room temperature and clock
● One-button Touch ‘N’ Go™ settings for home, away, and sleep
● Four daily time periods for more temperature options
● Two fan options
The non-programmable Comfort thermostat features:
● Large, easy-to-read illuminated display for room temperature and settings
● Two fan options
Press one Touch ‘N’ Go button – home, away or sleep – to tell your Comfort
programmable thermostat where you'll be and when so it adjusts your home's
temperature accordingly. It's the ideal solution for somebody who prefers different
comfort settings for different lifestyle situations.
With our new Touch ‘N’ Go thermostats, maximizing your home comfort is
common sense. With intuitive push button controls, Carrier’s Comfort
programmable thermostats have removed the complexities from home comfort.
Say “bye-bye” to unnecessary heating and cooling costs while you’re out
for the day. Even if you’re not home to feel if the heat or air is on, it seems
like you feel it in your wallet. But thanks to our user-friendly Touch ‘N’ Go
technology, it’s easy to stop kicking yourself for not setting back the
temperature while you’re away for the day or sleeping.
Rest easy with the worry-free way to enjoy maximum comfort and maximum
energy savings all day, every day. Make your home a place of relaxation
where there is no too hot or too cold, but only just right.
Ease of Use
Comfort Series technology makes setting your thermostat for maximum home comfort
as easy as pressing a few buttons. The illuminated display features large, easy-to-read
settings, with simple graphics that guide you quickly through any process. The nonprogrammable model lets you press just one button to set and hold your home's
temperature indefinitely – it couldn't be easier!
1 Display – Large, illuminated
display makes it easier than ever
to monitor your home's comfort.
2 Power – Touch ‘N’ Go™ buttons
let you tell your thermostat if
you're home, away, or asleep
quickly and easily.
3 Easy – Press just one button to
change temperature settings or
tell the fan to run continuously.
4 Attractive – The sleek,
contemporary design fits with any
home decor.
Limited Warranty
To the original owner, the Carrier® Comfort™ Series thermostat is covered by a
10-year parts limited warranty* upon timely registration of your new equipment. Ask
your Carrier dealer about optional warranties, which include labor.
*Warranty period is five years if not registered within 90 days. Jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be
conditioned on registration will automatically receive a 10-year pats limited warranty. See warranty certificate at for complete details.
Turn to the Experts
Willis Carrier invented air conditioning in 1902. Over 100 years later, we’re proud to say Carrier® systems are trusted in more
homes than any other brand.
Carrier continues to be on the forefront of innovative engineering and unsurpassed standards of excellence. So when
choosing a home comfort system, you’ll want to turn to the experts. Your Carrier dealer will evaluate your home, such as
window placement and size, ductwork, other structural specifics and lifestyle to provide a customized indoor comfort plan
designed specifically for you. And when you have an expert helping you make an educated decision, you’re going to feel
more comfortable.
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