CC - IPG Automotive GmbH

CC - IPG Automotive GmbH
Fail Safe Tester Controller Card (CC)
The controller controls the function of the relay- and
resistor cards according to commands received via
Rs232 or CAN. The current operation status is shown
on a 2 digit display.
The controller is equipped with a system diagnosis
Technical Data
Maximum I/O voltage
AC/DC < 50V
Maximum I/O load (resistive)
DC: < 36 V : 5A, > 36 V : 2A; AC: < 50 V : 5 A
50 kBaud, 500 kBaud (default), 1 MBaud
Serial interface (RS232)
9,6 kBaud, 19,2 kBaud, 38,4 kBaud, 57,6 kBaud
Maximum length of connected wires
<3 m, for EMV reasons
4 U, requires 1 Slot
1x RJ45 for communication (CAN/RS232); 3x 4 mm banana jacks for Signal I/O
and cascading 2 or more FailSafeTesters
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