Incident by Incident Type With Detail

Incident by Incident Type With Detail
City of East Lansing Fire Department
Multi-Week Incident Report for
November 4 to December 8, 2016
Total number of incidents responded to: 535
EMS/Rescue = 389
Hazardous Conditions = 7
Good Intent = 18
False Calls = 100
Fires = 14
Service Calls = 3
Other = 3
Ruptures/Explosions = 1
Fires Reported in FireRMS page 1 of 4
November 4, 2016, 12:54 p.m. - T-12 was dispatched for a general fire alarm on Birch Road. T-12
responded emergent with three on board. Upon arrival fire personnel were greeted by MSU Breslin staff
stating alarm was activated by construction activity and led T-12 personnel to arena floor level. ATF
smoke filled mechanical/air handler room with single sprinkler head activation. Construction workers
stated torch cutting of steel pipes at ceiling caught cardboard on floor below on fire. The burning card
board activated the smoke head and sprinkler head. Fire was out upon arrival with no extension of fire
found. Fire damage to foil covered duct insulation. The fire pump was shut off and water valves closed to
limit water flow. Main drain was opened to release water pressure and limit water flow. The sprinkler
head replacement. MSU IPF reset alarm at alarm panel and stated would reestablish sprinkler system after
sprinkler head replaced. T-12 cleared.
November 7, 2016, 12:01 p.m. - Called to Lake Lansing Road for a car fully involved in fire. Upon arrival
the car was on fire and firefighters pulled a line and started extinguishing the same. They also opened the
hood and disconnected the battery. When the fire was out they opened the trunk to check for fire with
contents smokey but not burnt. Turned over to the EL Fire Investigator and cleared the scene.
November 12, 2016, 11:29 a.m. - T-12 was called to West Circle for leaves catching on fire from
discarded cooking coals. T-12 arrived to find the area of grass scorched with coals from cook stove or
bonfire burning grass. T-12 poured water and extinguished the area and then cleared.
November 12, 2016, 9:24 p.m. - T-12 was dispatched to fire alarm on Garden City Road with the MSU
trouble truck enroute. T-12 arrived to find a 4 story structure with nothing showing, alarm sounding, and
occupants evacuating. Firefighters investigated to find smoke head outside an apartment activated on fire
alarm panel and the apartment with moderate smoke. The occupant had placed a plastic toy container on
the stove and accidentally knocked the knob turning electric stove top on. They removed the container
when they noticed it was melting and exited the structure. T-12 ventilated the apartment and turned the
stove top off. They then reset fire alarm panel to normal operation and awaited IPF. Once they arrived
they notified IPF of damage to stove and then cleared and returned to station #2.
Fires Reported in FireRMS page 2 of 4
November 13, 2016, 2:04 p.m. - Called to Moorland for a resident who thought someone was burning
leaves in their neighborhood. Upon arrival they stated the smoke had been coming from across the road.
Firefighters went there and found a neighbor putting out a fire in their back yard with a hose. They were
burning leaves and logs. Firefighters advised of non-open burning policy. They said they did not know
and would not burn any more. Firefighters cleared the scene and returned to station.
November 18, 2016, 1:42 p.m. – B-11 responded to a possible structure fire in Meridian Township on E.
Saginaw Hwy. T-11 also responding. Enroute and arrived on scene and met up with command. During
investigation by crews, it was determined it was a burnt belt and ELFD units were cleared by command.
November 23, 2016, 2:56 a.m. - Dispatched to a location on Abbot Road for a fire alarm. T-11 enroute
emergent from Station 1, with 3 aboard. Arrived to find nothing showing from the exterior, audible
alarms sounding and nobody exiting the structure. Entered the front door, and smelled burnt food. No
signs of any occupants and lights on in the house. Proceeded to basement, smell of burnt food very strong.
Found burnt pan of "Ramen noodles" on the stove, with the stovetop burner in the on position. No one
present in kitchen or anywhere near the cooking area. Firefighters turned the burner off and removed the
pan from the burner. Proceeded upstairs to access the Knox Box, and began going door to door in house,
opening locked bedroom doors. Found 2 sleeping occupants, and they removed themselves from the
house. Talked to one of the occupants and neither he nor the other occupant admitted to the cooking.
They did admit that they could hear the alarm, but were "too lazy" to do anything about it. It was
explained to the occupants how serious the situation was, and that in the future they should do everything
possible to remove themselves from the house. The alarm panel was reset and showed normal. Truck 11
cleared the scene, returned to station.
November 24, 2016, 7:44 p.m. - Dispatched to a structure fire on Grandview in Meridian Township. On
arrival EL B-11 met up with command and assisted him with command. T-11 was staged and crew was
assigned to interior and roof operations. The fire appeared to start in the kitchen area and spread
throughout the 2nd floor. T-11 crew was intact and entered structure to check on extension and search for
reported pets inside (dogs and cats). T-11 exited the structure shortly after with a live cat and left with
outside crews, continuing inside tasks. EL B-11 notified an officer at fire station 2 and advised him to
perform an emergency callback to staff the reserve EL truck. T-11 crew was assigned to overhaul
operations on 2nd level. As more units arrived on scene, T-11 crew was assigned to rehab, then advised to
start to get back in service. All units were cleared by Meridian command and ELFD units returned to
November 25, 2016, 3:06 a.m. - Dispatched to a possible structure fire on Burrwood Circle. The caller
stated that a light fixture popped and started a small fire. Enroute and on arrival, found a 2-story condo
complex with 4 units, nothing visible with homeowner outside. T-11 instructed to investigate on arrival,
all other units to stage. T-11 crew entered structure and reported a small fire near closet space and attic
due to a light fixture. T-11 requested another water can, and assigned T-12 to take up and assist T-11 in
room of origin. T-11 reported fire out, however doing extensive overhaul requesting a saw to access and
cut out charred areas, a line was pulled but not charged. Fire Marshal was contacted and advised of the
situation. Met with the homeowner and adjacent occupants and advised them of the situation. Crews
reported fire out after salvage and overhaul with use of TIC. Units cleared scene, and command
Fires Reported in FireRMS page 3 of 4
November 25, 2016, 6:09 a.m. - Dispatched to a structure fire by a caller stated was at John R and
Burcham, smoke and flames. Enroute dispatched advised same fire on Burrwood Circle was the same
apartment we responded to earlier. On arrival, smoke visible with a working fire in condo of origin, fire
seen on 2nd level with fire extending to the roof. Asked dispatch to send an engine from MTFD, and a
minute or so later, had them dispatch their ladder truck as well. BC-91 was also on scene, assisting
command. Several minutes into the incident, had dispatch perform a PAR, all units accounted for.
Overhaul operations began as fire was reported out. Had Dispatch notify Fire Marshal and contact Station
1 to see if someone could bring the air trailer. Also had dispatch contact utility companies to shut power
and gas. Shift change crews started arriving and had them assist with salvage and overhaul operations.
Cleared MTFD units and the Fire Marshal arrived on the scene.
November 26, 2016, 2:45 p.m. - Dispatched to a location on Haslett Road for a fire alarm. T-11 was
enroute emergent from Station 1, with 3 aboard. Arrived to find a large, 3 story apartment building,
nothing showing from exterior, Truck 11 investigating. The fire alarm panel showed smoke alarm in a
certain room. Made contact with that occupant and they stated they had burned some mushrooms on the
stove. No smoke left in apartment and no damage noted. The fire alarm panel was reset and Truck 11
cleared scene.
November 29, 2016, 9:07 a.m. - East Lansing Fire dispatched to a structure fire on Groton Way. A box
alarm was dispatched on the call and ten personnel responded to the call. Battalion 11 arrived first and
found a two story single family dwelling with light smoke coming from the delta side of the home. On
side of the home saw dark smoke from window and there was light smoke from basement window. Truck
11 crew assigned to investigate with the crew from Medic 12. Once determined that there was a fire,
Truck 12 assigned to water supply. Truck 11 crew and Medic 12 took inch and three quarter pre-connect
and went to basement for extinguishment and primary search. Battalion 11 requested an Engine from
Meridian Township Fire. Truck 12 was assigned to take a backup line to first floor for fire control and
primary search. Truck 11 reported that fire was knocked down and that they were exiting the dwelling to
recycle. They also reported that they had an all-clear in the basement area. Consumers and Board of
Water and Light where requested for utility control. Consumers Energy arrived and pinned gas in the off
position. Meridian crew cleared by Command. Command requested dispatch to contact the Fire Marshal
and the Fire Chief. The Fire Marshal arrived on the scene. Once all areas checked for extension and
finding none, fire was declared out by command.
November 9, 2016, 6:53 p.m. - Dispatched to Garden City for a fire alarm. T-12 Enroute emergent from
station 2 with 3 aboard. Arrived to find a large, 4 story apartment building, with nothing showing from
the exterior, no occupants outside the structure and T-12 investigating. The alarm panel showed a smoke
alarm on the 2nd floor. Made contact with occupants who were cooking chicken in the oven, and the
smoke set off the smoke head in the hallway. The alarm panel was reset and T-12 cleared the scene.
December 6, 2016, 2:16 p.m. T-12 was dispatched to a CATA bus on fire on Shaw Lane. Dispatch
updated that the fire was out. Fire unit went enroute and arrived to find a CATA bus that was not on fire
with driver talking to their supervisor. Firefighters investigated to find that driver had stopped the bus out
to the exhaust smoking. He then restarted the bus and some particulate shot out of the exhaust and
sparked on the ground. The bus was not leaking fuel, nor was it on fire. Gathered information and was
notified that maintenance and a supervisor are on their way.
Training Reported in FireRMS page 4 of 4
November 8 and 9, 2016, 1:30-4 p.m. – Alarms Systems – A private contractor presented a fire alarm
systems class.
November 15 and 16, 2016, 1:30-2:30 p.m. - Haz-Mat Incident Scene Safety – MSU FRIB Tour.
November 22, 1016, 1:30 - 3 p.m. – Ladder Operations - All apparatus went to the Old Power Plant on
MSU campus for aerial operations. Truck 11 and Truck 12 operators laddered the building, and personnel
climbed aerial with full PPE, while carrying tools, and disembarked on the roof.
November 29 and 30, 2016, 1:30-3:00 p.m. - RAT Team - EHS staff gave a refresher tour of buildings on
MSU campus. They covered building hazardous materials storage and disposal areas. Fire personnel also
toured areas at the Hazardous Waste Facility, Grade Facility and Plant and Soil Sciences.
December 5, 2016, 2-3 p.m. - Meeting, Officer/Staff/General - C shift fire officers listened to the audio
from from the Groton Way fire. Discussion followed. Also, reviewed FireRMS reports.
December 7, 2016, 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. – Metro Confined Space Rescue - Metro Confined Space and High
Angle Training held at Old MSU Power Plant in front of Spartan Stadium. The departments involved
included ELFD, Lansing Fire, Meridian Fire, Delta Fire, and Delhi Fire. Training included making entry
into a confined space, extricating the victim, and using high angle ropes and bring patient safely down 5
Chief Complaints of EMS Calls
A-fib = 1
Abdominal pain = 13
Allergic reaction = 2
Altered mental status = 11
Ankle injury = 3
Arm/wrist pain = 1
Assault = 7
Anxiety = 5
Back pain = 11
Behavioral = 1
Blood in mouth = 2
Broken finger/nose = 2
CVA = 2
Cancelled = 1
Cardiac arrest = 1
Car vs bike/pedestrian = 2
Citizen assist = 2
Chest pain/DIB = 29
Confusion = 2
Cough = 3
DOA = 2
Decreased LOC = 1
Diarrhea = 3
Dislodged peg tub = 2
Dislocated ankle = 1
Dizziness = 10
Drug ingestion = 4
Dyspnea = 2
ETOH = 83
Elbow pain = 2
Eye irritation = 2
Facial injuries = 2
Fainting = 1
Falls = 22
Feeling shaky = 1
Fever = 1
Foot pain = 5
Flu like symptoms = 1
Generalized weakness = 1
Headache/laceration = 9
Heart racing = 1
Hematoma = 1
Hip pain/fracture = 7
Hypotension = 2
Hypoglycemia = 3
Jaw pain = 1
Knee pain = 5
Lacerations = 6
Leg pain = 2
Lift Assist only = 8
MVA = 17
Medical alarm = 1
Menstrual cramps = 1
Migraine = 1
Multiple abrasions = 1
Nausea/vomiting = 4
Neck pain = 2
No complaints/pt. = 12
Not acting right = 1
Nose bleed = 1
OD = 3
Pt. feels funny = 1
Palpitations = 1
Personal injury = 1
Possible CVA = 1
Psychiatric issues = 1
Rib pain = 1
Respiratory infection = 1
Seizures = 12
Shoulder pain = 6
Sick = 2
Sickle cell = 1
Smoked/OD weed = 2
Standby only = 1
Suicidal thoughts = 6
Syncope = 11
Swollen eyes = 1
Tingling – 1
Trouble sleeping = 1
Unconscious/responsive = 7
Vomiting = 1
Weakness = 2
Wrist pain = 2
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