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Solar Pool
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Solar Pool Heating Basics
1 Why Go S
Why Choose Solar Pool Heating?
Sizing the System. Where do we start?
How Does Heliocol ® Work?
Why Choose Heliocol ®?
Technical Details
2 Sizing the System
Pump and Controller
Renovating or Building a New Pool?
Dare to Compare
Company Profile
11Heliocol ® Commercial
Other Solutions
10 Company Profile
12SunX® Solar by Heliocol ®
Heat Pumps
Gas Heat
Pool Covers
In Summary
14Heliocol ® Solar Pool Heating Overview
17 Better Lifestyl
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Solar Pool
Solar heating has
been an extremely wellaccepted method of
heating swimming pools
for many years.
1. A good solar heating system will
cost nothing to run (other than
the circulating pump.)
2. A good solar system should be
maintenance free.
3. On average, solar heating will extend
a swimming season by 4-5 months a
year, providing up to 7-9 months of
pool use depending on location.
4. The savings in running costs
when compared to gas and electric
heaters provide a rapid return of
capital expenditure.
5. These savings guarantee the
system will pay for itself many
times during its life.
6. The use of solar energy is
environmentally responsible.
When calculating what
is needed for a solar
pool heating system,
many factors need to
be considered.
A good solar
pool heating system
will double the amount of time
you and your family enjoy in your pool.
Sizing the
Where do we start?
• The surface area of the pool
• The volume of the pool
• Whether the pool is in full sun
or partial shade
• The direction of the roof
where the solar system will
be installed
• The amount of wind blowing
across the pool and the solar
• Whether the pool has a light
or dark coloured interior
• The region in Australia in which
your pool is located
Most suppliers will start with the surface
area of the pool and apply a percentage
of that figure as an area they believe they
need as solar matting or panels on the
roof. This “starting figure” will be between
60% and 120% depending on your
location. They will then add to that area
depending on other factors listed above.
For example, if you live in Sydney,
suppliers might start with 80% of your
pool’s surface area and then add to that if
your pool is in partial shade.
So All Systems with 80%
Cover are the Same?
Not necessarily. Some solar system
manufacturers space their tubes a long
way apart. This reduces the quantity of
water exposed to the sun.
The closer together the tubes, the greater the total length of tubing. In reality,
it is possible for some solar arrays to
contain up to twice the total waterways
for the same quoted area.
Some systems have large
unused space between tubes.
Heliocol® tubes are placed
much closer together for
greater efficiency.
Heliocol’s® collectors are manufactured
with the tubes placed closely together.
This increases the lineal metres of tubing
per square metre and the volume of
water exposed to the sun. This all means
more heat back to your pool.
Another important aspect is the method
of connection between the tubes and
the header. Are the tubes moulded to
the header, fitted through grommets, or
pushed onto “fingers”? Be aware of the
difference and make sure you are happy
with the method being used.
Other Things to Consider
How will the material be fastened to the
roof? Will it be held down by brackets
that have been fastened securely to the
roof or will it be glued to the roof? This
could prove to be important during the
next storm.
A good solar pool heating system
will double the amount of time you
and your family can enjoy your pool.
What is the warranty period on the
system being quoted? Is it backed by
the manufacturer, or is it the warranty
supplied by the retailer or installer?
Are you receiving an additional (or
auxiliary) pump or will you be using your
existing filter pump with a manual divert
How long has the manufacturer been in
business? Is the firm likely to be around in
5, 10, 15 or 20 years time to back up their
warranty? It’s no good having the longest
warranty if the company is no longer
around to service that warranty. Heliocol®
has been manufacturing from the same
factory for over 40 years.
A good solar pool heating system will
double the amount of time you and
your family enjoy your pool. With a
considerable investment in your pool,
you should use it as much as you can.
Remember though, not all solar systems
are the same and not all solar suppliers
and installers are the same. Ask all
potential suppliers plenty of questions
about what they are quoting on,
particularly the amount of lineal metres
of tubing they plan to install. Ask the
supplier what external testing or accreditation their product has received. Then
buy it from someone who can back up
the product with experience,
reputation and a worthwhile warranty.
How Does
It Work?
Heliocol® solar pool heating is a simple,
efficient and natural lifestyle solution.
By amplifying the warming effects of
the sun, Heliocol® extends your
swimming season, giving the entire
family more time in the pool.
A pump is used to push your pool water though the Heliocol® solar panels.
The water is substantially heated as it
travels through hundreds of tiny tubes.
This sun-warmed water then flows
back into your pool and the process
The three most common methods of
connecting Heliocol® to your pool are:
An integrated system. The booster
pump is installed after the filter. This
system is used when dedicated solar
pipes are not available.
An independent system. When
dedicated solar pipes are available, the
heating pump is connected directly to
them, allowing the system to run
independently of the filtration system.
A diverted system. A diverted system.
Some smaller systems installed on single
storey buildings can use the existing
filtration pump to handle the flow to
the solar. The auto controller opens and
closes the divert valve appropriately.
Heliocol System
Integrated System
Boost Pump
Existing Pump
Heliocol System
Independent System
Boost Pump
Existing Pump
Heliocol System
Diverted System
Boost Pump
Existing Pump
Why Choose
Heliocol® Solar Pool Heating
collectors are unique and
offer state of the art
technology using quality
fittings and materials
engineer-designed to
provide you with peace of
mind for many years.
Heliocol® panels are secured to the
roof using patented mounting pads.
All individual risers on Heliocol® collectors
are fully moulded into the headers during
manufacture. This eliminates the need
for hundreds of onsite connections, thus
reducing the chance of future leakages from
these points. In addition, every collector
undergoes extensive pressure testing in the
factory before shipment.
Perhaps the greatest feature of Heliocol® is
the quantity of tubing able to be installed in
a given area. Because of the over
moulding process used in the manufacture
of the product, the individual tubes are
extremely close together.
This allows Heliocol to provide 137 metres of
tubing per square metre of surface area. To
our knowledge no other solar pool heating
product in the world achieves anything even
close to this figure. This means a smaller
area of collector can provide more tubing.
Heliocol® collectors are joined together
with our own patented panel clamps.
Other manufacturers use old-style
rubber hoses and metal clamps that
require regular rooftop maintenance
and replacement.
More Heliocol® Features
The headers and individual tubes
are made from the same materials,
maintaining the same rate of
expansion and contraction for both Important when the equipment is
heating up and cooling down several
times a day.
mounting system eliminates the need
for overstrapping and requires fewer
roof penetrations.
Patented panel clamps replace oldstyle rubber hoses and metal clamps
that require rooftop maintenance
and replacement. The clamps also
allow collectors to be installed closer
together for a more efficient system.
Heliocol® collectors have a working
pressure to 600kpa, a burst pressure to
1800kpa and are temperature rated to
270 degrees centigrade.
Heliocol® collectors are manufactured
from UV stabilized Polypropylene.
Nothing adheres to polypropylene,
eliminating scale buildup on the
insides of the tubes.
The collectors are fully self
supporting over a distance of up to
500mm, meaning there is no sagging
of tubes between the ribs on the roof.
Also because the collectors sit on
top of the ribs or spacers there is no
moisture build up on the roof.
The collectors have been engineered
to ensure minimum pressure drops
across the array. The cross sectional
area of the tubes in a panel is greater
than the cross sectional area of the
header pipe that feeds them. This
allows for smaller pumping size.
Heliocol® collectors are fastened
securely to the roof using patented
mounting pads. This unique
Heliocol® is the world’s largest
manufacturer of solar pool collectors
and has been in existence since 1977.
An automatic controller will manage
the pump, keeping your Heliocol
system running at peak efficiency.
Pump &
It is highly recommended that you install a
solar controller. This is generally installed
adjacent to the pump.
An automatic controller will control the
operation of the pump, circulating the
water according to the amount of heat
on the roof and the current temperature
in the pool. It can be programmed to
also turn the pump off (or close the
divert valve) when the water reaches the
desired temperature. This will avoid over
heating your pool in summer.
The controller has a winter mode which,
when activated, turns the pump on
everyday for about 5 minutes to ensure
pump seals are kept lubricated. A tropical
mode is also included and used in
northern Australia. It will turn the pump
on to circulate the water at night if the
pool becomes too warm (even without
using the solar) during hot conditions.
Heliocol® panels carry a 25-year warranty
(12 years plus 13 years pro rata), ask to
see a copy.
Because of its tough polypropylene
construction providing resilience to
cockatoo attack, Heliocol® provides a 12
year written warranty.
The booster pump and solar controller
will carry their warranties as supplied by
their respective manufacturers.
Certifications & Associations
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can ce be
or Building
a New Pool?
When renovating or
building a new pool,
a little forethought
can make it easy to
add solar pool heating
at a later date.
Whilst in the planning process, ask
your pool builder to install solar
provisions. This allows your solar
system to be what’s known as an
independent system (see diagram
on page 6).
For more information on solar
provisions, ask your Heliocol®
specialist to provide you with
our detailed fact sheet.
From backyard pools
to the Summer Olympic
Games, Heliocol® is the world’s
best-selling solar pool heating system.
Heliocol® Solar Pool Heating
Heliocol® solar pool
heating collectors are
manufactured by Magen
eco-Energy, a company
that pioneered a unique
polypropylene moulding
process more than 40
years ago and has been
manufacturing from the
same factory ever since.
Dedication to manufacturing a quality
product ensured Heliocol’s® growth and
success. In addition, by forging a team of
quality distributors and installers around
the world, the company delivered that
same quality to consumers worldwide.
Since the early 1990’s, Heliocol has
become the world’s largest manufacturer
of solar pool heating collectors.
Heliocol’s® manufacturing excellence,
coupled with an unrelenting adherence
to quality, has been recognized by the
International Standards Organisation.
Heliocol® was the first solar pool heating
manufacturer in the world to be certified
as complying with ISO 9002.
This international body ensures
continued compliance with their strict
guidelines by regularly inspecting
Heliocol’s® manufacturing processes.
Heliocol® is extremely proud to have
earned the ISO9001-2000 certification
every year since 1999. Heliocol’s® unique
range of solar pool heating collectors
can now be found in over 25 countries
around the world.
Heliocol® has been chosen to heat the pools of
major schools, councils, universities, resorts and
aquatic centres throughout Australia.
Caboolture Regional Aquatic Centre
Monash University
Alice Springs Aquatic Centre
Peninsular Leisure Centre
SunX® Solar by Heliocol®
brings you the next
generation in solar pool
heating. By extruding the
collector tubes right inside
a special glazing material,
SunX® Solar significantly
increases the performance
of the solar collector.
The future of solar
pool heating, SunX® Solar offers
looks, performance and durability.
The Next Generation
of Solar Pool Heating
At the same time, the solar radiation
refraction during the colder months is
decreased. The result is more warmth in
your pool when you need it the most.
SunX® collectors are manufactured
from 100% UV stabilised polypropylene
using a unique over-moulding process.
During this process, the headers and the
individual tubes are moulded into one
piece, eliminating hundreds of individual
joins. The multiwall glazing of the collector
produces a greenhouse effect for each of
the individual tubes, increasing heat and
This high standard of innovation,
technology and manufacture is backed by
a 12-year warranty. SunX® collectors are
additionally cockatoo and vermin resistant
and covered by a 12-year protection plan.
SunX® Solar’s multiwall glazing
increases heat and efficiency.
Heat pumps are an efficient
alternative to solar when an
extended season or yearround swimming is desired
in residential or commercial
swimming pools.
A heat pump is similar to an air conditioner
in reverse. When it turns on, energy held
in the surrounding air is absorbed into
the refrigerant gas circulating through the
unit. This heat is then transferred by a heat
exchange process to your pool water which
is also circulating through the unit.
Residential heat pumps are clean,
efficient, ecologically safe and, most
of all, cost effective.
The result is pool water at exactly the
temperature you require – up to 12 months
of the year. Your trained Heliocol® consultant
can advise on the correct size and model
heat pump to best suit your needs, budget
and pool size. An assessment of the
approximate running costs of your heat
pump can be provided before you make
your decision.
Our professional series of pool heat pumps
are an energy efficient alternative for commercial pool properties including pools for
multi-family housing units, resorts, councils,
resorts, hotels and gymnasiums.
Because heat pumps don’t rely on fossil fuels
to heat the water, they are a cost-effective
and environmentally-friendly option for any
size pool.
Commercial heat pumps provide
ideal swimming temperatures
using 80% less energy than
natural gas heaters.
Gas Heat
Gas Heat
Gas pool heaters have long been
recognized as a quick and reliable
pool heating system.
A correctly sized gas heater can heat
a domestic pool in under 8 hours. This
means you can decide in the morning to
have an evening pool party and by the
time guests arrive, your pool is warm and
Residential Gas Pool Heater
A Gas Pool Heater will usually be
installed alongside your filtration system.
Connection to your swimming pool is
usually an easy job for the installer.
Gas pool heating systems are also a
reliable heating option for commercial
swimming pools in any climate. A large
pool can be heated for a special event or
request on short notice, operating only
as needed.
Pool Covers
A pool cover will help retain the heat
generated by a solar, heat pump or gas
pool heater, making your system far more
efficient. Additionally, pool covers save
on water loss through evaporation and
cuts salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
We sell top quality covers that are
specifically designed to withstand
years of use in the harsh Australian
Commercial Gas Pool Heater
We highly recommend this product and
are very happy with the way it efficiently
and effectively heats our pool. We believe
that it is money well spent. Not only is
the Heliocol product of a high standard,
but so is the after sales service. We are
extremely impressed by the very high
level of customer service.
- Calvin and Jane Burgess
Heliocol completed all our Occupational
Health and Safety requirements before
commencing on-site and worked safely
while here. The work area was left in a
clean and tidy manner and the College
had no issues or concerns with any of
the Heliocol SA staff or deliveries. The
Heliocol pool heating system has worked
efficiently and met all our requirements
with very good feedback from our pool
users regarding the water temperature.
- Paul Fathers, Operation Manager,
Rostrevor College
Not only are we very happy with our
Heliocol Solar Pool Heater but your
service has been something not seen
often these days.
- Clair and Dennis Dwyer
Adelaide Zoo had an unusual problem,
our Tigers would not swim in their pool,
as the water was too cold. We worked
with Heliocol Solar who adapted one
of their Solar heating systems to fit into
our existing filtration system of the tiger
pool in a very tight area with minimal
access. Heliocol staff were very efficient
and demonstrated an excellent level
of knowledge and service and have
continued to do so with their professional
follow up. We have not had any problems
with the installation, and would be happy
to recommend their service.
- Jason Hakof, Adelaide Zoo
We would like to report that since we had
your solar roof pool heater installed we
have not had any problems specially none
with birds destroying it as the previously
installed heaters were made useless by
the birds. We are enjoying nice warm
water when the sun shines. It is very
efficient. We can recommend it to any
future client.
- E.C. Schmidt
Heliocol was very responsive to our needs
and provided excellent support during the
development, design and installation of a
Solar System for the Salisbury Swim Centre.
The site had significant long term maintenance and serviceability issues and their assistance both during construction and post
installation has been of the highest level.
- Dameon Roy, Acting Director,
City Projects
Heliocol managed to slot me in at very
short notice. The boys came exactly when
they said they would and did what was an
enormous and tricky job. It is a total joy
to have such an efficiently heated pool
and it has had about 100 times its old use
and that’s just in the last month! The local
cockatoos have not been interested in
my tough Heliocol solar pipes despite 8
of them at one time chewing away at the
soft pipes on the neighbor’s roof.
-Emma Capell
In Summary
25 Year Warranty - Heliocol® panels
and components are covered by a 25 year
factory backed warranty, 12 years warranty
on all Heliocol manufactured parts PLUS
another 13 years pro rata (50/50)
Company Stability - Manufactured by
the same company in the same factory
for nearly 40 years. Heliocol is the world’s
largest manufacturer of solar pool heating
Over Moulding Process - Headers
and the tubes are heat moulded together
into one piece. This eliminates hundreds
of joins between the tubes and headers,
greatly reducing the likelihood of leaks
Individual Tube Design - Virtually
eliminates wind load. Important in storm
season or high wind locations. The tubes
are over moulded into the header
extremely close together meaning more
metres of tube per square metre of
product. This design creates greater
efficiency in less area.
Cockatoo and Vermin Resistant -
Heliocol®, with tough polypropylene
construction, is the preferred choice in
areas where cockatoos, possums and other
vermin can cause damage to other solar
systems. Heliocol® offers a 12 year
protection plan against this damage –
7 years PLUS 5 years pro rata (50/50)
Unique Spacer Bars - The bars hold
the tubes away from the roof, preventing
moisture and debris from being trapped
under the panel.
UV Stabilised Polypropylene -
UV stabilised polypropylene is used in many
applications where long exposure to the sun
is experienced. The product is not affected
by any type of water that may pass through
it. Heliocol has no warranty exclusions due
to water condition.
Low Head Loss - Each tube is moulded
into the header creating a smooth full bore
design. Eliminates high head pressure and
protects the panel against clogging. Lower
head pressure keeps pump requirements to
a minimum.
Self-Supporting - Heliocol® systems can
be installed on ground-level racks or framed
pergola roofs with no roof sheeting required.
Heliocol is often the only product able to be
installed easily on slate or steep roofs.
Easy to Install - The panel format means
the system can be installed quickly and
easily. It can be removed for relocation, or to
enable roof repairs to be carried out just as
ISO Certified - Heliocol® was the first solar
manufacturer in the world to be awarded
the latest ISO ertification to ISO 9001 and
ISO 14001.
A Personal
Message to You
Thanks for your interest in Heliocol® Solar
Pool Heating. Everyone at Heliocol takes
enormous pride in bringing this product to
you. From the designers to the manufacturing staff to the installers, everyone involved
in the process believes in the quality,
performance and durability of Heliocol®.
For 40 years Heliocol® has been providing
warmer swimming for families in back yard
pools around the world; as well as for
swimmers at Olympic Games, at resorts,
swim schools and Council pools. Our team
of consultants will do a thorough job of
analysing your needs and then ensuring
your chosen system is installed correctly.
We want your Heliocol® system to provide
years of warmer swimming and trouble free
pleasure for the entire family
So wherever you are; from Cairns to
Melbourne to Perth, thank you again for
your interest and your trust in us. Our goal is
provide you with our finest service to ensure
you enjoy your pool with peace of mind.
Peter Haddon
Heliocol Solar Pool Heating
1300 132 968
Distributors Australia Wide
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