The future of fitting
The future of fitting
She’s looking at you
and you’re looking at her
The new AURICAL makes her fitting experience more comfortable,
faster and easier to understand. It helps you create rapport and gain
trust – and it builds a bridge between the two of you.
The new Aurical
by Otometrics
More flexible, efficient
and convincing than ever
The new AURICAL supports the relationship between
you and your clients and gives you both confidence
You can hide it. You can flaunt it. You can place it where you want it. And you can take it with you
on the go. You can use it all together. Or separate it as you please. It lets you say goodbye once and
for all to inflexible design and hello to a modular way of thinking.
It’s based on the experiences of more than 15,000 users of the original AURICAL. It has everything
you need: A dedicated fitting audiometer. A wireless and binaural Probe Microphone Measurements
(PMM) unit. Effective counseling tools. And a HIT box that works independently – or with the other
components. The intuitive OTOsuite software integrates it all and supports the entire fitting process.
All in all the new AURICAL provides you with a unique combination of intuitive tools that enable you
to work in a professional and convincing manner helping your clients understand and appreciate the
decisions and choices you make together.
It’s flexible
The ultimate freedom
Fully integrated. Completely modular. Place it where it suits
you – or take it with you. Use the audiometer and the HIT
box with the speaker and the wireless Probe Microphone
Measurement (PMM) unit – or use them separately if
you prefer. You can send one module for service and still
use the rest. You can add additional components as your
practice grows. And you can customize the OTOsuite
software – easily – to suit your fitting routines. The new
AURICAL adjusts to your workplace and your way of
working – not the other way around.
See videos about flexibility
It’s efficient
Works faster, works better
Audiometry is smooth and fast. PMM is wireless – and
binaural. HIT is easy to work with and easy to handle.
Replace single tasks with customized sequential processes.
Use practical FitAssist tools to make fitting easier and
quicker – without compromising quality. Make testing and
programming hearing instruments an integral part of your
workflow. Store all your data in the intuitive OTOsuite
software. Benefit from seamless integration and uniform
appearance and routines. Discover a whole new dimension
in efficiency and ease with the remarkably user-friendly and
advanced new AURICAL.
See videos about efficiency
It’s convincing
Make fitting easy to understand
Counsel clients with built-in simulators and Speech
Mapping. Progress from Real Ear Measurements (REM)
to real-life Probe Microphone Measurements (PMM).
Demonstrate the benefits of hearing instrument features
with the Feature-2-Benefit mode. Use innovative
FitAssist tools to stay on top of your fitting workflow.
With the new AURICAL, you can rest assured that
the fitting process will go smoothly. This means a
convincing, professional and easy-to-follow fitting
experience for all your clients.
See videos about counseling
A complete, modular
fitting solution
You can use the modules separately, all together or
combine them as you please
The new AURICAL is a complete, modular fitting solution in a stunning new design. It incorporates
five elements: The Audiometer, the wireless PMM unit with REM, the loudspeaker, the HIT box and
the OTOsuite software. You can use them all independently, or combine them as you prefer.
The fundamental core of the solution is the OTOsuite software. It seamlessly connects everything
together in a single modern software suite. It is simple, yet advanced. And it fits every need in any
kind of clinic.
AURICAL Speaker:
An integrated quality loudspeaker incorporating the FreeFit
charger and the audiometer
stand providing a single,
compact, multi-purpose unit.
See a video overview of the full solution at
OTOsuite: This intuitive
software interface provides
unprecedented ease of use
and efficiency.
AURICAL FreeFit: This
very comfortable device
enables fast, accurate
monaural or binaural
A complete portable
audiometer with a unique
set of features.
Counseling tools: These
convincing tools help clients
understand and participate
in the fitting process.
independent unit allows
coupler based fitting and
HI testing anywhere.
The Audiometer
The Probe Microphone
Measurement unit
655g of concentrated knowledge
Newfound freedom
Wireless design: Ensures
that your client has a
pleasant experience with the
lightweight, wireless FreeFit.
It’s both easy to fit for you
and comfortable for the
client to wear.
Unique design: Compact
and designed to support
your needs.
The new AURICAL Aud is the world’s only true fitting
audiometer. It integrates an audiometer, counseling
tools, power amplifier, USB hub and optional
HI-PRO in a modern, ultra-compact design. It’s a
complete, portable diagnostic audiometer that offers
outstanding flexibility. It is designed to fit into all kinds
of environments, inside your clinic or out.
The new audiometer is easy to use too: The
exceptionally intuitive interface has a new on-screen
control panel and easy-to-access user test functions.
It not only ensures fast operation but also consistently
accurate results. Also, if you’re familiar with the
AURICAL Plus, your transition to the new solution will
be particularly smooth.
the facts
• AC, BC and SF audiometry
(built-in power amplifier)
• Tone audiometry testing up to 12.5 kHz
• Integrated speech material
• Intuitive on-screen control panel
• Masking assistant
• Extensive user test functionality
• One-click data logging
• Built-in USB hub
• Optional built-in HI-PRO
• Selection of report templates
User friendly probe: Can
be fitted easily onto the
client’s ear. The integrated
rulers make it simple to
insert the probe tube
Connectivity: The vast
connectivity possibilities make it the natural
central point of the
fitting solution.
There’s no such thing as an average ear. The FreeFit
PMM increases client satisfaction because you can
verify fittings – with or without prescriptive targets.
It lets you fit with confidence – and makes your
clients feel confident in you. Being the only wireless
Probe Microphone Measurements solution, it adds
unprecedented flexibility and freedom to PMM. User
tests, binaural capability and pre-defined measurement
sequences make it fast and easy to use. And it includes
convincing tools that help you clearly demonstrate
the real benefits of hearing instruments like noise
reduction, directionality and the like. The FreeFit
consists of four unique elements: Dynamic REM,
Speech Mapping, FitAssist and the FreeStyle mode.
• Wireless and binaural
• Configurable user tests and sequencing
• Intuitive user interface
• FreeStyle with Feature-2-Benefit mode
• FitAssist (Feedback Finder, Occluded
Probe-Tube Detector and OnTop mode)
• Curve Zoom
• Real Speech stimuli including ISTS
• Dynamic Fitting using Percentile Analysis
• Chirp and OpenREM calibration
• ABR/ASSR data conversion
• Listen at the Eardrum
• Extensive sound library
• Dedicated noise reduction testing
The counseling tools
The HIT box
Professional guidance. Improved acceptance
Fully independent. Completely integrated
User interface: It is easy to
use and has a professional
The hearing instruments:
Are conveniently placed
with the microphones
positioned for accurate and
reliable measurements.
Unique: A space-saving
and ergonomically correct
design make IEC/ANSI tests
and coupler based fitting
using RECD comfortable
and easy.
Available Fall 2011
Built-in counseling tools help you build rapport and
involvement with your clients in the fitting process.
Your professional approach will be appreciated and will
add value. And you’ll be able to provide convincing
information that increases their appreciation. The
AURICAL counseling tools also let you identify clients’
challenges, find the best solutions and – ultimately –
increase their satisfaction.
• Speech Mapping
• Hearing Instrument and Hearing Loss
• Curve Zoom
• Clear visual screens for optimal client
• Extensive sound library and live
voice mode
• Visual overlays for improved client
• Supports counseling outside the clinic
(integrated in AURICAL Aud)
The HIT box offers a new approach to hearing
instrument testing. It can operate independently of the
other AURICAL elements. Or you can connect it to the
AURICAL audiometer itself, or simply directly to your
computer running OTOsuite. It’s easy to place hearing
instruments inside it. User tests enable both partial
and full test sequences. And it provides a consistent
picture of every hearing instrument, regardless of
manufacturer or type.
Snap-on couplers make managing hearing instruments
a breeze. You can do intuitive coupler based fitting
with RECD’s, pre-programming, and pre-fitting without
the client’s presence. Plus, it’s easy to access the
hearing instruments in the test chamber during the
• Coupler based fitting using RECD
according to DSL v5.0b and NAL NL2
• Directionality testing
• HI testing according to IEC and ANSI
• Built-in induction loop
• Autodetecting battery pills
• Snap-on couplers
• Simple USB connectivity
• USB powered
• Innovative design and small footprint
The OTOsuite software
Smooth integration. Unique ease-of-use
Many options for making
measurements: They’re
easy to stay on top of and
you can customize them
easily to suit your own
The OTOsuite software integrates all the
elements of the new AURICAL. It’s intuitive,
easy to learn and easy to use. It supports
the entire client journey, from diagnostics
and counseling, to fitting and verification.
Simple to use user test functionality ensures
configurable, consistent and smooth
workflows that can be customized to suit
individual needs. And you work in a single
software environment across modules. The
result is a better fitting experience – for you
and for your client.
• Audiometry, Immittance, Counseling, Speech
Mapping, Probe Microphone Measurements and
HI testing in a single software environment
• Easy-to-use user test functionality for all modules
• Customizable protocols and test sequences
efficiency and consistency
• Short learning-curve due to consistent look and
feel across modules
• Scaleable: Incorporate more modules to suit your
clinical needs
• NOAH compatible
• Electronic Medical Records (EMR) compatible
• Extensive library for report templates
• Easy to share user tests and reports with others
in a multi-site environment
The Aud on-screen
control panel:
Provides a unique
combination of advanced
functionality and ease-of-use.
FitAssist: The Listen at
the Eardrum function
takes the guesswork out
of the feedback from the
client. Now you can listen
in on the sound in the
ear canal.
Flexible and easy-to-use
Adapts to your needs – every time
AURICAL was designed with your needs in mind:
Saving space, placing equipment where you need it,
moving it around or taking it with you on home visits.
And because the AURICAL components work both
together and independently, one person can take care
of HIT or coupler based fitting, while another works
with audiometry, counseling or PMM. AURICAL’s
unique modularity takes it all into account.
The new AURICAL solution provides almost unlimited
flexibility. It’s both a complete solution and an impressive
collection of stand-alone components. You decide. Either
way, the OTOsuite software brings it all together into a single
flexible, efficient and convincing fitting tool.
• Flexible mounting options: Speaker on VESA arm,
Audiometry unit on wall and under desk
• Separate modules allow simultaneous use by
different hearing care professionals
• Add modules as your clinic grows
• Plan your equipment investments
• Portable and lightweight
• Use it in the clinic – save space, add components
as needed
• Use it on the go – take it with you on home visits
See videos about flexibility at
Portable: The compact
lightweight design lets you bring
it with you on home visits or move
it between offices with ease.
Clinic 1
Use AURICAL in a clinic with a fitting area and separate
sound booth. Place the speaker and the FreeFit in the
fitting area, run a few cables through the wall of the sound
booth, and place the audiometer where you need it – inside
the booth and close to the client – for best access to the
Clinic 2
Use AURICAL in a clinic with an office for fitting and
counseling and a dedicated audiometry suite. Place the
complete AURICAL system in the fitting and counseling
office. Place a separate audiometer in the audiometry suite.
The OTOsuite software binds it all together.
VESA arm: Mounting the
AURICAL Speaker on the
VESA arm, (with or without
the audiometer) saves space.
Clinic 3
Use AURICAL in a clinic with a single workspace. Place all
the components together for maximum functionality in the
least amount of space.
Clinic 1
Sound booth
Repair Shop
Clinic 2
Office A
Office B
Sound booth
Repair Shop
Clinic 3
Need a HIT box for HI testing and coupler based fitting?
You can add the AURICAL HIT box in any clinic, regardless
of setup. The AURICAL HIT box operates independently.
Repair Shop
Wall mountable: The wallmount kit lets you place the
audiometer close to the client
and optimize cabling inside the
Under desk Aud mounting:
Mounting the audiometer with
the built-in HI-PRO under the desk
helps tidy up cabling and provides
convenient access to the HI-PRO plugs.
Meet us online
Many loyal AURICAL users helped us develop the new AURICAL
by sharing their experiences, requests and questions with us
along the way. One of the questions we often heard was “How
can I make sure a fitting covers the client’s dynamic range?”.
Meet us online and learn the answer, ask your own questions, or
share your experiences and opinions. We’re always interested in
helping you out and in hearing what you have to say.
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Senior Product Manager
Meet these team members, and many others. We look forward to seeing you.
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Meet us online to learn more about our thinking, ideas,
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and balance instrumentation and software. Over the
last 50 years we have provided solutions ranging from
newborn hearing screening applications and audiologic
diagnostics to comprehensive hearing instrument fitting
and balance testing.
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