These instructions are provided for your safety

These instructions are provided for your safety
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Suffocation and Strangulation Hazard. Death or
Serious Injury Can Occur:
• Infants who cannot get in and out of an adult bed without help can be trapped between
a mattress and a wall and suffocate.
• NEVER place infants in adult beds with or without a bedrail.
• Bed rail can trap young children against mattress, headboard, or footboard.
• Use only for children who have outgrown a crib. NEVER use in place of crib.
• Use only with children who can get in and out of adult bed without help.
• ALWAYS keep bed rail pushed firmly against mattress and at least nine (9) inches
(22.9 cm) from headboard and footboard.
• NEVER use on toddler bed, bunk bed, water bed, or bed with inflatable mattress.Use
only on adult bed with mattress and box spring.
Danger de suffocation et de strangulatio
n Ce produit peut provoquer des blessures graves ou même provoquer la mort dans les condi
tions suivantes :
• Les jeunes enfants peuvent se retrouver coincés entre le matelas et les traverses de lit,
entre le matelas et la tête de lit, ou entre le matelas et le pied de lit.
• Utiliser ce produit uniquement pour les enfants qui sont devenus trop grands pour être
en berceau. NE JAMAIS UTILISER ce lit comme berceau.
• Seuls les enfants pouvant monter dans un lit pour adulte et en descendre sans difficulté
et sans aide, peuvent utiliser ce produit.
• TOUJOURS GARDER les traverses de lit fermement appuyées contre le matelas et au
moins à une distance de neuf (9) pouces (22.9 cm) de la tête de lit ou du pied de lit.
• NE JAMAIS UTILISER ce produit sur un lit pour tout−petit, ni sur un lit superposable, ni
sur un lit d’eau, ni sur un matelas gonflable. Utiliser ce produit uniquement sur un lit
pour adulte avec matelas et sommier à ressorts.
Please read all instructions carefully before assembling.
For your safety, assembly by two adults is recommended.
Do not use the guardrails if damaged or broken.
Do not use if any parts are missing.
(A) Guard Rail - 1pc
(B) Metal Bracket
(C) Wood Screw 15mm
- 2pcs
- 8pcs
Philips Head Screwdriver (not included)
• Remove all parts and hardware from the box and lay out on a clean, carpeted, or scratch-free work surface,
as this will avoid damaging any parts during assembly. The shipping box provides an ideal work surface. Do
not dispose of any contents until assembly is completed to avoid accidentally discarding small parts or
• Use the parts and hardware lists above to identify and separate each of the pieces included.
• The illustrations provided allow for easier assembly when used in conjunction with the assembly instructions.
• Note: Do not fully tighten all bolts until all parts are in place. Failure to follow these instructions may cause
the bolts to misalign during assembly.
• If using power tools to aid in assembly please use caution. Power tools can damage hardware or split
1. Attach the (2) Metal Brackets (B) to the Guard Rail (A) and secure with (4) Wood Screws (C). (Fig.1)
2. Remove the mattress from the bed and position the Guard Rail (A) at the slats. Secure the Guard Rail (A)
to the slat using the remaining (4) Wood Screws (C). Verify all connections are tightly fastened. (Fig. 2)
3. Carefully replace the mattress back onto the slats.
• Dust often using a clean, soft, dry lint-free cloth.
• Bolt spills immediately, and wipe with a clean, damp, cloth.
• We do not recommend the use of chemical cleansers, abrasives, or furniture polish on our lacquered
Thank you for your purchase.
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