Adobe® LiveCycle Production Print ES

Adobe® LiveCycle Production Print ES
Adobe LiveCycle
Production Print ES
Create the perfect mix of personalized
print and electronic communications
With Adobe LiveCycle Production
Print ES, you can:
•Create personalized transactional
documents such as statements,
contracts, letters, packing slips, or
welcome kits.
•Generate documents dynamically
by merging data from multiple
back-end systems with predesigned templates.
•Standardize on award-winning
Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES
software to create and manage
document templates.
•Increase throughput and job
flexibility with post-processing
support for document collection,
sorting, and splitting.
•Output documents in a wide range
of print or electronic formats to help
you deliver multichannel
communications with ease.
Organizations have invested heavily in personalized document generation over the years with
statements and bills as the mainstay of print operations. Unfortunately, these systems were never
designed to address today’s complex multichannel communication requirements. These systems
can—and need—to offer much more. Yesterday’s print centers have the potential to transform
themselves into centralized document service hubs ready to support the growing and diverse
multichannel content needs of the enterprise.
And yet, output center managers are under pressure to address a number of immediate and
longer term concerns including:
• Controlling mail costs
• Working with aging and inflexible output systems
• Finding qualified people to keep systems running
• Delivering consistent communications across multiple channels
• Addressing the increased need for secure electronic content delivery
• Supporting enterprise architecture standards
• Supporting corporate initiatives to streamline business processes from end-to-end
Adobe® LiveCycle® Production Print ES is uniquely designed to address all these concerns. Ideally
suited to perform high-volume print jobs through efficient batch processes, LiveCycle
Production Print ESprovides all the tools you needto replace or augment your aging systems with
innovative tools that streamline processes and save money. And because it shares the same awardwinning template design software as the rest of the LiveCycle ES (Enterprise Suite) family, you
can not only achieve consistent multichannel communications, but also redefine the very
meaning of personalized communications with best-of-breed electronic business process
Using Adobe LiveCycleProduction Print ES, you can:
• Decrease time and costs associated with high-volume print operations
• Reduce mailing costs by collecting and grouping print jobs for more efficient
• Deliver secure multichannel output according to user profiles andpreferences
•Integrate with other LiveCycle ESsolution components to buildend-to-end business
processes within andbeyondthe firewall
• Standardize on a single document design tool, LiveCycle Designer ES, that spans
interactive, on-demand, and high-volume document applications
• Decrease your staff training and support burden by leveraging industry-standard
development tools
LiveCycle Production Print process overview
1. Develop templates
2. Format data &
2 A Sort or group pages
Create a
logical page
The Forrester Wave:
e-Forms Software
“Forrester evaluated five e-forms
software vendors across approximately 100 criteria and found that Adobe
and IBM are the clear market
leaders…. Adobe is a Leader, bringing
together a user-friendly forms design
environment with the ubiquitous...
Reader rich client.”
The development team creates
or modifies existing document
templates using LiveCycle
Designer ES, defining data fields,
layout, logos, color, graphics, and
content-based barcodes.
LiveCycle Production Print ES
collects structured data from
applications. The data is merged
with LiveCycle Designer ES
templates and transformed into
a “logical” page.
3. Render documents
4. Deliver documents
Apply custom layouts
Apply finishing marks
The post-processing repository
collects documents from
different sources—or created at
different times—to enable more
efficient processing.
—Barry Murphy, June 16, 2006
Supported formats
- Data: XML, field- record- or pagebased ASCII data
LiveCycle Production Print ES
renders documents into their final
output format, delivering
high-volume, departmental, or label
printer, as well as electronic formats.
Re-print and report
LiveCycle Production Print ES
supports multichannel output
including print, fax, e-mail, and web.
- Pre-formatted documents: AFP, PDF
- Documents: AFP, IJPDS, PostScript,
and PCL
- Labels, Zebra, TEC, Printronix,
- Electronic: PDF, PDF/A, CSV, HTML,
Streamline template creation
Award-winning Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES software provides intuitive, graphical design
capabilities that make it easy to create and deploy templates without deep technical knowledge.
To enhance development efforts in complex enterprise operations, LiveCycle Designer ES
development teams to work collaboratively, using intuitive tools to create andpreview
templates, bind data from back-end systems, add barcodes, and lay out documents that adjust
dynamically when merged with data. This helps ensure that documents accommodate the
merged data content and volume by including or excluding design elements, growing to create
space for data, and paginating automatically. LiveCycle Designer ESalso simplifies the creation
and maintenance of large collections of templates or template fragments, storing them until they
are ready to be packaged and delivered for production. Fragments are reusable components such
as a logo or address blocks used on multiple templates.
Deliver high-volume document composition in a wide range of formats
Ideal for data centers, LiveCycle Production Print ES serves as a centralized hub, able to input
and output a broad range of formats to serve the needs of multiple departments across your
company. It includes a high-performance document composition engine that easily extends
across multiple servers to ensure high availability and enterprise scalability. Because of its
unique architecture, LiveCycle Production Print ES lets you deliver complex jobs involving
multiple output types simultaneously—without reprocessing jobs. For example, a bank
statement can be rendered in AFP format for high-speed printing and simultaneously rendered
as a PDF/A file for archive. Similarly, commonly used form letters can be generated once and
attached to other jobs during runtime.
Collect and group documents
With LiveCycle Production Print ES, you can perform jobs synchronously or asynchronously.
The software provides high-speed processing for simple jobs. Or using the post-processing
repository, you can collect multiple jobs over time and then group them for the most costeffective andefficient delivery. For example:
• Collect documents over time andthen sort by postal codes at runtime to take
advantage of bulk postage rates.
• Combine multiple account statements going to the same household into a single
envelope or package.
Post-processing repository
Using the post-processing repository,
you can maximize your throughput of
complex jobs, shortening delivery time
and reduce mailing costs dramatically.
• Include an ad-hoc customer communication with a regularly scheduled invoice or
statement, sending both in the same envelope at bulk rates to save money.
• For enterprises with distributed locations, centralize content production independently of where and when the actual content is produced.
• For enterprises with multiple print locations, redirect jobs to the print center
closest to the customer to speed delivery.
Optimize finishing for mailroom efficiencies
LiveCycle Production Print ES provides numerous options for the finishing phase. Based on the
criteria you selected for sorting and grouping documents in the post-processing repository, you
can automate the printing of special marks that communicate finishing information to operators
and mailroom machines such as folders, inserters, and envelopers including:
• Optical
ark ecognition (OMR) codes, which specifythe rules for enveloping
• Barcodes for identifying mail pieces
• Text labels to provide instructions for manual handling
For example, all documents not exceeding four pages can be sent to one machine, documents up
to ten pages are sent to a different machine that can handle larger envelope sizes, while everything else will be processed manually. You can also manage the logic for including pre-printed
inserts, such as leaflets or advertising brochures, in a mailing. In order to optimize postage, a
decision on whether or not to include an insert can be based on the final weight of the mail piece.
Examples of documents that can be created with LiveCycle Production Print ES:
Financial Services
Manufacturing & Life Sciences
Account statements
Program statements
Invoices and bills
New customer welcome kits
Program enrollment kits
Packing slips
Customer correspondence
Case correspondence
Supplier correspondence
Regulatory correspondence
Regulatory correspondence
Regulatory correspondence
Insurance renewal notices
Legislative notices
Request for quotations/bids
Credit card bills
Program booklets
Instruction manuals
Promotional offers
Notification of new services
Promotional offers
Redefine personalized communications for your organization
Effective multichannel communication demands more than simply delivering documents in
print or electronic form. With Adobe solutions, organizations can build communications based
on a single view of the customer and reach out to them consistently through multichannel
communications that engage, invite, and inform.
Adobe LiveCycle Production Print ES is one solution component within the Adobe LiveCycle
ES, an integratedsuite of server-basedsolutions that automate the secure
and delivery of personalized communications within and beyond the firewall. Every component
in this revolutionarysuite includes LiveCycle Designer ES, enabling
single common design environment supporting document creation that spans interactive,
on-demand, and high-volume processes. With LiveCycle ES, you can:
• Create guidedonline experiences that make it easy for customers to comprehend
and complete forms or for employees to generate compliant customer
• Deliver documents on demand, such as eStatements, or prefilledagreements that
are ready to be printed and signed
• Achieve substantial and repeatable efficiency improvements in all processes,
including high-volume print production
The Forrester Wave:
Business Process Management for
Document Processes
“Forrester evaluated eight business
process management suite (BPMS)
suppliers best suited and most
experienced for document-intensive
processes across approximately 150
criteria… Adobe leads with
exceptional developmental tools for
rich Internet applications (RIAs) and
vision for customer engagement.”
—The Forrester Wave: Business Process
Management For Document
Processes, July 2007
With LiveCycle ES, you can easily take advantage of the rich electronic document processing
capabilities that have earned LiveCycle ES its leadership position. Here are a few examples of how
additional LiveCycle ES solution components can add value to LiveCycle Production Print ES:
• Use LiveCycle Forms ES to create interactive Adobe PDF forms or guided online
form-filling experiences using Adobe Flash Player, including account enrollment,
citizen self-service, or correspondence management.
• Use LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES to enable customers or partners to fill out,
sign, and save PDF forms using free Adobe Reader
• Use LiveCycle Process Management ES to orchestrate processes that involve
human interaction inside or outside of the firewall.
• Use LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES along with products from leading security
vendors to issue certified documents that can be validated by anyone using free
Adobe Reader software, or to generate document packages that are readyto be signed
• Use LiveCycle Rights Management ES to create audit trails or dynamically change
document policies even after they have been distributed outside the firewall,
including access control, revocation, and revision control.
• Use LiveCycle PDF Generator ES to convert office documents to Adobe PDF or
PDF/A files or to assemble customizedPDF packages that include tables of contents,
page numbering, hyperlinks, and more.
For more information
For more details about Adobe
LiveCycle Production Print ES, visit
In short, LiveCycle ES is the only enterprise communications environment on the market today
that lets you build end-to-end business processes that reach within and beyond the firewall.
, you can deliver consistent communications across multiple channels, create
engaging experiences that help increase customer response rates, improve customer satisfaction,
and achieve greater efficiencies that save you time and money.
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