Pertronic Graphic System
Pertronic Graphic System
Product Overview:
Head Office
PO Box 35-063
Lower Hutt 5041
17 Eastern Hutt Rd
Lower Hutt 5019
Tel (04) 567-3229
Fax (04) 567-3644
The Pertronic Graphic System has been designed with ‘ease of use’ as a paramount objective.
Users are assigned security levels and passwords by the system manager to allow access to those
features they need. Regular operators of the system log in at the start of their work session and log out
at the completion. Infrequent users who require access to the system for user and system management
have access that automatically logs them out after a set period of inactivity should they forget to log out
of a session.
Several methods are available to navigate around the various graphics pages and features of an
installation. Operators familiar with the system will choose the method they prefer.
For a casual user, the system allows navigation via the graphics on each page - this ensures that when
an alarm occurs the user can respond with the minimum of effort.
Auckland Office
 Utilises AutoCAD, Drawing eXchange or Microstation format files (*.dwg; *.dxf or *.dgn) for page
 Imports control panel configuration files for device data and location details.
 Displays multiple levels of building maps to pinpoint the location of addressable devices.
 Displays precise positioning of individual addressable devices within pages.
 Displays locations of additional associated equipment, eg. water hydrants, fire doors, control panels.
 Displays the location of hazardous areas with associated warnings and instructions.
 Displays the current status of the entire fire system.
 Displays the current status of individual addressable devices on the system, using a range of
symbols and colours for different events.
 Individual devices or zones can be isolated on the system.
 Individual devices can be reset on the system.
 Individual control panels can be accessed and remotely supervised.
PO Box 15-867
New Lynn 0640
Minimum PC Specifications:
359 Onehunga Mall
Tel (09) 633-0226
Fax (09) 633-0228
 3MHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD, RS232 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, DVD RW
 Windows XP Professional, SP2
 TFT Screen 20” minimum, 1680 x 1050 WSXGA (aspect ratio 1,6:1)
Typical Multi-Panel System Configuration:
ISO 9001: 2000
International Standards
0000 Pertronic Graphic System Issue 2.2, 200908
Typical Pertronic Graphic System Screenshots:
Fire Alarm Panel ‘Normal’ with isolated detectors identified:
Activated Detectors within a Zone in ‘Alarm’:
Product Codes:
Ethernet Gateway Card
Network Card for Graphic Interface
Network Card - F100A/F120A Panels/LED Mimics
Pertronic Graphic System software
Pertronic Graphic System Configuration – please contact Pertronic Industries for information.
Head Office:
17 Eastern Hutt Rd, Wingate, Lower Hutt 5019
Telephone (04) 567-3229 Fax (04) 567-3644
Auckland Office:
359 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland
Tel (09) 633-0226
Fax (09) 633-0228
‘Pertronic’ and ‘Firetronix’ are registered trademarks of Pertronic Industries Ltd
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