Zero Hour
STAR TREK TM: ATTACK WING The Temporal Cold War Storyline OP
Month Three Overview: Zero Hour
The Sphere Builders have lost the confidence of some of the Xindi species, and so they have
convinced the Xindi-Reptilians and the Xindi-Insectoids that they will become the dominant species if
they steal the Xindi Super Weapon and use it to attack the Earth. While a fleet is sent to intercept the
weapon, another enters the spatial anomalies in the Delphic Expanse to disable Sphere 41 and
cause a chain reaction that would result in the destruction of the entire Sphere network. Your fleet
enters the transformed space anomaly to find and destroy Sphere 41.
and stop the Xindi Weapon
Place an Objective Token directly in the
center of the play area.
Place 8 Mission Tokens in a stack beside the
play area.
The players then set up using the Standard 2Player Rules (see page 6 of the Full Rules of
The Objective Token represents Sphere 41. It
has a cloaking barrier and is difficult to find.
Treat it as a ship with the following stats:
Primary Weapon: 2
Hull: 8
Agility: 0
Shields: 8
It will attack every ship within Range 1 each
round. It always attacks last.
When it defends, if there is not a [Scan] Token
beside the attacking ship, the Sphere rolls +4
defense dice.
The entire play area is considered to be a spatial
anomaly. While in the anomaly, all ships have
the following restrictions:
The anomaly is hazardous to your ships and your
entire crew would be dead upon entering it. A
neuroleptic compound was developed that will
allow your ships a short amount of time to
accomplish the mission.
1) Every round, during the Planning Phase,
every ship must either discard 1 [Crew]
Upgrade, 1 Captain or suffer 1 damage.
During the End Phase of every round, remove 1
Mission Token from the stack beside the play area
from the game.
2) After performing a [Scan] Action, place an
Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship.
When there are no more Mission Tokens in the
stack the game ends and all ships left in the play
area are considered destroyed.
3) You may only spend your Target Lock Token
to perform attacks with secondary weapons.
You cannot use them to re-roll dice.
4) When attacking a ship with your Primary
Weapon at Range 1, you do not roll an extra
attack die.
5) When attacking a ship with your Primary
Weapon at Range 2, the defending ship rolls +1
defense die.
Keep track of the Sphere’s damage beside the
play area.
If it is destroyed, the space is returned to normal
and there will be no more penalties from the
anomaly for the rest of the game. If this happens,
no more Mission Tokens are removed from the
6) When attacking a ship with your Primary
Weapon at Range 3, the defending ship rolls +2
defense dice.
7) When attacking Sphere 41, you roll 1 less
attack die unless there is a [Scan] Token beside
your ship.
THE GAME ENDS WHEN one player is
eliminated, the time limit is reached or the last
Mission Token is removed from the stack beside
the play area.
Destroy all of your opponent’s ships.
Bonus: At the end of the game, the player that destroyed Sphere 41 (i.e. inflicted the final damage to
it), gains +25 Fleet Points.
Storyline Organized Play Instructions
BATTLE ROUNDS: Tournaments are run in 3 Battle Rounds.
Each player will battle against 1 other player in each 60 minute
Battle Round. Prior to the first Battle Round, players will be
assigned opponents randomly. A Battle Round ends when one
player is eliminated or the time limit is reached. If the time limit is
reached, the player with the most Fleet Points at the end of that
Battle Round wins.
BYES: If there are an odd number of players, then one player will
be assigned a Bye in each Battle Round. That player does not
participate in the Battle Round, but receives 2 Battle Points (see
Battle Points below). In the first Battle Round, the Bye is determined
randomly. During subsequent Battle Rounds, the player with the
least amount of Battle Points will be assigned the Bye. If the player
with the least amount of Battle Points has already received a Bye,
then assign the Bye to the player with the next least amount of
Battle Points who has not received a Bye.
SQUAD BUILDING: At the start of a tournament, players must
record their Fleets on a Fleet Build Sheet. Players CANNOT
change their fleets between Battle Rounds. Players have a number
of Squadron Points (SP), listed on the Set Up section of the OP
Kit's Overview, with which to equip their fleets using the standard
Squad Building Rules (see page 21 of the full Rules of Play). At
the start of every Battle Round players must verify their opponent's
Fleet build and sign off on it.
RESOURCES: In addition to normal Squad Building, each
player may equip their fleet with exactly 1 Resource. Players
must spend a number of Squadron Points (SP) to equip their fleet
with a Resource. The SP cost of a Resource will be located on
that Resource’s reference card. During each OP Event, a new
Resource will become available for players to choose from.
Players may choose from among any available Resources.
Players CANNOT change Resources between Battle Rounds.
Once a player chooses a Resource, they must use that Resource
for the entire Event.
BATTLE POINTS: At the end of every Battle Round, players
receive BATTLE POINTS based on their performance in that
Battle Round (2 PTS for a Win, 2 PTS for a Bye and 1 PT for a
Loss). Battle Points are recorded on players’ Fleet Build Sheets
as well as on the Score Sheet.
FLEET POINTS: Players receive FLEET POINTS at the end of
every Battle Round. Fleet Points are used to break ties of players’
Win/Loss records for purposes of determining round pairings and
final ranks. Fleet Points are equal to the current month's
maximum Fleet Build number MINUS the number of SP left in
your opponent's surviving fleet. A player who receives a Bye will
receive a number of Fleet Points equal to the average of all other
players’ Fleet Points for that round (rounded up). Fleet Points are
recorded on players’ Fleet Build Sheets as well as on the Score
SURVIVING FLEET: A player's surviving Fleet includes: 1) any
of that player's ships that are not destroyed, 2) any Upgrades those
ships are still equipped with, and 3) any Upgrades that are placed
under the ship card. NOTE: Any Upgrades that a player discards
to use for their text ability are placed under the ship card on which
they were equipped. Any Upgrades that are under a ship that was
destroyed are also destroyed.
RANKS: At the end of Tournament, the player with the highest
cumulative Battle Points (and Fleet Points if there is a tie) will be
Rank 1 (Admiral). The player with the next highest cumulative
Battle Points (and Fleet Points if there is a tie) will be Rank 2 (Vice
Admiral), and so on. Ranks are listed on the Score Sheet.
WINNING THE TOURNAMENT: All players’ Fleet Build
Sheets are collected at the end of the Month’s tournament and
each player's Battle and Fleet Points are tallied to determine Final
Ranks. The player with the highest cumulative Battle and Fleet
Points at the end of 3 Battle Rounds is the winner!
BREAKING TIES: If there is a tie between 2 or more players’
Battle and Fleet Points at the end of any Battle Round, the tie will
be broken by a roll off. Each player rolls 5 attack dice and the player
with the most [Battle Stations] results is the winner.
COMMENDATION AWARD TOKEN (starting in Month 2):
The previous month’s Admiral will be given 1 Commendation
Award Token at the start of the next month’s tournament. If that
Admiral is not present at the current tournament, the next highest
ranked player will receive the Commendation Award Token. A
Commendation Award Token may be spent during any one of that
month’s Battle Rounds to re-roll any 1 of their attack or defense
dice. Once a Commendation Award Token is used, it is removed
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Tournament Information
Player Information
Card Title
Card Title
Ship 1
Ship 2
Faction SP
Upgrade Types
C =Crew
E =Elite Talent
T =Tech
W =Weapon
B =Borg
S =Squadron
Total SP
Card Title
Total SP
Card Title
Ship 3
Ship 4
Faction SP
Upgrade Types
C =Crew
E =Elite Talent
T =Tech
W =Weapon
B =Borg
S =Squadron
Total SP
Total SP
FED =Federation
KLI =Klingon
ROM =Romulan
DOM =Dominion
KAZ =Kazon XIN =Xindi BAJ =Bajoran FER =Ferengi VUL =Vulcan
BOR =Borg
SPE =Species 8472
IND =Independent MIR =Mirror Universe
Resource Used
Ship 1
Total SP
Ship 2
Total SP
Ship 3
Total SP
Ship 4
Total SP
Total SP
Total Build
If you have more than 4 ships in your Fleet, record the additional ships on the back of this page.
Before Battle Starts:
Opponent's Name
(Verify Build)
After Battle Ends:
Your Result
Fleet Points
This page may be photocopied for in-game player use. All other rights reserved.
Cumulative Opponent's Initials
(Verify Results)
Fleet Points
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