– New Zealand’s Tone magazine, Issue 78
Cambridge Audio 550C with Wolfson DAC,
Selectable Filters, & Cambridge Servo System
The Cambridge Audio Azur 550C CD player offers much of the
advanced technology of the new 650C, but with a single Wolfson
WM8740 24-bit/192 kHz-capable DAC instead of the 650C’s
dual DACs.
The 550C takes full advantage of Cambridge Audio’s audio-only
CD transport coupled to a highly sophisticated S3 Custom CD
servo. This third-generation audiophile servo employs an all-new
chipset and the latest double-sided surface-mount technology for
ultra-short signal paths with freedom from wire links. The net
result gives the 650C extraordinary ability to retrieve maximum
digital information while maintaining extremely low jitter.
• Single Wolfson WM8740 24/192 DAC
• Selectable Digital Filter with Two Settings
• Cambridge-Designed Servo System
Cambridge Audio’s trusted Wolfson WM8740 DAC 24-bit/192
kHz-capable DAC has now been coupled to a new version of
Cambridge Audio’s proprietary Double Virtual Earth Balanced
filter topology with Bessel Coefficients, resulting in even greater
musicality. A selectable digital filter with two settings enables
you to tailor output to your tastes.
Cambridge Audio Azur 550C CD player with 24/192 DAC, selectable digital filter settings, and custom-designed servo system
[CA550C], choose black or silver finish, Reg $599, only $399.00
Save $199
• New, Refined Circuit Layout
• 20 Presets Per Band • RDS Display
• Two Antenna Inputs • Azur Remote
Cambridge Audio 550T FM/AM Tuner
Offering pure FM and AM signal reception in the true analog
domain, Cambridge Audio’s Azur 550T is a full-featured FM/AM
RDS tuner complete with 20 presets per band and an RDS interface
to display station names. The Azur’s refined circuit board layout
maximizes the componentry for stellar performance all around.
Locks Onto Signals with a Vice-like Grip
Thanks to its high-sensitivity design, the 550T will quickly lock
onto radio signals with a vice-like grip. And you’ll like what this
“The 550A exceeds all expectations,
because this seductive amplifier shines
thanks to a sound quality that invites you
to rediscover music from any source.”
grip extracts. It offers excellent detail and rich delivery across
all broadcasts. It will pull in fringe broadcasts you may not have
heard before, expanding your enjoyment of new program material. While many tuners offer AM merely as an afterthought, the
550T goes the extra mile in providing pleasant analog audio.
Twin inputs let you connect separate AM and FM antennas to the
Azur to take full advantage of its dual-band capabilities.
Cambridge Audio Azur 550T FM/AM tuner [CA550T], available
in silver finish only, Regular $399, only $199.99
Save $200
– Spain’s On-Off? September 2009
Cambridge 550A 60-Watt Integrated
Cambridge Audio’s Azur 550A 60-watt-per-channel integrated
amp focuses on explosive sonic performance, incredible value,
and timeless design. A completely redesigned output stage
improves bass response and dynamics while enabling control
of virtually any speaker.
Cambridge’s proprietary CAP5 protection system allows for even
greater dynamics and more powerful real-world performance.
And like its
highly respected
the 550A features an oversize toroidal
• 60-watts @ 8 Ohms • Speaker A, B, A + B
• Oversize Toroidal Transformer • 6 Ins, 2 Outs • IR Input
• Energy Star Certified for Ultra-Low Power Consumption
transformer for excellent efficiency and extremely low noise.
A high-specification Alps volume pot control ensures perfect
channel balance at low levels and is complemented with new
tone controls offering equally intricate level setting. The 550A
offers six inputs, two outputs, a tape in, an input for iPod/MP3
players, and a wireless remote
Cambridge Audio Azur 550A 60-watt integrated amplifier with
remote, in black or silver finish [CA550A], Regular $599, now
only $399.00
Call 1.800.942.0220
Save $200
“Quite splendid... Well built, and
everything is created and designed
in-house with a clear vision of
what’s important about hi-fi.”
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