Analog Compact Manifold
Analog Compact Manifold
General Specifications:
The Medical Gas manifold shall be a single or dual line automatic
switch-over manifold using a pneumatic shuttle valve. This
manifold shall also include a five year warranty which warrants a
defect- free product.
The manifold shall be a fully automatic type and shall switch from
“Bank in Use “ to “Reserve” bank without fluctuation in delivery
supply line pressure and without the need for external power.
After the switch –over the “Reserve” bank shall then become the
“Bank in Use” and “Bank in Use” shall become the “Reserve” bank.
The manifold has two bank pressure 4000 psi rated gauges, two
400 psi setup regulator gauges and a 100 psi line pressure gauge.
The manifold incorporates two operating SR250 series regulators
to regulate bank pressure and one line pressure L700 series high
flow series regulator.
The manifold comes with a safety line relief valve and operating
relieve valves. One high pressure 225 psi (1,551 kPa) and one low
pressure 75 psi (517 kPa) for all gases except Nitrogen. Nitrogen has
one high pressure relief valve at 375 psi (2,586 kPa) and one low
pressure at 225 psi (1,551 kPa).
The manifold includes two shut off ball valves to isolate operating
regulated pressure and line pressure.
The header bars shall be equipped with emergency high pressure
shutoff valves outside the cabinet to allow for emergency isolation
of the header bars. The header bar shall incorporate integral check
valves of each station.
The header bar comes with universal mounting brackets to be
mounted direct or with a 12" wall spacing when the optional wall
mounting bracket is used. The header bar mounting brackets are
only supplied with more than 10 cylinders for staggered header
bars and more than 4 cylinders for a straight header bar.
All manifold regulators, piping and control switching equipment
shall be cleaned for oxygen service and installed inside the cabinet
to minimize tampering with the regulator or switch settings.
Oxygen, Medical Air, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Helium,
Heliox and Carbogen:
4,500 SCFH (2,123 L/min)
6,000 SCFH (2,831 L/min)
Technical Specifications
Model Numbers
Manifold Cabinet:
S = Single Line
D = Dual Line
H = Heater (CO2 and N2O only)
“HH” = High Pressure
The “XXX” defines the Inert Gas:
U = English
Oxygen= OXY
S = Spanish
Medical Air
F = French
Nitrous Oxide
= N2O
Carbon Dioxide
= CO2
“LL” = Liquid Pressure
Header-Bar Assembly:
Argon= ARG
Helium= HEL
Heliox= HEO
= Straight c/w Stainless Pigtails
= Straight c/w Copper Pigtails
= Staggered c/w Stainless Pigtails
= Staggered c/w Copper Pigtails
Specify Number of Cylinders
Wall Bracket for Header-bar Assembly: M-X-HB-WLBRKIT
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