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Nickel-Metal Hydride
Battery Packs
Lighter than lead acid batteries whilst being cheaper and safer than Lithium variants, Nickel-metal
hydride (NiMH) is not just a good compromise but also a strong battery chemistry in its own right.
Up to 100% higher capacity than Nickel Cadmium without the environmental and memory effect
issues; NiMH offers a popular, flexible battery solution.
Trusted by customers in Oil & Gas, Emergency Services and the Military, DMS technologies has
over 25 years experience building bespoke, high quality battery packs for a range of applications.
Our flexible manufacturing facility in Hampshire allows us to offer a variety of solutions ranging from
shrink-wrap to ABS casing to high-IP rated housings.
Benefits of NiMH
High Energy Density
Long Service Life
Intrinsically Safe Chemistry
Wide Operating Temperature
Flexible Design Options
NiMH batteries offer design versatility; they
are ideal for custom build designs requiring
high performance. Standard cells offer high
capacity and energy density with quick
charging regimes. Specialist cells offer lower
self-discharge rates, higher temperature
performance as well as high discharge rate
Nickel-Metal Hydride
Battery Packs
DMS technologies has over 15 years experience in
building NiMH solutions. As such we have a number
of standard packs within our product portfolio.
These standard designs can also offer an initial
concept for new designs where size and shape can
be altered. Further battery monitoring and protection
can be included as required.
Some examples of our standard packs include;
3.6 V 4.5 Ah
50 x 80 x 27 mm
4.8 V 8 Ah
63 x 68 x 68 mm
7.2 V 2.7 Ah
33 x 33 x 121 mm
9.6 V 2 Ah
48 x 70 x 35 mm
12 V 9 Ah
63 x 170 x 70 mm
24 V 13 Ah
93 x 170 x 135 mm
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