John Deere LP21785 Use and Care Manual

John Deere LP21785 Use and Care Manual
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2 Spread header strips at each end of area. This allows & tum-around
area to align spreader for next pass.
3 Make passes between header strips at each end of area.
4. Move the How control handle fo setting described later in this manual.
Spreading lce Melt
NOTE: Use higher flow settings for wider product opening when
spreading sali.
1. Remove screen from hopper to prevent damage.
2. Starting with flow setting at 20, make a tral pass over the spreading
area and check coverage. Adust flow setting up to improve coverage or
down lo reduce coverage.
3. Alter spreading, be sure to thoroughly mise salt dust rom all surfaces,
as salt is héghly comosve.
4. install screen in hopper.
Cleaning and Lubricating after Each Use
Clean and oil spreader immediately after sach use. Choose one of the
following methods:
= Wash, rinse and dry spreader. Drying takes time since mosiure trapped
m bearing areas is slow to dramn or evaporaie.
* ‘Wipe spreader thoroughly with an ody cloth
and dry.
«Never allow material to remesa in hopper for extended periods of time.
« Should rust develop, sand Bghtfy and then paint area with enamel.
« Periodically check all fasteners for tightness.
* Rirsa/dry inside and outside of spreader after each use. Move flow
control as you rinse, to avoid build up of material.
Calibrating Shut Off Plate
= я
y Pa 1 —y
Ci A
1. Loosen nuts (A) and (E).
2. Push the the flow control handle downward to the fully closed position,
close the shut off plate under the hopper, and hand tighten lower nut (A)
on linkage rod until envg Hand tghtan upper nui (8) on Enkage rod until
3. Set edge of wingnut by flow control handle on 30 mark and tighten.
4. Move flow control handle upward and back downward, and venfy the
shut off plate under hopper operas and closes properly. ii necessary, adjust
linkage rod nuts and tighten hand tight
IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Only use a wrench on the lower nut.
Do not use wrench on the upper nut.
AA cron avoid injury! Compressed air can cause debris
to fly a long distance.
«Clear work area of bystanders.
* Wear eye protection when using compressed air for cleaning
* Reduce compressed air pressure to 210 kPa (30 psi).
+ Blow off spreader with compressed air.
A good oil wiping or dry cleaning is preferable to poor washing and drying.
It is difficult or rust and corrosion to form on a clean, dry, oiled surface.
5. Once adustment is complete, tighten lower nut (A) with wrench.
Using Troubleshooting Chart
И уст are experiencing a problem that es not Ested in this char, see your
authorized dealer jor service.
When you have checked all ihe possible causes listed and you are still
expenencng the problem, see your authorized dealer.
Troubleshooting Chart
Maintenance Tips
+ The kay to years of trouble-free service is to keep your spreader clean
Not enough or too Calibrate the shut off plate.
much fertilizer
Service - 6
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