Greenland Gardener 105981 Instructions / Assembly

Greenland Gardener 105981 Instructions / Assembly
1. Pick a level location that will get
a lot of sunshine. Lay weed fabric
or newspaper on the ground to keep
weeds from growing.
2. Unpack your Greenland
Gardener™ kit. Lay the boards and
corners out where you want to
build your garden.
4 - planks
4 - corners
3. Connect 1 board to 1 connector, sliding
the board into connector suggested to put
grooved side in. Repeat to completion.
4. Fill bed with dirt and use rake to
level off soil.
5. Make hole and start planting.
Cover hole with dirt and gently
water throughly.
Gardening Tips:
Sow directly in garden when danger of frost passed. If you start your
seeds in cool weather be sure to watch the weather and cover your
garden with cover of plastic or blanket at night. Soil must be kept
moist during germination, do not let the soil dry out. Also in heavy
rains cover beds if seed were just planted to avoid washing them away
from the hole. Any comments, questions or concerns please visit us at:
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