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If you purchase an item for your personal use and you are registered as
chronically sick or disabled, or you are purchasing goods on the behalf
of individuals who fulfil the above criteria, you may be entitled to
purchase the goods without the payment of VAT. Any items which
cannot be exempted are clearly displayed. The above also applies to
registered charities. If in any doubt please contact us or your local
Customs & Excise. All prices shown are without VAT where schedule
14 of the VAT Act does not apply or if the purchaser does not qualify,
then VAT at standard rate will be applied.
Terms and Conditions
Postage and packing to the UK mainland is generally included in the
price shown, for large orders and those to outside the UK mainland and
overseas, charges may be incurred.
Orders from County Councils, Local Authorities, Hospitals, Schools and
Companies, must be supplied with official order number, delivery
address and contact telephone numbers.
A small deposit may be taken for orders over £500.00 and held via a
credit or debit card. All goods remain the property of SW Retail Ltd until
paid for in full. Accounts must be settled within 21 days of invoice date,
failure to meet these terms will result in withdrawal of future deliveries
and provision of pro-forma invoice.
All prices shown are subject to change without prior notice.
Goods sent on a free trial basis, which are deemed to be unsuitable,
must be returned within 10 days of receipt, in the original packaging and
in an undamaged condition.
All goods are available on a free seven day trial basis.
All goods remain the sole property of SW Retail until paid for in full.
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Living Aids
Page 1
Hand Magnifiers
5215 Coil 1.7x 96x71mm £27.50
5216 Coil 2.3x 96x71mm £31.50
5203 Coil 3x 81mm £30.00
5204 Coil 4x 80mm £32.50
5206 Coil 6x 50mm £19.00
2655/175 2.75x 100x75mm £50.00
2655/150 3x 100x50mm £45.00
2655/750 3.5x 70x50mm £40.00
2655/70 Eschenbach 4x 70mm £40.00
2655/60 Eschenbach 5x 60mm £35.00
2655/50 Eschenbach 6x 50mm £30.00
5247 Windsor 4.42 x 48mm £5.00
5248 Windsor 2.6x 70mm £6.00
5249 Windsor 2.3x 98mm £7.00
6262 Coil Sliding Pocket 5x £3.50
Available in Orange, Yellow, Black and Blue.
Page 2
Eschenbach 5x Sliding Pocket 30mm
Jumbo 2x magnification with 4x insert, at
125mm has the largest available field of view
As above but includes LED illumination.
Requires 1 x AA battery.
Classic Chrome Magnifiers
C50S 3x 50mm £5.00
C63S 2.5x 63mm £5.50
C75S 2.2x 75mm £6.50
C90S 2x 90mm £8.00
C100S 1.75x 100mm £10.00
Pocket Magnifiers
A range of folding pocket magnifiers in
a folding plastic case.
1710/4 4x 35mm £14.50
1710/7 7x 35mm £16.50
1710/10 10x 35mm £18.50
Page 3
Eschenbach, high quality
folding pocket magnifiers
1740/60 3.5x 60mm £14.50
1740/30 6x 30mm £11.50
Duo Lens
1103 four power 3x/4.5x & 6x/9x £15.00
1104 two power 3x & 3x = 6x £15.00
110910 Folding 10x 23mm £20.00
Stand Magnifiers
Hands free, fixed focus, easy to use,
lower powers possible to write beneath,
excellent clarity.
5213 Coil 3x 81mm £31.50
5214 Coil 4x 80mm £33.50
Page 4
Coil Stand Magnifiers
Smaller field for more intricate tasks.
4206 Coil 6x 50mm £18.00
4208 Coil 8x 44mm £18.50
4210 Coil 10x 36mm £19.00
4212 Coil 12x 34mm £19.50
4215 Coil 15x 29mm £25.00
4220 Coil 20x 26mm £30.00
2626 Eschenbach 6x 50mm £25.00
2628 Eschenbach 10x 35mm £24.50
1153 Eschenbach 8x 25mm £17.50
Extremely versatile, for a variety of tasks,
simply unfold the ends of the handle,
small handy format.
20501 Eschenbach 2.5x 60mm £20.00
Coil stand magnifier
5855 Coil 1.7x 140x100mm £17.50
Ideal for hobby crafts or writing.
Page 5
Chest Magnifiers
An adjustable cord secures the
magnifier around user’s neck,
enabling hands free use.
Eschenbach 2x with 4x insert for more
detailed tasks 100x140mm
Coil chest magnifier 1.7x
Eschenbach 2x chest magnifier
100mm diameter.
Illuminated chest magnifier
2.5x 100mm diameter
Battery operated.
Page 6
Hobby Magnifiers
Generally a large field of view, illuminated
and non-illuminated versions.
15651 Scribolux
Specially designed for crossword users.
Bright even and glare-free illumination requires
3xAA batteries. Eschenbach 2.8x magnification
100x75mm rimless lens.
2663611 Visolux
Eschenbach 3.8x stand magnifier.
100x75mm large field of view,
infinitely variable angled view.
Ideal for writing, puzzles etc.
Coil Flexi Stand fully positional
1.7x 140x100mm
Rimless lens on a flexi arm.
Sturdy metal base.
Page 7
Daylight Flexi Lens with base
1.75x 130mm
Daylight Flexi Lens fully positional
with small base 1.75x 90mm
Daylight Flexi Lens with clamp
1.75x 130mm
Desktop magnifying lamp, positional,
with 12w circular fluorescent tube. 1.75x
100mm glass lens with 4x insert, sturdy
design, mains operated.
12w circular fluorescent tube
Page 8
Daylight Hobby Magnifiers
New product
Daylight LED Flexi Mag Lamp,
Semi-rimless design enables large field of view,
illuminated by 27 ultra-bright daylight LEDs,
crystal clear 1.75 x 146mm lens.
Mains operated with desk clamp.
Daylight ultra slim magnifying lamp,
with 28w circular fluorescent tube,
fully positional, mains operated supplied
with desk clamp.175mm lens 1.75 x
Extra clip-on lenses available for higher
magnification powers.
Extra Lenses for D22080
D62001 2.25x 125mm lens £22.50
4.75x 40mm lens
Daylight LED magnifying lamp,
Illuminated by 60 Daylight LEDs
which never require replacement,
low energy usage.
Newly designed lightweight lens.
Mains operated, with heavy duty clamp.
1.75x 175mm lens.
Page 9
Accessories for
Daylight Products
For total manoeuvrability a
5 spoke stand on wheels 12kg
A heavy table base for more
Manoeuvrability than offered
by a desk clamp
Daylight Wall Bracket
Daylight Drawing Board Clamp
Daylight Workbench mount
Daylight Double Ended Clamp
Page 10
Illuminated LED Magnifiers
Illuminated LED stand magnifiers offering great
value and come in 10 different magnification
powers. 3 x AA Batteries included.
3x 100x75mm
3x 100x50mm
4x 70mm
5x 60mm
6x 57mm
7x 50mm
8x 35mm
10x 35mm
12x 35mm
14x 35mm
Sliding LED Pocket Magnifiers
Sliding illuminated LED pocket magnifiers.
Supplied with microfiber pouch, lens cloth,
detachable lanyard. Batteries included.
Range available in 6 different magnifications.
261001 3.5x 45x35mm
231601 5x 45x35mm
262801 8x 35mm
263601 10x 35mm
264401 12x 35mm
265201 14x 35mm
Page 11
Illuminated Magnifiers
Pocket illuminated magnifiers.
Standard illumination, pocket style
Requires 2x AA Batteries
5270 Coil 3x 44mm £20.00
5146 Coil 5x 45mm £20.00
5147 Coil 7x 42mm £20.00
5148 Coil 9x 40mm £20.00
5271 Coil 11x 40mm £20.00
Bright LED illumination, pocket style
Requires 2x AA Batteries
7270 Coil 3x 44mm £27.50
7146 Coil 5x 45mm £27.50
7147 Coil 7x 42mm £27.50
7148 Coil 9x 40mm £27.50
7271 Coil 11x 40mm £27.50
Budget LED Magnifiers
Requires 3 x AAA Batteries.
SV-3LP 4x75mm LED £9.50
SV-5LP 5x60mm LED £9.50
SV-2LP 7x40mm LED £7.50
Page 12
Folding rectangular LED Illuminated
Pocket Magnifier, requires one AA battery.
3x 50x75mm lens.
Mobilux LED
Design award winning pocket magnifiers. Easy
change 2x AA batteries. Excellent superior
lens quality. Supplied with protective case.
Extensive choice of magnification power.
15113 3.5x 75x50mm £44.00
15114 4x 75x50mm £44.00
15112 3x 60mm £40.00
151141 4x 60mm £40.00
15115 5x 58mm £42.50
15116 6x 58mm £42.50
15117 7x 35mm £35.00
151110 10x 35mm £36.00
151112 12x 35mm £42.50
Page 13
Mobilux Economy
Standard illumination, via filament bulb.
Pocket style.
15103 3.5x 75x50mm £30.00
15105 5x 58mm £25.00
15107 7x 35mm £20.00
151010 10x 35mm £20.00
1544 2x Replacement Bulbs £6.00
Easy Pocket
The tiny lens with powerful magnification.
Credit card format.
LED illumination Pop-up action
Dimensions : 86x54x6mm
152110 3x Black £32.50
152111 3x Silver £32.50
152122 4x Blue
Page 14
Pop-Light magnifier 2x magnification
50x50mm lens. Dimensions 93x65x13mm.
Standard illumination supplied with
2x AAA Batteries
Pocket LED Magnifier 85x55x8mm 2x.
Magnification with 4x insert. Battery supplied.
Auto Touch
Automatically illuminates when held, battery
and mains LED Operated versions available.
3x 83x59mm
Requires 2xAA Batteries
5x 60mm
Requires 2x AA Batteries
7x 57.6mm
Requires 2x AA Batteries
Page 15
Auto Touch Rechargeable
Supplied with heavy duty protective case
and mains charger.
8270 3x 44mm £42.50
8146 5x 45mm £42.50
8147 7x 42mm £42.50
8148 9x 40mm £42.50
8271 11x 40mm £42.50
Stand Illuminated Magnifiers
A wide selection of shapes and powers,
with interchangeable heads, choose from
Tungsten or LED battery handles.
System Vario Plus Handles
Battery handle with filament bulb requires
2x R14 Batteries
1545 Replacement bulb £1.50
LED Battery handle requires 2xR14
Mains handle replacement bulbs twin pack
Now choose your head!
Page 16
System Vario Heads for use with
Vario Handles
158263 2.8x 100x75mm £42.50
158063 3x 100x75mm £40.00
155993 3x 80mm £22.50
155493 4x 70mm £27.50
155393 5x 58mm £18.00
155273 6x 50mm £18.50
155173 7x 35mm £18.50
155073 10x 35mm £18.50
155773 12.5x 35mm £22.50
Page 17
Raylight Handles
Choose your handle and then the head,
all are interchangeable.
Standard battery handle.
Requires 2x R14 Batteries.
6260/01 Replacement Bulb £1.00
Xenon Mains operated handle.
Transformer unit needed for above.
6260/11 Replacement Bulb £3.00
Xenon Battery Handle.
Requires 3 x R14 Batteries.
6260/11 Replacement Bulb £3.00
LED Battery handle.
Requires 2 x R14 Batteries.
New Duo LED Handle two brightness
settings, automatically turns
off after 35 minutes of non-use.
Requires 2 x R14 Batteries.
Page 18
Raylite Heads
7400/01 2.8x 99x73mm £30.00
7259/01 3.9x 58mm £17.50
7269/01 4.7x 44mm £17.50
7279/01 5.4x 44mm £15.00
7289/01 7.1x 38mm £15.00
7299/01 8.7x 36mm £16.00
7309/01 10.1x 34mm £16.50
7319/01 12x 29mm £16.50
7329/01 14.7x 26mm £26.50
Page 19
The new generation of illuminated
magnifiers. Simple to use, the ergonomic
design promotes intuitive movement on the
reading material, automatic switch-off
function, LED Illumination.
158614 3.5x 58mm £65.00
158620 5x 58mm £65.00
158628 7x 58mm £80.00
Bar, Dome & Sheet Magnifiers
Generally of low magnification, popular with
children or those whose are short sighted,
also those with minimal sight loss.
Ideal for map reading.
2x 155mm long, with yellow line Guide
1.5x Bar with built in ruler 200mm long
Page 20
Eschenbach high quality bar magnifier.
200mm long 1.8x magnification.
High quality bar magnifier incorporating red
line guide, chunky design, scratch resistant
2x 122mm long.
Larger bar magnifier at 250mm long
2x magnification.
Dome magnifier 2.5x 50mm
1426 Makro Plus Brightfield
Allows entire newspaper column to be read,
Light collecting properties provide a bright
image 1.8x 65x36x46mm
1436 Makro Plus Brightfield
As above but with a higher magnification of
2.2x and measures 90x35x70mm
Page 21
Coil VTM & Clear Readers
Specially designed to help those with
Visual Dyslexia, The VTM has shaded
areas to highlight central text
and reduce visual confusion.
5850/12 Dome VTM Red 1.7x 50mm
5850/13 Dome VTM Blue 1.7x 50mm
5850/22 Bi-Axial VTM Red 1.1x1.5x
5850/23 Bi-Axial VTM Blue 1.1x 1.5x
5850/14 Dome Bright, Red 1.7x 50mm
5850/15 Dome Bright, Blue 1.7x 50mm
5850/24 Bi-Axial Bright, Red 1.1x1.5
5850/25 Bi-Axial Bright, Blue 1.1x1.5
Page 22
Fresnel Sheet Magnifiers
A4 Magnifier 1.5x magnification.
A4 sheet magnifier as above with soft frame.
Mid-size sheet magnifier A5 1.5x
Credit Card Size 93x58mm 1.5x
Pocket size sheet magnifier 130x100mm
1.5x magnification.
Bookmark Style 65x185mm 1.5x
Pack of Four Fresnel sheet.
Deluxe Large Sheet, Credit Card,
Pocket and Bookmark sizes.
1605 Reading Stand
Height adjustable, sturdy wooden design
fitted with clamp for heavy papers
Optional guide rail for 1605
Page 23
Magnifying Spectacles and
Clip-On Magnifiers.
MAX TV spectacle binoculars 2.1x
adjustable magnification for distance
viewing, ideal for TV viewing
MAX EVENT spectacle binoculars with
mirrored lenses 2.1 x adjustable
magnification, ideal for the cinema or
MAX DETAIL spectacle binoculars,
adjustable 2x magnification for close work,
ideal for reading or computer work.
MAX TV CLIP designed to clip on to your
own spectacles. Offering 2.1x additional
magnification, ideal for TV viewing.
MAX DETAIL CLIP designed to clip on to
your own spectacles. Offering 2x
magnification and a reading distance of up
to 400mm, for reading / computer work.
Page 24
Binocular spectacles 2x adjustable
magnification ideal for TV viewing with tinted
Binocular spectacles 2x adjustable
magnification ideal for TV viewing with clear
Binocular spectacles 1.5x adjustable
magnification suitable for reading or
computer work.
Clip-on to own Spectacles, available in
monocular or binocular versions.
Flip-up style.
1646/17 Binocular 1.7x £37.50
1646/20 Binocular 2x £37.50
1646/25 Binocular 2.5x £37.50
1646/30 Binocular 3x £37.50
1646/40 Monocular 4x £32.50
1646/70 Monocular 7x £32.50
Page 25
Monocular Clip-on Magnifier, use with own
spectacles, flip-up style.
5328 2.5x £13.50
5329 3.5x £13.50
5330 4.75x £14.50
Telescopic Binoculars
3x Binocular Distance Telescopes working
Distance 70cm to infinity.
4x Binocular Distance Telescopes working
Distance 78cm to infinity
16362 2.5x Near Magnification £185.00
16363 3x Near Magnification£190.00
16364 4x Near Magnification£195.00
Page 26
Monocular Telescopes
Variable focus, single handed use, ideal for
viewing Bus numbers and Railway
4291821 Monofold
Powerful 8x21 optics, Folding design,
lightweight and easy to use, high levels
of light transmission. Small and very
4x13 small, inconspicuous design, slides into
protective case when not in use, ideal for
both leisure use and visual impairment.
6x13 Tiny, powerful monocular, Roof prism,
slide away design, with cord and carry case.
Monocular 6 x16 easy to use sliding focus,
rubberised protective housing.
As above but a more powerful 8 x16 version
ideal for viewing Bus destinations or Train
timetable boards.
Page 27
Binoculars Compact
8x21 Distance Binoculars Compact,
folding design, rubber armoured for
rugged use, water resistant,
coated optics for clear vision,
case and neck strap included.
12x25 Distance Binoculars rubber
armoured for protection folding,
compact and lightweight,coated optics
for clear view, centre focus,
with carry case and strap.
Monocular Telescope
4296825 Adventure
Eschenbach 8x25 powerful monocular.
Robust housing is protected by special
rubber casing, easy grip design, 100%
waterproof, nitrogen filled body to allow
clear field of view in any temperature.
Ideal for outside use.
Page 28
Technical & Precision Magnifiers
118210 10x 23mm £30.00
11869 3x+6x=9x 23mm £45.00
1187 4x+6x = 10x 30mm £35.00
118420 20x 17mm £49.50
118410 10x 17mm £39.50
11768 8x 23mm £30.00
11766 6x 23mm £30.00
MG3003 Double Lens 10x+20x 9&15mm
MG3000 Single Lens 10x 15mm
Page 29
14388 Menas Zoom
2.2 - 3.4x adjustable magnification
rests upon the object, ultra flat design
brightfield style.
143830 Menas Lux
Illuminated stand magnifier with fixed
magnification of 3x, height 45mm,
Lens diameter 63mm.
Requires 1xAA battery.
5404 4x Watchmakers’ 25mm
5406 5x Watchmakers’ 25mm
5408 7x Watchmakers’ 25mm
5410 9x Watchmakers’ 25mm
5412 15x Watchmakers’ 25mm
5414 20x Watchmakers’ 25mm
Page 30
One of the most overlooked
requirements in visual impairment.
Floor Standing Lamps
Daylight, mains operated easy twist
movement,18w energy saving fluorescent,
sturdy six wheeled base. Supplied with
movable 1.75x lens.112cm tall, weighs 6.6kg
Daylight Ultimate Lamp 20w low heat daylight
bulb fully positional flexi-neck. Antique brass
finish, handy work tray, fully height adjustable.
Magnifier 1.75x and clamp included.
Wheeled base, mains operated.
165cm tall weighs 12.5kg.
Black floor standing lamp 24w flood light effect
tube, metal stand with flexible arm for easy
adjustment 138cm tall. Mains operated
As above in Beige.
Page 31
Daylight Flexi-vision floor standing lamp
with 20w Energy saving bulb, low heat
shade and fully positional head, height
adjustable with anti-trip cable fasteners
mains operated 130cm tall weighs 5.8kg
Satin Silver finish.
Table Lamps
Daylight White 11w desk lamp fully
positional supplied with base and Clamp,
mains operated.
As above in Black, mains operated.
Daylight 18w desk lamp flexible goose
neck, with 1.75x magnifier,
mains operated
Daylight Triple Bright inspection work
station lamp, 3x 42w daylight tubes
providing 250w illumination, wide 60cm
head, supplied with clamp but suitable
for use with Daylight accessories,
mains operated.
Page 32
Portable Lamps
Daylight Twist portable LED lamp, light turns
on & off when head is lowered or lifted. The
LED’s never need replacing and are low in
energy consumption. Twist head design
for full positioning, mains operated,
lightweight, in white.
Daylight 13w Fluorescent Portable lamp,
light turns on & off when head is lowered or
lifted. Twist head design for full positioning,
mains operated, lightweight, in white.
Beige table flexi lamp with 24w fluorescent
tube, metal stand and base, mains operated.
Black table flexi lamp with 24w fluorescent
tube, metal stand and base, mains operated.
Naturalight LED Desk Lamp
uses 21LEDs, sleek stylish design,
30cm tall, mains operated.
Page 33
Daylight Foldi Light
Daylight Foldi in Black. Illuminated by
30 bright Daylight LEDs. Approx 8 hours
battery usage, may be powered via USB
adaptor (included), slim design.
Includes 3 x AA batteries.
Daylight Foldi as above in White
Optional mains charger for Foldi light.
Replacement Tubes
D13622 11 watt fluorescent 2 pin £8.00
D13625 13 watt fluorescent 2 pin £8.00
D13626 13 watt fluorescent 4 pin £8.00
D13621 18 watt fluorescent 4 pin £9.50
D12000 28 Watt Circular Tube £8.50
Daylight Energy Saving Bulbs
D15110 11w Screw £5.50
D15111 11w Bayonet £5.50
D15200 20w Screw £5.50
D15201 20w Bayonet £5.50
D15320 32w Screw £9.50
Page 34
Handy Lights
Daylight Clip-On LED Naturalight.
Powerful clip for attaching to books or work
surfaces, ideal for travelling, lightweight and
compact, requires 3 x AAA batteries.
Movement Sensor Night Light turns on via
movement and off when no further movement
is detected after one minute. Bright, warm LED
illumination requires 4xAA Batteries. Manual
on/off switch or automatic operation, ideal for
where mains power is unavailable.
Twin pack of mains operated LED night lights,
plug in to any standard socket turns on at dusk
off at dawn. Ideal for landings, bedrooms and
Twin pack of self-adhesive LED lights, simply
press to turn on/off. Ideal for under cupboards.
uses 3 x AAA batteries per light.
3 x LED Head Torch with tiltable body for
accurate positioning bright illumination, fully
adjustable strap. Comes with 3xAAA batteries.
Page 35
For The Professional
Low Vision Assessment Case
Choose your own Selection of aids for
presentation in a lockable ABS foam lined case
Designed to absorb, everyday scrapes and
bangs. Three sizes available please contact
us for more information. 01226-762513
Aluminium flight case with sponge interior
ideal for safe transport of aids.
Digital Light Meter
Professional light meter accurately measures
LUX levels the range is: 0.01-500000 LUX.
Pocket-sized 188x64.5x24.5mm and low
battery indicator.
Uses 1 x 12V A23 battery Included.
Page 36
Electronic Magnifiers
Eye-C is a simple portable magnifier. Large
buttons with a high contrast and tactile feel
make this product very easy to use. Eye-C
offers between 2.5x to 16x magnification and
also features a power saving mode to increase
battery life. 15x8x2.5cm weight 232g.
This compact magnifier has a 4.3’’ screen and a
full colour camera with black/white and negative
modes. The Snow offers between 2x - 16x
magnification. Rechargeable batteries give up
to 3 hours of use. 16x8x2.4cm weight 205g
Snow 7HD
Snow is a 7 inch, high definition, reading and
distance viewing hand held electronic magnifier.
Magnifies between 2.2x – 16x in full colour. The
built in stand pulls out for easy reading. Turn it
over, flick a switch and see objects in the
distance. Rechargeable batteries give up to 5
hours of use. 19.5x14x2.5cm weight 480g
TV-Eye is a discrete magnifier which plugs into
your TV via the SCART socket and offers
between 4 - 12x magnification. When it’s not in
use simply fold it down and turn it off, your TV
will return to its normal function.TV-eye is
equipped with a full colour camera which also
offers enhanced black/white or negative modes,
also includes a metal stand to allow the reading
of A4 documents without moving the camera.
Page 37
Electronic Magnifiers
Monomouse MD
Monomouse is as simple as it gets, plug it
into your TV then just turn it on and move the
mouse over a document to read it, offers 16x
magnification on a 20’’ TV and negative
(white on black) camera mode. Full colour
version also available. Mains operated.
Colourmouse MD
The MPD12 is a monomouse that comes
with its own 12” screen, but not only that, the
screen is also a large print clock and a digital
picture frame. The MPD12 comes with a
handy remote control for switching modes or
turning off and on, also available as a colour
version with MD Mode which produces a
negative image. Mains operated.
MPD 12 Colour
Reading Machine
Smart Reader
The Smart Reader is a full page OCR system
that is ideal for reading. Position your document
and press a button, in a few seconds Smart
Reader begins to read aloud. Book mode for
saving multiple pages, volume and speed
controls, natural sound male or female voices
and over 20 languages available. The Smart
Reader is fully portable and ways just over 2Kg.
Headphone output. Mains operated.
Page 38
Compact Mini
This ultra slim pocket video magnifier
has a 3.5” colour screen and offers between
2x - 11x magnification with a variety of
colour settings for greater contrast.
Rechargeable batteries, 3 hours of use.
Compact +
Portable Video Magnifier with a pull out
handle and adjustable camera position. The
4.3’’ screen allows up to 10x magnification
with multiple viewing options. Rechargeable
batteries allow 2.5 hours of use.
Compact Touch HD
Portable HD Video Magnifier with a 5” touch
screen. The 5’’ tilted screen magnifies
between 2x – 20x. Rechargeable batteries
allow 3 hours of use.
Size 13.1x7.5x3.2cm weight 300g
ClearView C 21.5
from £1495.00
ClearView C is a modern desktop video
magnifier which combines advanced
technology, with ease of use. Every object
placed on the moveable reading table can be
magnified by 1.3x to 67.5x. The ClearView C
has many options with different screen sizes
and you can also change the control panel and
features of the product to tailor your needs.
Please contact us for any further information.
Also available with a High Definition camera
and various wide screen options.
Mains operated.
ClearView C 21.5 HD
from £1795.00
Page 39
Max is a TV mouse magnifier with adjustable
magnification. Max offers between 16 - 28x
magnification and has a black and white
camera with the option of a negative image
too. Also available with a full colour camera.
Max Colour
Pebble-Mini is packed full of features but is
simple and easy to operate, with large buttons,
freeze frame, picture saving capabilities and a
colour camera that offers between 2x - 10x
magnification . Rechargeable batteries last up
to 3 hours.
Pebble HD
Pebble HD has a 4.3’’ high definition screen,
equipped with a pull out handle this magnifier
can be used like an optical lens or just fold
the handle back under and it acts as a stand
to offer fantastic image quality. Pebble HD
offers between 1.25x – 13.5x magnification
and is light weight at only 7.2 ounces,
rechargeable batteries last up to 3 hours.
Amigo HD
Amigo HD is a fully portable reading machine
for near work or distance. Displayed on a 7”
widescreen LCD. Adjustable viewing stand.
Auto focus and adjustable magnification 1.4x25x. Easy to use tactile buttons and 28 colour
modes. Rechargeable lithium ion battery with
up to 5 hours before charge. Weight 600g.
Page 40
Transformer is a compact, foldable, electronic
magnifier that can plug into any PC or Laptop.
The transformer installs itself on your system
and is ideal for school or work applications as
well as at home. Distance and near viewing.
Acrobat HD LCD
from £1770.00
Acrobat HD uses a High Definition camera that
is capable of distance and near viewing just
like the Transformer above, but it comes with
its own screen and offers up to 72x
magnification depending on your choice of
screen size. Mains operated.
Merlin Ultra HD
from £1625.00
Merlin is a desktop electronic magnifier with all
the features you would expect, available with 3
screen sizes and offering up to 77x
magnification. Merlin has easy to use controls
and can be upgraded via a feature pack to
provide even more functions. Mains operated.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more
information regarding the magnifiers
on this page.
DaVinci Full HD/OCR
DaVinci HD is an electronic magnifier with a
difference, not only, does the distance or near
view HD camera show images on the HD
screen, but DaVinci HD also has text to speech
software so it can read the viewed text to you.
With many options, including camera modes
and different voices it’s easy to let DaVinci HD
do the work for you. Mains operated.
Page 41
NoIR UV Shields block out 100% UVA,
B and C to 400nm and 100% IR light.
We stock a selection of lenses that are
effective for glare reduction and contrast
enhancement. Please feel free to contact
us for any advice you need. 01226762513
Small fit-over
Small Light Grey 58%
Small Medium Grey 32%
Small Dark Grey 13%
Small Green/Grey 7%
Small Amber 16%
Small Yellow 54%
Small Orange 49%
Medium fit-over
Light Grey 58%
Medium Grey 32%
Dark Grey 13%
Green/Grey 7%
Amber 16%
Yellow 54%
Orange 49%
Dark Amber 2%
Dark Green/Grey 1%
Page 42
Small Protec non fit-over
Polarized Grey 21%
Polarized Amber 26%
Medium Protec fit-over
Polarized Grey 21%
Polarized Amber 26%
Light Grey 58%
Medium Grey 32%
Dark Grey 13%
Green/Grey 7%
Amber 16%
Yellow 54%
Orange 49%
Sports Shield with carrier frame
Light Grey 58%
Medium Grey 32%
Dark Grey 13%
Green/Grey 7%
Amber 16%
Yellow 54%
Page 43
Nylon Frame non fit-over
Polarized Grey 21%
Polarized Amber 26%
Light Grey 58%
Medium Grey 32%
Dark Grey 13%
Green/Grey 7%
Amber 16%
Yellow 54%
Orange 49%
Clip on UV Shields
Medium Grey 32%
Amber 16%
Yellow 54%
Medium Grey 32%
Amber 16%
Yellow 54%
Children’s UV Shields
We stock a small range of children’s UV Shields
they are available in 2 sizes, Small are suitable
for children between the ages of 4-7 and the
Medium are for children between 7-9. They are
priced at £12.50 please ring for more details.
Page 44
Corded Landline Telephones
BT Big Button 200
The BT big button 200 has very large buttons,
10 speed dial buttons and 3 one touch dial
buttons too. This model is also hearing aid
compatible and comes with hands free option,
adjustable volume and amplifies incoming and
outgoing sound.
Doro 311c
This Doro phone has large buttons, volume
adjustment and has 3, one touch memories, it
is hearing aid compatible.
The Doro 312cs has all the features of the
311c but also has hands free option and a
caller display. This model needs to be plugged
into the mains as well as a phone line.
BT Electronic Ringer
Compact ,loud electronic ringer flash, alert.
BT Bell Ringer
This large bell amplifies your phone ring, just
plugs in- line with your phone cable.
Geemarc Ringer/Flasher
This ultimate ringer flasher by Geemarc has
adjustable volume and flash sequences. This
product requires plugging into the mains.
Page 45
Cordless Landline Telephones
BT- 4000
The BT Big Button 4000 cordless telephone
features large print keys, storage for 50 phone
numbers with 8 available speed dials, hearing
aid compatibility and hands free option making
this phone accessible to everyone.
BT- 4000 Twin
The BT 4000 Twin has two handsets to keep
in different areas of the home. The Second
handset and charging cradle need only be
plugged into the mains.
BT- 4500
The BT 4500 has everything the 4000 has, but
with an answer machine built into the base
station. Volume adjustment, large controls and
up to 60 minutes recording time makes it
simple and easy to use for anyone.
BT- 4500 Twin
BT- 4500 Triple
The BT 4500 Triple is a trio of handsets so that
fast access is available throughout the house.
The master base station features the answer
machine. As all the cordless telephones in this
brochure are GAP compatible you can use up
to 5 handsets from any one master base
station, just give us a ring for more information.
Page 46
Doro BP100W
The Doro BP100W has large, high contrast
buttons to allow ease of use, also features
hands free, a volume boost of +30db, easy
access memory buttons and a fast dial system
to allow quick access to 8 of the 20 phone
book entries. This handset is also hearing aid
Doro BP100W-Duo
This twin set of telephones are identical to the
BP100w above. The second handset and
charging cradle need to be plugged into the
mains but not the telephone line.
Doro BP105WR
The Doro BP105WR uses the same high spec
handset as the BP100W but the base station
has an answer machine built in, so you never
miss a call. With up to 15 minutes recording
time and large buttons the answering machine
can be set to receive messages after 2-8 rings.
Doro BP110W
The Doro BP110w has all the features of the
BP100w and more. The screen is larger,
providing a caller display that also talks to you
as you dial out and receive calls ( if caller
display is enabled by your phone provider).
Doro have also upgraded the phonebook to
allow 100 entries and 8 fast dial options.
Page 47
Mobile Telephones
Doro 508
The Doro Phone easy 508 is a basic and
simple mobile phone. The new version of the
508 can receive and send text messages.
Easy to see white keys on a black keypad and
large clear display. Comes with charging
cradle for ease of use and is hearing aid
compatible. Extra features include a torch,
reminders, wake up alarm and vibrating ringer.
Doro 580
This phone is as simple as it gets. Without a
keyboard the Doro 580 dials out to four
numbers that you pre-programme into the four
speed dial buttons. The new version also has
GPS locater to let people know where you are
in emergency. You can receive text messages
but are not able to send any.
Charger included.
Doro 612
For those who want a few more features, the
612 fits the bill with a clam shell design for
answering and ending calls with a simple flip.
The easy to use camera lets you take and
send photo’s in a snap. Large full colour
screen with an easy to see keypad. Bluetooth,
direct memories and SMS button, but this
phone doesn’t forget its roots, it is hearing
aid compatible plus emergency dialling.
Charging cradle included.
Page 48
Synapptic Smart Phones
Synapptic Carbon Phone
Synapptic Diamond 4 Phone
Compact, entry-level smartphone designed to
be easy-to-use and quick-to-learn. Simple
customisable menus, with speech and
magnification make this phone fully accessible.
Ideal for calls, texts and emails but also
includes GPS, colour identifier, voice
recognition and voice commands also
available In a 10” Tablet ring for details.
Synapptic Titanium 10 Tablet
For more information on synapptic phones
and software please call us on
01226 762513 or visit our website.
Talking Watches Solar Powered
Solar powered radio controlled talking
watch, tells time and date, alarm function,
leather strap and large 40mm face.
No need for batteries this watch is
charged by light.
Solar powered radio controlled talking watch,
tells time and date, alarm function,expanding
metal bracelet and large 40mm face. No need
for batteries this watch is charged by light.
Page 49
Talking Watches
Gents radio controlled talking watch,
tells time and date, alarm function,
leather strap and large 40mm face.
Battery operated.
Gents radio controlled talking watch,
tells time and date, alarm function,
Expanding metal bracelet and large
40mm face. Battery operated.
Ladies radio controlled talking watch,
tells time and date, alarm function,
leather strap and clear 35mm face.
Battery operated.
Ladies radio controlled talking watch,
tells time and date, alarm function,
expanding metal bracelet and clear
35mm face. Battery operated.
Talking watch with chrome case and
expanding metal strap. Includes 4 separate
alarms, stopwatch, displays time and date,
announces time in female voice.
Battery operated.
Page 50
Talking watch with large plastic case and strap.
Includes 4 separate alarms and stopwatch.
Displays time and date, announces time in
female voice. Battery operated.
Talking watch with small plastic case and strap.
Includes 4 separate alarms and stopwatch.
Displays time and date, announces time in
female voice. Battery operated.
Talking, illuminated LCD radio controlled
watch. Rugged look, high impact resin
case complete with alarm. 46mm face.
Battery operated.
Talking watch with easy access button to tell
the time, also has a wheel to alter settings
such as alarm or time. Battery operated.
Talking watch with bold LCD display. Hourly
time and alarm function. Female voice and
black plastic strap. Battery operated.
TW431 (Blue strap)
Childs talking watchs. Announces, time and
date in a clear voice. Single button operation,
Yellow numbers with a blue face and blue
numbers on a pink face. Battery operated.
TW431.1 (Pink strap)
Page 51
Talking Clocks
Talking calendar clock with clear male voice,
talking menu and simple operation.
Battery or mains operated. 1x 9v PP3
Radio Controlled talking calendar clock with
clear male voice and fully spoken adjustment
menu. Requires 4xAA batteries included.
Talking cube clock. Male voice and simple,
easy menus for adjusting alarms or the time.
Battery operated. 4xAA included.
Talking Clock with built-in thermometer.
Announces time, temperature and humidity.
Battery operated. 4xAAA.
Talking calendar clock with clear female voice.
One button operation and large display.
Mains powered.
Page 52
A Simple talking clock with an analogue face,
just hit the button to hear the time in a female
voice. Alarm and hourly time available.
Battery operated. 2xAA.
Talking Clock that illuminates when the button
is pressed. Also announces the temperature in
a female voice. Battery operated. 2xAA.
A novelty talking clock. Press the penguin’s hat
to hear the time and use its wings to alter the
settings. Battery operated. 2xAAA.
A novelty talking clock. Press the apple’s
stalk to hear the time and temperature
whilst illuminating the digital display.
Battery operated. 2xAAA.
The smallest talking clock available, attaches
to your key ring. One button operation and an
alarm function. Battery operated. 2x386X
Page 53
Large Print Clocks & Watches
Large easy to see wall clock requires 1x AA
battery 12’’ / 30cm diameter.
Large easy to see wall clock requires 1x AA
battery 14’’ / 35cm diameter.
Large easy to see radio controlled wall clock
requires 1x AA battery 10’’ / 25cm diameter.
Large easy to see radio controlled wall clock
requires 1x AA battery 16’’ / 41cm diameter.
Large easy to see wall clock with calendar
and thermometer. 30cm diameter.
Battery operated.
Jumbo easy to see quartz watch with
black leather strap. Face 40mm diameter.
Battery operated
Easy to see ladies quartz watch with
black leather strap. Face 32mm diameter.
Battery operated
Page 54
Everyday Talking Products
from Caretec in Austria.
Talking colour identifier and light probe. Small
and easy to handle with high quality speech
output. The Colorino detects 100 different
nuances of colour, requires 3xAAA Batteries.
Bosch talking tape measure. Recalls length in
metric or imperial. Maximum tape length is 5
meters or 16 ft, requires 2xAA Batteries.
Wooffy is a battery tester that helps you
identify the charge status of your batteries with
an acoustic signal, requires 2xAAA batteries.
CT-Turbo 6
The turbo 6 is a talking battery charger, it will
announce when a charge cycle has finished or
at a push of a button will announce if any ‘slots’
are occupied and charging or not. Suitable for
any sized rechargeable batteries. Mains
Page 55
CT-Kitchen Scales
Highly accurate kitchen scales with a weight
capacity of 5kg. Large buttons and high quality
voice output. Mains or battery operated.
CT-Kitchen Scales DLX
Highly accurate kitchen scales with extra
features: add weights, reference scale, fluid
scale, counting function, speaking clock and
egg timer. Battery or mains operated.
CT-Bathroom Scales
The ultimate bathroom scale with clear speech
output and highly accurate measurements this
scale can be used to monitor the weight of up
to 5 users. Requires 4xAAA batteries.
CT-Gluki Plus
Talking blood sugar monitor with electrode
sensor technology to ensure the highest
measuring accuracy. Saves 20 earlier
readings. The Gluki is non-returnable due to
hygiene reasons. We also stock strips and
lancets for this monitor just ring for details.
Includes 2xAA batteries.
CT-Sweet Heart
Highly accurate blood pressure monitor and
pulse meter with integrated speech output.
The sweetheart can also store previous
readings for 3 different users giving up to 300
readings to recall. Mains or battery operated.
Page 56
Everyday Talking Products
Talking kitchen scales, metric or imperial.
Requires 1 PP3 9v battery or can be powered
by a mains adaptor.
Talking personal scales, metric or imperial.
Clear Male Voice, requires 1 PP3 9v Battery.
Talking measuring jug, clear male voice
announces measurements in metric and
imperial values, requires 1 PP3 9v battery.
Talking ear and forehead thermometer with
built in LCD display, high quality voice and built
in LED torch. Measures ambient temperature.
Requires 2 AAA batteries.
Talking kitchen timer with digital display, water
resistant and quick and easy to set, this timer
counts up or down in hours minutes and
Page 57
Talking A4 desk calculator with large
print buttons and display.
Volume adjustable and with a
headphone socket to enable private use.
Requires 2 AAA batteries.
Talking pedometer announces number
of steps, distance and calories at the
touch of a button.
Liquid level indicator hangs on your cup
and vibrates and beeps when your cup
is almost full and again when full.
Talking tin magnetic memo recorder,
10 seconds recording time.
Talking tin magnetic memo recorder,
30 seconds recording time.
Voice pad with adhesive sticker records
message to put in a card.
Page 58
Independent Living Products
Olympus DP211
A very simple digital recording device with a
large and simple display and tactile and easy
to use buttons. DP211 has 202 hours of
recording time and 80 hours of battery life.
Boom Box
A very easy to use portable MP3 music/audio
book player and FM Radio. Plays audio from
memory sticks. Light brown wood-effect with
high contrast bright yellow tactile buttons.
Measures 4.88”x3.2”x2.8x. Weight 280g
Includes rechargeable battery and AC/USB
cable. Can be used with headphones (not
included). Battery life 4 hours before charge.
Jumbo universal remote control that
can be used for multiple devices including
TV, DVD and VCR. Supplied with
instructions, requires 2 x AA batteries.
Doro simplified remote control. Large
simple buttons and truly universal, this
remote learns commands from any existing
remote control. Requires 2 AAA batteries.
Whistle key finder just attaches to your
keys then sounds an alarm if you whistle.
Also includes a handy torch.
Page 59
Eye Drop Dispensers
Opticare eye drop dispenser is suitable for 3
different sized bottles, easy to squeeze.
Arthro eye drop dispenser for 5ml bottles for
those with poor manual dexterity.
Arthro eye drop dispenser for 10ml bottles.
Designed for those with poor manual dexterity.
Tactile Markers / Health Products
Hi Mark-O
Orange tactile marking paste.
Orange bump-ons, 5mm diameter.
54 per sheet.
Black bump-ons, 5mm diameter. 54 per sheet.
Clear (see through) bump-ons, 5mm diameter.
54 per sheet.
Automatic needle threader makes easy work
of threading needles. Includes 2 needles.
Page 60
Pill Organisers
Dossett Medium sized pill organiser
7 days dosage 28 compartments, 4 per day.
Size: 155x102x25mm.
Dossett Maxi large sized pill organiser
7 days dosage 28 compartments, 4 per day.
Size: 205x133x38mm.
Easy to use 7 day pill box with
braille markings on each compartment.
Pillpress is designed to make removing tablets
from blister packaging much easier.
Vibrating pill box comes with a digital timer
built in, It has 5 pill compartments and a
separate alarm for each. Optional vibrate or
audible alarm.
Page 61
Magnifying Mirrors
Compact Mirror
A truly stunning white mirror compact, two
Mirrors, one a true image the other 10x
Magnification 10.5cm diameter.
Travel Mirror
Dual mirror, 10x magnification, reverse
side a true image, Folds flat for easy
transportation. 10cm x 8cm weighs 96g
Double Pedestal Mirror
Two mirrors one at each end of a flexi-neck.
One 7x magnifier and one true image.
Easy to move around weighs 417g
Mirror diameter. 12.5cm
Premier Pedestal Mirror
Top of the range, 10x magnification on one side
and a true image on the reverse, swivel head.
Silver finish with chrome detail.
Height 33cm Mirror diameter 20cm.
Page 62
Stickers / Large print Keyboards
Large print keyboard stickers black on white.
Large print keyboard stickers black on yellow.
Large print keyboard stickers white on black.
Geemarc Large print keyboard white on black.
Plug and play via USB connection.
Geemarc large print keyboard black on yellow
with multimedia keys.
Plug and play via USB connection.
PIATNIK Easy to see Playing Cards
Standard size, large print, playing cards
with Blue backs or Red backs.
Giant print, standard size, playing cards
with Blue backs or Red backs.
Page 63
Stationery / Writing Aids / Diaries.
Fibre tip pen for crisp and clear handwriting.
Banknote guide for identifying bank notes.
Black plastic signature guide.
Black plastic line guide helps with reading or
Black plastic A4 typoscope.
Pack-VIP A4
Pack-VIP A5
Bold lined writing pad, 100 sheets per pack.
A6 Jotter with bold lined paper and a blue
plastic cover
Page 64
Large print, desk size telephone books.
Large print, desk size address books.
VIPA6PDYC (2015)
Large print pocket diary A6 size.
Full week display.
VIPA5MD (2015)
Large print midi diary A5 sized.
Full week display.
VIPA4DD (2015)
Large print desk diary A4 sized.
Full week display. Includes notes section.
VIPCAL (2015)
Large print wall calendar A3 sized. One month
per page, weekends highlighted.
We offer a larger range of VIP products
please contact us if you require something
not listed in this brochure or see our
website for more details.
Page 65
Walking sticks and long canes
Height adjustable, folding,
white walking stick with
wrist strap and rubber ferrule.
( 4 Part )
White height adjustable walking stick
with wrist strap and ergonomic handle.
( 2 Part )
White wooden walking stick with
crook handle and rubber ferrule,
can be cut to any length.
White wooden walking stick with
derby handle and rubber ferrule,
can be cut to any length.
Clip-on walking stick holder, attaches to
tables etc. Adjustable design means it
supports the width of most walking sticks.
Page 66
White, folding symbol cane,
available sizes 70cm (3part) or 85cm (4part).
Carbon fibre symbol cane, available in 5cm
increment lengths from 70cm-115cm.
Carbon fibre long cane, available in 5cm
increments between 90cm-140cm.
Carbon fibre, folding long cane, available in
5cm increments between 90cm-140cm.
Carbon fibre children’s long cane, available in
5cm increments between 65cm-85cm.
Carbon fibre children’s folding long cane,
available in 5cm increments between 65cm85cm.
Carbon fibre telescopic long cane, when
extended 126cm in length. Includes case.
Long Cane Replacement Tips
A range of long cane tips are available
including metal tips, roller tips and teardrop
shape, please feel free to telephone for help
about ordering tips or long canes.
Page 67
Large Print Puzzle Books
Large Print Crossword Books
Large print crossword puzzle book
available in 5 editions.
25 crosswords per book.
Large Print Word Search Books £3.00
Large print word search books
available in 3 editions,
( book 1 is a mixture of
word search / crosswords ).
Large Print SuDoku Books
Large Print SuDoku books with
extra large A4 grids and over
25 puzzles per book and 6
editions available.
Large Print Word Fit Book
Large print word fit puzzle book
large A4 grid.
More editions with be printed this year.
If you have
difficulty in
selecting a suitable
aid. Please contact us
and we will help you reach an
informed decision. Please note: it is
vital that you have consulted an eye specialist before
acquiring low vision aids you may have an eye condition which
requires treatment, ideally, if you have reading glasses please wear them when
viewing this page, all our goods are available on a free seven day trial
We are here to help.
01226 762513
Contact us:
Telephone: 01226 762513
Email: sales@sw-retail.co.uk
Website: www.icswretail.co.uk
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