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March 2013
Liberty Mobile for
Access Control & Safety
Key Points
Libety Mobile - No More Cards, No More
Readers or No More Control Panels
 A QR Code or NFC Chip at a
door along with a Smart Phone
will provide enhanced Access
Liberty Mobile is the newest Liberty App for lowering the cost of securing facilities. Users simply use
their Windows Phone to scan and transmit a QR Code door identifier or NFC Chip. If the user is
authorized, the door unlocks through a Liberty Bridge. The application will operate using a WiFi
connection or by use of the Cellular System should WiFi not be detected.
 Card Readers and Cards are not
The cost of Card Readers, Cards and Control Panels is eliminated while delivering a superior security
solution over existing IT infrastructure. Apps will soon be available for all major Smart Phone
operating systems.
Where Operational Policy is strict such as in industrial plants, greater savings can be realized by the
elimination of Electric locks and associated Power Supplies. By using door contacts, an alarm is
generated if a person happens to pass through a door without using their Smart Phone for access.
The installation cost savings through this approach is enormous. There is no need for door wiring,
electric locks, card readers, control panels, cards or even local servers.
 A Smart Phone will transmit a
door identifier QR code to a
Server via Wi-Fi or Cellular
which ever is available.
 Emergency Mustering can be
accomplished by placing QR
Codes external to the facility.
 MS codes also supported
Enhanced Safety for Industrial Applications
Industrial and some commercial owners are faced with the requirement of Emergency Mustering.
Liberty Mobile QR codes or NFC Chips can be located at key locations to provide low cost
automation of the mustering function—no more lengthy roll calls; just a quick mobile report on who
is missing and automatic mobile notification to emergency personnel. Liberty Mobile can also be
used to dramatically reduce the cost of deploying Guard Tour systems.
Secure Printer Networks
Liberty Mobile solves the problem of Document Security on a shared printer network. A QR code
attached to each printer requires staff to be physically present for document printing.
Contractor Tracking
QR codes or NFC Chips can be affixed to doors to track deliveries and contractors; such as snow
removal contractors.
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