XProtect® Corporate
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XProtect® Corporate
The Milestone open
platform is your
foundation for success
In large-scale installations, XProtect Corporate provides exceptional surveillance overview
and control.
Premium software with no limits
XProtect® Corporate is powerful, IP video management software (VMS) designed for
large-scale, multi-site installations. XProtect Corporate supports an unlimited number
of cameras, users and sites. For systems demanding complete situational awareness
and immediate response time, XProtect Corporate offers easy-to-use clients that
integrate with interactive multi-layered maps and alarms. Built-in support for XProtect
Smart Wall, Milestone’s video wall functionality with flexible configuration and independent choice in hardware, enables seamless command center control.
When there’s no room for error
XProtect Corporate provides the ultimate peace of mind for high risk, large-scale security installations. Edge storage support combined with XProtect Corporate’s failover
recording servers and redundant management server ensure video recordings are
never interrupted and access to the system is always maintained.
Milestone is the world’s leading
provider of open platform IP video
surveillance software. XProtect is
designed with open architecture
that allows for integration with the
widest choice of network video and
computer hardware. The XProtect
products interface with more than
1,000 IP cameras, encoders and
select DVRs from over 80 different
manufacturers. Committed to providing a true IP video open platform
and freedom of choice, Milestone
is proud to be among the first VMS
vendors to support ONVIF and
PSIA standards.
The open platform lets you optimize
your security installation with today’s and tomorrow’s best-of-breed
solutions since hardware is decoupled from software. By integrating IP
video with multiple security systems
and video analytics, you gain true
value-adding efficiency and expand
your capabilities.
Limitless: Milestone Federated ArchitectureTM and centralized management enables easy and efficient
administration of multi-site installations.
Future-proof: Grow your installation according to your needs with the freedom to choose optimal hardware.
Cost-effective: Significantly reduce the cost of video archiving with multi-stage storage.
made simple
XProtect Smart Wall
provides powerful
surveillance overview
Milestone’s top-of-the-line product, XProtect Corporate is
the powerful IP surveillance solution preferred for large,
multi-site, high-risk security installations.
Milestone’s Smart Wall for XProtect Corporate is an advanced video wall product that
provides supreme situational awareness
for large surveillance installations, and integrates seamlessly with the XProtect Smart
Client and map functions.
XProtect Corporate is straightforward to operate letting you focus on
security and not be overwhelmed by technology. XProtect Corporate’s
innovative central administration, intuitive wizards, flexible rules system,
automatic network scanning and camera model detection allow you to
efficiently manage complex installations, especially with several locations.
The Smart Wall is an add-on product that
allows you to easily populate layouts by
dragging and dropping cameras into the
monitor views. There is no limit to the number of screens for each Smart Wall, and one
or several view presets can be defined to
control the layout (grid) and actual content/
In XProtect Corporate, all daily operations are executed through the
Milestone XProtect Smart Client, an easy-to-use client application.
Continually setting the standard in IP video management, the XProtect
Smart Client provides instant access to live cameras or recorded video.
XProtect Smart Client features:
The Sequence Explorer: an instant overview of recorded video and
bookmarked incidents, which speeds up your investigation work
and simplifies evidence export
Independent playback: allows you to playback events on one camera while still monitoring live video
Overlay buttons: enable control of cameras and devices directly
from the camera view
Multiple language support: the XProtect Smart Client is available in
23 different languages
The XProtect Smart Wall offers a uniquely
efficient working environment and can
greatly improve the response time in large
installations since you can focus on critical
areas. Additionally, the Smart Wall is a costeffective solution because it is hardware
independent; freeing you to choose the right
solution for your installation.
XProtect Corporate also features comprehensive user rights settings
and allows administrators to enable or disable certain settings according to specific staff categories or user skill levels. User access rights
can also be based on time profiles, enabling time-conditioned access to
cameras, the ability to playback specific cameras, control PTZ (Pan-TiltZoom) cameras or export evidence material.
Meeting the needs of customers across the globe, XProtect Corporate’s
Management Client is available in 11 languages and upholds viewing
regulations with privacy masking. Privacy masking is a feature used
to protect privacy by concealing parts of an image from being viewed.
Once activated, the privacy mask is consistently applied to live, playback and exported video, protecting the privacy of the sensitive image.
Edge Storage
XProtect Smart
XProtect Corporate
Recording Server
XProtect Video Database
Ensuring the continuous availability of
recorded audio and video in the event of
network or server failure
Onboard video storage
XProtect Corporate features Edge Storage,
an industry-first, safeguard feature that allows
cameras to function as failover devices in
the event of network or server failure. Edge
Storage is a valuable feature for installations
demanding continuous availability of critical
audio and video, and for installations with
unstable network connections. This innovative
technology stores audio and video recordings
directly on cameras, and enables recordings
to be retrieved and viewed in XProtect’s video
management software once the connection is
Powerful new features: Bookmarking,
Multi-Stage Storage and Alarm Manager
Multi-Stage Storage
Alarm Manager
Bookmarking lets you flag video sequences of particular interest and add
descriptive notes.
XProtect Corporate’s multi-stage
storage allows setting multiple archive
steps with individual retention times
and frame rates. The ability to reduce
frame rates, or groom video data at
each storage stage helps significantly
reduce the cost of long-term video
The new Alarm Manager consolidates
alarms from all security devices and
systems connected to XProtect Corporate. Tight integration with XProtect
Corporate’s map function enables you
to quickly detect and locate alarms,
and the alarm list provides a consolidated and clear overview of active
alarms and their severity.
Bookmarking is an ideal tool for users
to share information about incidents,
especially those on different shifts.
Bookmarks can be generated both
manually and automatically based on
rules. For example, the system could
generate a bookmark every time a
door is opened during certain hours.
The system dashboard gives an
at-a-glance overview of available
storage and allows you to optimize
the storage usage even for individual
Federating access to multiple VMS systems
Milestone Federated Architecture™ is a solution that
allows multiple, independent sites using XProtect
Corporate to be interconnected.
Milestone federated architecture enables you to scale your
system endlessly, and also gives you ultimate overview of
your entire installation by combining centralized and local site
administration into one efficient, easy-to-manage system.
Each site in the federated architecture can operate as an
independent system or the sites can be managed as one
centralized system, and cameras throughout the system can
all be seamlessly accessed.
A typical federated architecture scenario would be a retail
chain deployment where the individual stores are handled
as independent sites, but still with some degree of primary,
centralized management. This makes even very
large surveillance installations easy to manage.
Instant access to cameras enables
immediate visual verification of alarms,
minimizing the number of false alarms.
The Open Platform: a foundation
for long-term success
Milestone XProtect acts as the
powerful core of surveillance systems, providing the widest choice
in third-party hardware components and integration with other
business systems. It is the foundation enabling you to cost-effectively choose the best solutions
for today and tomorrow.
Server and
About Milestone Systems
Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the global industry leader in open platform IP video management software. The XProtect platform
delivers powerful surveillance that is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations around the world. With
support for the widest choice in network hardware and integration with other systems, XProtect provides best-of-breed solutions to ‘video
enable’ organizations – managing risks, protecting people and assets, optimizing processes and reducing costs. Milestone software is
sold through authorized and certified partners. For more information, visit: www.milestonesys.com
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