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Vol 22 Issue 2, 15 February 2017
The Principal’s Pen
Dear Parents,
This week our Year 4-6 students have started their swimming lessons, hopefully
we see a little more sun soon. Thank you to parents for ensuring students are well
prepared for the swimming program, this always makes a big difference to the
children‟s confidence and the success of our swimming program. Thank you to Mr
Bell for helping to coordinate the swimming program and a big thank you to our
swimming teachers too!
We have hit the ground running with lots of excitement happening in classrooms
and around our school. Our first assembly took place last week with Miss
Corunna‟s Room 13 Year 5 students putting on a terrific assembly item. They
shared the 6 Kinds of Best values focus with the audience and carried it off well.
Well done.
We have a strong emphasis on developing good values in our students at Halls
Head Primary School with our 6 Kinds of Best (6KOB) program and also our
Virtues focus. In 2017 we are reinforcing this across the school through a number
of strategies, including visible signage, class activities and practising and raising
awareness of our 6 KOB by rewarding students practising these in our everyday
school life. We are also exploring some fun ideas for staff to engage in with one
another complementing our focus on positivity and practising and modelling our
6KOB values.
YR 4-6
Monday 13th
through to
Friday 24th
23rd February
24th February
YR 4-6
Student Councillors
Our Student Councillors impressed with their first public speaking event at last
week‟s assembly. They spoke confidently to our audience and presented a
number of reports, including a personal snapshot of each of themselves to the
students. I look forward to our Student Councillors leading our students and being
good ambassadors for our school this semester. Congratulations again to our first
semester councillors:
Tom Doherty
Cassandra Evans
Amy Hubert
Olivia McIntyre
Livinia Mouna Oliver Taylor
Coming up on
The Principal’s Pen ….. Cont.
Runners Club 2017
Mr Bell was inundated with a strong turn out for our 2017 Runners Club which has taken off with nearly 100
competitors first up. A great result which should inspire all of us and contribute to everyone‟s health and
School Board Uniform Change
In 2016 our School Board introduced a school hat to the school uniform dress code. This was previously
communicated to parents and was in response to ongoing parent requests and our commitment to being a
sun safe school. As of the beginning of Term 1 2017, this will be encouraged
for all students with a grace period of up to the end of Term 2 whereby it will
become a requirement for all students. These hats have been selected due to
their enhanced sun safe attributes, to assist with visibility, supervision and
safety particularly when on excursions or at sporting events, their wearability
and washability as well as having cost in mind. I am very pleased with this
new addition of a school hat as it will emphasise and encourage good habits
in regards to sun safe practices, enhance our school appearance will also assist students in establishing a
sense of belonging within our school. Examples of the hat will be on display in the front office for purchase
from Hot Klobba.
Last week we held the P&C AGM with a terrific turnout of 20 participants. Thank you to our outgoing
committee members who have contributed to our P&C and school in these voluntary positions.
Congratulations to our newly elected committee
President - Carrie Salter
Vice President - Karen Larkman
Secretary - Amy Flaherty
Treasurer - Donna Giles
Our P&C has a strong relationship with our school and continues to be a positive voice for parents, providing
a terrific Canteen service to our school and also funds for numerous items and programs that directly benefit
our students. For example, Library books, iPads, digital cameras and online programs such as World Book,
play equipment such as the junior playground sand toys, class incentives such as student stickers and many
other items for students. Our P&C is a terrific way to support our school and students. Thank you to our
P&C volunteers who continue to give so much to our school and students.
School Development Days 2017
In 2017, School Development Days, or pupil free days are scheduled for Monday 30th January, Tuesday 31st
January, Monday 24th April, Monday 17th July, Monday 9th October and Friday15th December.
Peter Beckingham
Mr Heighton’s Homily
Parents should have received the Education Department‟s brochure last week, from school, which details the
timeline and important information for this year‟s NAPLAN examinations. Please discuss with your child‟s class
teacher any specific concerns regarding the tests or testing period which is due to take place from the 9 th to the
11th of May in Term 2, for our Year 3 and 5 students.
Our Pre-Primary teachers are preparing for their one to one formal „On Entry Assessments‟ this week. Testing
begins next week and will run through until Wk5. This is a comprehensive set of tests but one which will provide
essential information regarding literacy and numeracy skills and understandings, relative to each individual, within
the respective classes. This, in turn, will provide an informed platform for future programming that is dedicated
towards student needs. As this is a state wide initiative, results won‟t be available until later in the term, however,
an extremely valuable diagnostic report, summarising your child‟s results, will be made available for parents at this
time. Thank you to our wonderful Pre Primary teachers, Mrs Petchell and Mrs Morrish for their hard work in relation
to OEA.
Our school has made a significant investment over the last couple of years to develop and maintain a tablet
technology infrastructure at Halls Head PS. That investment has continued this year, in terms of hardware
peripherals such as headphones, styluses, mounts, increased wireless access points and cabling. We have also
invested in software apps incl. cybersafety education and allocated time for a Technology Curriculum Coordinator
to support this direction, with a very digitally capable Miss Phillips taking on this leadership role.
These resources are provided to support the educational ethos of the School. The objective in employing tablet
technology is to promote educational excellence: by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, research, creativity,
communication, increased productivity, mobile learning and by enhancing special needs opportunities. They will
also support opportunities for student skills practice and concept attainment in our current Literacy and Numeracy
block rotations. Tablet technology is a multimodal literacy medium; using animation, visual, audio and spatial
comprehension clues as well as traditional text. In various combinations, these literacy forms all serve to enhance
the learning experience for our students and cater for a significantly broader range of learning styles, allowing for
greater differentiation to support individual learning needs. Our investment in this area will stand our students in
good stead when NAPLAN goes „online‟ in 2019 as they will already have had significant „online‟ experiences
including a range of test formats.
All staff have been busy up-skilling and becoming more familiar with a
variety of new software apps to augment existing programs. Our School
Principal, School Board and P&C have also been keen and proactive
supporters of this evolution. I would like to thank everybody involved in
furthering this initiative to make sure Halls Head PS remains at the
forefront of technological advances in education and I look forward to
showcasing our successes in due course.
PEAC Cycle One begins this week, for our Year 5 and 6 students, at Halls Head College. The „Building Change‟
course gives our Yr5‟s and 6‟s a great opportunity to extend their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and
Maths) skills. Thank you to the parents who returned information slips and course fees promptly, in the small
timeframe available before course commencements. Students should attend in their school uniform, take their
school bag, pencil case, water bottle, recess snack and lunch - as PEAC is an all-day event this year. Students are
reminded that they have been accepted into PEAC courses on the proviso that they keep up with regular class
work and that they take the time to discuss with their respective teachers what they need to do to catch-up on
lessons missed while attending PEAC courses. We sincerely hope they all enjoy the course and benefit from this
terrific extension opportunity.
Mr Heighton’s Homily….. Cont.
Students are reminded that it is a legal requirement for anyone
riding bicycles and scooters to be wearing an approved safety
helmet. Parents please assist us in placing an emphasis on the
safety aspect as well as the legality issues in order to prevent any
of our students from injury or police fines. Any students found riding to school without a helmet will have their name
recorded and parents will be contacted. We will also instigate on the spot checks at school due to our concern over
this issue.
Steve Heighton
Cooperation is working together and sharing the load. When we cooperate, we join
with others to do things that cannot be done alone. We are willing to follow the
rules which keep everyone safe and happy. Together we can accomplish great
The Science Spot
Welcome back everyone!
Thank you very much to Molly and Paige Stewart and Ashley and Jake Thomas for caring for all of our
aquarium fish and axolotl so well over the holiday break. The fish and amphibians are all happily settling
into their new homes.
Also a big thank you to Jonathan, Samantha, Charlotte and Alexander Schiller for their very generous
donation of special rocks. We now have some terrific samples including Mica, Petrified Wood and
“Chalcopyrite”. You may have heard the “pyrite” part of this name before. A gold token goes to the first 3
students who can tell me its common name.
If any parents have a special interest in Science through their work or hobbies or have items of interest
they would like to share with our school, please come and see me in the Science Lab.
Kylie Staples
Baby Clothes Donations
Donations of size 00 baby clothes, both girls and boys. are
sought by the Kindy. If you have any unwanted baby clothing that is in good condition it would be greatly
appreciated. If you can assist please drop it into the Kindy classroom.
From the Sports Desk
Runners‟ Club commenced last Thursday with over 100 enrolments. More than 65
children have run each day. Just as importantly, there have been parents and teachers
participating, also. Runners‟ Club was started over two decades ago by Mr Staples. He‟d be happy to
hear that so many students are still participating in this healthy initiative.
2017 Runners‟ Club T-shirts can be ordered by completing and returning the form attached to the note
sent out this week. They will cost $12:00.
League Tag Training continues this Friday at 8:10am on the school oval. The teams will be selected in
the coming weeks for the Interschool Carnival to be held on Friday 10th March at Meadow Springs.
Swimming Lessons is currently underway for Years 4-6. Thank you to all the parents who made the
prompt payment and returning of Enrolment Forms a priority.
Our school‟s Faction Swimming Carnival is to be held at MARC on Week 7 for Years 4-6 who have
passed Stage 6 of In-Term Swimming. Hopefully the children are setting some goals towards this event.
Mike Bell
Musical Notes
Donate your old buckets!
Miss Dhu is asking for donations of hardy / sturdy buckets to help our talented students make their own
drumkits! Metal or plastic buckets are fine. Please wash your bucket and drop it off at the music room.
Kaboom Incursion
A reminder to all parents and students to return their Kaboom incurison permission slip and money. This
awesome interactive percussion performance will be a great introduction to the drumming unit your child
will be doing in Performing Arts with Miss Dhu
Sian Dhu
"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything" - Plato.
"Let us go singing as far as we go; The road will be less tedious" - Virgil, Eclogues
Library News
Welcome to our new families, I have provided some information about the Library Resource Centre,
which will help students in their time at the school.
Opening Hours:
Parents are welcome to come to the Library before and after school with their child to change
books. The Library is closed however; on Thursdays.
Students need to borrow during their designated Library time each week. The timetable is displayed on
the library door to inform parents and remind students of their borrowing times.
In the case of students finishing their book early or if students were absent on their Library day, the
Library times are as follows:
- Before school
8.25am-8.40am MON, TUES, WED & FRI
- After school
2.50pm-3.15pm MON, TUES, WED & FRI
- Lunch time
12.50 only if Mrs Bishop is in the Library
- Recess
For Returns:
The library is open for returns any time. They are to be left on Mrs Bishop‟s desk.
If you would like to help at school and pick up some new skills as well, we welcome your help in our
Library. Please see me before or after school if you are interested.
Library Bags:
Library Bags are for sale in the Library for $4.50. Cloth bags are required for borrowing Library books.
Amanda Bishop
Phone 9582 9011
Good news! Our library subscribes to the World Book Web.
The products we have access to are:
World Book Kids which is designed to give younger students, ESL students and reluctant readers a
rewarding online learning experience. The site illustrations, diagrams and maps enrich thousands of
articles selected for appeal and relevance. It includes the facility to compare animals and compare
places side by side, plus interactive games and activities, and science projects.
World Book Students which forms the foundation of an expansive reference database that includes
over 40,000 encyclopaedia and reference articles and thousands of links to age appropriate outside web
sites. It also includes an extensive biography feature, local and country research guides, dictionary and
atlas, plus audios, visuals and animations. An excellent tool for research at school and home.
Early World of Learning which has been designed for pre-schoolers and children in early primary. It
teaches childhood themes such as numbers, colours, shapes, etc, provides levelled reading practice
and dynamic visual encyclopaedia, together with classic children‟s stories, nursery rhymes, sing-along
songs and printable activities.
Our World Book subscription allows us to give you and your family access to this valuable reference
source on your home computers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
To access the World Book Web, follow these simple staps:
Go to
Enter Username: hallshead
Enter Password: password
Save your user name and password for faster login simply tick the box labelled “Remember my ID and
Password”. The next time you visit World Book the login
prompt will already contain your username and password.
Once you arrive at the World Book home page, you should
bookmark the page or add to favourites for easy access to
World Book in the future.
Ages 18mths to 13 Years
For further information
0484 665 965
[email protected]
4 Big Kids
Outside School Hours Care
6.30am to 6pm
Before/After School Care
Halls Head Primary School
Children from Kindy to 15 yrs
Monies for the above can be paid online.
ANZ Bank Mandurah
BSB: 016-745 A/C #: 340844365
Please use your child’s name as a reference and
advise the school that this payment has been
Caroline 0421 857 895
Kylie 0411 589 349
Jodi 0477 997 774
Email: [email protected]
4 Big Kids Outside School Hours Care Mandurah WA
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