POWERNAIL PowerPalm Instructions / Assembly

POWERNAIL PowerPalm Instructions / Assembly
PowerPalm™ Pneumatic Nailer
The PowerPalm Nailer is used to drive 16 or 18 gage Powercleats® in those hard-to-reach places where
traditional flooring nailers can’t reach (finishing rows, starter rows, end strips, transitions, etc.)
• Always wear safety glasses with
side shields that meet ANSI Z87.1
requirements when operating the
tool. Make sure all others in work
area wear safety glasses.
• Always wear hearing protection
to protect your hearing from noise.
Prolonged exposer to loud noise
can result in hearing loss.
• TO LOAD: Point tool in a safe
direction, lightly place one nail in
the guide bushing tip. A magnet in
the bushing will hold the nail. DO
NOT PUSH THE NAIL. Pushing the
nail too deep into the tip can result
in activating the tool.
• Only connect air to an unloaded
tool to avoid accidental discharge
and always keep tool pointed in a
safe direction.
• Never point tool at yourself or
others in the work area. Always
keep tool pointed in a safe direction
at all times.
• Use only clean, dry, regulated air,
not to exceed 70 - 100 psi
• Never use oxygen or other bottled
gasses-explosion may occur.
AIR SUPPLY before making any
adjustments, repairing, clearing
jams or when the Nailer is not in
use. Do not use on scaffolding
or ladders and disconnect Nailer
from air supply when transporting
between installation areas.
• Never attach the female end of
a quick disconnect to the Nailer.
This will trap air inside the Nailer
and permit it to be discharged. Only
the unrestricted male connection
should be attached to the Nailer.
Your Air Palm Nailer is an Automatic Hammer.
It has no trigger—it starts driving when the rod of piston
assembly presses against the fastener’s head.
It will automatically stop when the fastener’s head no longer
touches this piston rod.
The operator needs only a slight amount of pressure to
activate the tool. Do not force the tool.
Powernail Power Palm Nailer Tool-Tips
1) Place one nail in the guide bushing
2) Do not push harder than necessary to activate nailer
3) Nailer will drive & set nail with minimal pressure
4) For exotic & dense wood, 1-1/2” length nails work best
5) Sub-floor must be solid for nail to drive & set correctly.
Use the palm nailer to
nail down your starter
rows. Be sure to leave the
recommended expansion
space between the wall
and your starter rows.
Use the palm nailer for
2-3 rows or until you are
far enought from the wall
where you can start using a
Use the palm nailer on the last
couple of finishing rows where a
can’t be used.
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