Great Day HU200B Installation guide

Great Day HU200B Installation guide
Model: HU200
1- Pet step assembly
1- 1¼” receiver bar
1- 2” receiver bar
1-5/16” x 4” bolt
1- 5/16” x 5” bolt
1- 5/16” locknuts
3-5/16” flat washers
Fig. 1
To use pet step, select proper size receiver bar for the appropriate size receiver on vehicle that
pet step is to be used on.
Install correct receiver bar to pet step assembly using appropriate hardware. (See figs. 1 & 2).
Once receiver bar is attached to pet step assembly, simply slide receiver bar into receiver
hitch and pin into place with hitch pin. (not included).
Hitch up pet step can be left in receiver and folded up and secured with bungee strap.
NOTE: Weight capacity: 300 Lbs. (DO NOT EXCEED WEIGHT CAPACITY)
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