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The Inferno Torch Instruction Manual

Performance Data:

Maximum Supply Pressure - 170 PSIG

Minimum Operating Pressure - 17 PSIG

Maximum BTU - 500,000

Minimum Cylinder Size - 20 lbs.

Safety Precautions:

Read and understand all warnings and instructions before attempting to operate the equipment. Never permit children to use this torch.


• Flames from this torch can cause serious burn injuries to your skin and body.

• Blocking flame at torch head may cause flame direction to reverse and exit from the top of the torch head toward the operator.

• Using this torch on or near flammable material or closed containers may cause a fire or explosion which may cause injury or death.

• Failure to control burning material while using this torch may cause injury or property damage.

Personal Protective Equipment:

• Always wear eye protection such as safety goggles or glasses which meet ANSI Z87.1, heavy gloves, leather shoes and heavy cotton clothing treated to be fire retardant. Do not wear shorts or loose clothing.

Equipment Precautions:

• Only use this torch with propane gases from vapor withdrawal cylinders. Do not attempt to use fuel gas other than approved propane fuels.

• Propane cylinders must be kept in an upright position especially when the torch is in use.• Before use, check all equipment for leaks with an approved bubble solution. Do not light torch until any and all leaks are repaired.

• Light torch only with an approved lighter (provided). Do not use matches or a cigarette lighter.

• Do not permit lighted cigarettes, sparks or open flames near this equipment.

• When not in use, close torch valve and cylinder valve.•

Do not abuse, tamper with or alter the operation of this torch or its parts. Any repairs must be made by a qualified repair technician.

Use of Equipment:

• When operating the torch, always have a helper with proper NFPA approved fire extinguisher (or other fire fighting apparatus) of a type and size appropriate for the application and trained in its use nearby to watch and control the burning material.

• Maintain secure footing when holding a lighted torch to avoid falling. Shut torch and tank valves off if you are moving more than a few yards.

• Always direct flame from the torch away from your body when torch is lighted. Never point the torch at yourself or other persons while lighting or operating. Keep other persons away from the torch at all times.

• Never leave a lighted torch unattended. Turn the torch valve off to extinguish the flame before laying the torch down. Do not lay a hot torch down on or near flammable material.

• Do not block the flow of air or fuel gas through the torch head. Never allow the torch head to contact a surface or block the flow of gas from the torch head. Doing this may cause flame direction to reverse and exit from the top of the torch head toward the operator. Lift torch head from surface immediately if this occurs and release safety lever valve.

• Do not use torch in areas where combustible gases or vapors may be stored or otherwise present.

• Do not use this torch on or near flammable material or sealed containers which may cause a fire or explosion resulting in injury or death. Sealed containers, even if empty, may explode.

• Only burn in a small area at one time. Do not use torch near combustibles you do not intend to burn.

• Do not use the torch in windy or very dry conditions in which the torch flame or the amount of material burning may be difficult to control.

• In some locations you may not be permitted to burn without a permit. Contact your local authorities and fire department about state and local codes or permit requirements before using torch.

• Torch head will remain hot for a time after shutdown.

DO NOT touch or store the equipment until it has cooled.


Burning or heating some materials can produce dangerous fumes which may cause injury to your

lungs or other parts of your body.

• Only use this equipment outside or, if inside, only use for heating materials in a large area with enough ventilation to avoid the build-up of smoke, fumes and gases. If the air is not clear and free of smoke, fumes, and gases, stop using the torch and move the work outside or improve the ventilation.

• Propane fumes may collect in an unventilated or enclosed area causing an explosive atmosphere or one in which you cannot safely breathe.

• Never use the torch on materials, coatings, solvents or chemicals which release toxic fumes when heated or on plants such as poison ivy or poison oak.

• Avoid breathing smoke or fumes from burning material.

• Keep your head out of the smoke or fumes.

• If the smoke or fumes make you uncomfortable, stop using the torch on the material.

Warning: This product contains or produces a chemical, including lead, known to the State of

California to cause cancer and birth defects (or other reproductive harm). Wash hands after use.

(California Health and Safety Code 25249.5 et seq.)

For additional information regarding the safe use of

this product see the following reference publications:

NFPA/ANSI 58 - "Standard For The Storage and Handling of Propane Gases" available from the National Fire

Protection Association ANSI/ASC Z49-1 - "Safety in

Welding and Cutting" available from the American

Welding Society CSA 2-94 - "U.S. Requirements for

Hand-Held LP Torches For Use With Fuel Supply" available from the Canadian Standards Association

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The Inferno Torch Instruction Manual


Set-up/Assembly Instructions

1. Close all valves on torch and tank.

2. Always inspect equipment for damage before each use - Do not use if damaged.

3. Remove plastic cap from hose fitting and attach hose fitting to propane tank - Tighten properly with wrench. Save plastic cap for re-use when torch is disassembled for storage.

4. If for some reason hose fittings have been disassembled from torch fittings for repair or replacement - connections must be sealed with

PTFE Teflon tape and leak tested before use.

5. Check all fittings for leaks with an approved bubble solution. Do not light torch until any and all leaks are repaired. If you cannot eliminate leaks by carefully tightening the threaded fittings, have the torch tested and repaired by a qualified repair technician.

Lighting Instructions

Important Equipment Notes

• The cylinder connection on the Inferno torch is equipped with a safety device to prevent excess flow of gas from improper use or certain equipment damage or failure.

• The excess flow adapter may activate and reduce flow through the torch to a minimum if the cylinder valve is opened too quickly and/or the torch valve has been opened too far.

• The Inferno torch is also equipped with an automatic shut off safety lever valve that will stop the flow of gas and extinguish the flame if the lever is released during operation.

1. Close all valves.

2. Open cylinder valve slowly.

3. Point torch away from persons and/or any flammable materials.

4. Open the torch adjusting valve about 1/8 turn or until a small amount of gas is heard escaping when the safety lever valve is depressed.

5. Ignite torch by using the igniter supplied with the torch. DO NOT USE MATCHES OR CIGARETTE


6. If gas shows signs of restricted flow, the excess flow adapter may have activated. To reset: a. Release the safety lever valve and close the cylinder valve. b. Depress the safety lever valve to bleed off residual pressure, then release the lever. c. Wait 10 - 20 seconds. d. Open cylinder valve slowly once again, depress safety lever valve and ignite.

7. If torch still does not operate properly, turn all valves off and check tank to be sure it is not empty and has enough propane. If the tank is not empty, the problem may be in the torch. Have the torch tested and repaired by a qualified repair technician or replace the torch.

8. Adjust torch with the torch adjusting valve to control the flame intensity.

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9. Follow all instructions and warnings.

Shut-down Instructions

1. Release safety lever valve to extinguish flame.

2. Close the cylinder valve.

3. Depress and release safety lever valve to bleed residual gas pressure. Then close the torch adjusting valve.

Equipment Disconnect and Storage


1. Close all valves.

2. Bleed off residual gas pressure on equipment as described in shut-down instructions.

3. Disconnect hose fitting from propane tank and replace the plastic cap on the hose fitting to protect it from damage. It is important to protect the threaded fitting from damage so it does not leak when connected to the propane tank.


1. Do not store the torch while still hot.

2. Store equipment in clean, dry protected area.


Lever Valve 

Excess Flow 


Torch Adjusting 




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