Tube Cutter Operating Instructions (SR-PC-TC, R3)

Tube Cutter Operating Instructions (SR-PC-TC, R3)
Tube Cutter
(Part No. MS-TC-308)
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The Swagelok Tube Cutter is
designed to cut tubing materials
from 3/16 to 1 in. (4 to 25 mm)
Operating instructions
1. Position tubing between
rollers and cutting wheel.
2. Turn handle until wheel
touches tubing.
3. Advance handle an additional
1/8 turn. (The handle knobs
are spaced in 1/8-turn
increments. Use them as
reference points.)
4. Rotate cutter around tube.
After every second rotation,
advance handle 1/8 turn.
(For softer materials, advance
handle after EACH rotation.)
5. Continue until tubing is cut
Remove all burrs from the
tubing ID and OD. Failure to
do so may affect the fitting’s
sealing capability and system
Replacement Wheels
Always use a sharp wheel,
since this is the best way to
minimize burring. Using a dull
wheel will also expand and
work harden the tube end.
Note: Occasionally lubricate working threads.
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Page 2
Each cutter is shipped with
a spare wheel. Extra wheels
are available in packs of five
(part no. MS-TCW-308) from
your Swagelok representative.
Replace wheel when cutting
becomes difficult or end of
tube begins to expand.
To replace wheel:
1. Open slide at least
half-way by turning handle
2. Remove screw holding
wheel in place.
3. Take out old wheel and
replace with new one.
4. Replace screw.
Swagelok—TM Swagelok Company
© 2004 Swagelok Company
Printed in U.S.A., CP
February 2004, R3
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