Novasub - NSDVRsoft software
NSDVRsoft video control&recording
R 1.0
The Novasub DVR software is a video liveviewing, recording and streaming
software with camera & light control.
Live video viewing
Camera & Light control
User window size and position configurable
Multi monitor use
Snapshots per video channel
Bitmap overlay, size scalable and any
Text overlay, with real-time typing and stored
in memory
Sensor data overlay
Playback function
Synchronized recording and playback
Remote viewer of all channels over IP
PTZ control
Event Management *
Diver Management *
*available soon
The NSDVRsoft is a windows based video recording software
for SD and HD cameras. The NSDVRsoft can also control the
cameras and lights by using the Novasub dedicated hardware.
Extra data from external sensor can be displayed in the
software combined with the video channel.
The software can be used with multiple cameras of which each
camera & light can be independently controlled and recorded.
The recording is per channel at the maximum cameras
resolution. The recording can also be selected synchronized
recording. When this is playback all selected cameras will be
played synchronized. Also has each camera channel a
snapshot function.
The software also has built in text and graphics overlay control
for each camera. The graphics overlay lets you place a bitmap
image anywhere on the window. The text overlay is available in
predefined text, free on the fly text editing and data input. The
text overlay can be placed anywhere on the video image, colors
and font size can be selected.
The software has a video streaming capabilities over the
network. The NSDVRsoft can also control a Remote client
viewer installed somewhere on a PC in the network. The
operator can define what will be visible on the remote viewer.
Also the NSDVRsoft can be controlled from a PC/tablet
(Windows OS) on the same network either LAN wired or Wi-Fi.
The files are stored on the hard disk and can be played back
using the build in player. Also the snapshots which belong to the
recording can quickly be viewed. The player can also backup
the recording to an external storage device like a USB-stick or
external USB hard disk.
The NSDVRsoft also has the ability to adjust image settings per
Camera which are mounted on a Novasub pan&tilt can also be
directly controlled from the software.
Video & audio Capture
Video Input
Video Resolutions
Audio Input
Filed record format
Operating system (OS)
Control & Settings
Advanced De-interlacing
Colour Adjustment
Comprehensive text overlay
Comprehensive data text overlay
Image & video overlay
Data input
Camera and light control
SD , HD-SDI, BNC connector
SD: 720 x [email protected], 720 x [email protected] fps HD: [email protected]/25 fps, [email protected]/50
Mono and stereo audio, 48KHz at 24-bit, RCA connector
AVI, WMV, MPEG-2, H.264 (compressed and uncompressed)
>Windows 7
Eliminating the visual defects of interlaced video
Adjusting contrast, brightness and hue of the video
Full user defined free text overlay with font type, size and color selection
Selection of any data input to place on video overlay
Select any image of video stream to overlay in live and recording video
Select and filter data from serial or TCP/IP input
Select and set camera to channel, camera & light on/off, light dimming
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