T rouble S hooting
Computerized Lensmeter. CL-100 measures all types of lenses
faster and with improved precision
1. The instrument does not get ready for operation even if the power switch is turned on.
• Lay instrument on it’s side,
re-plug the power cord.
• Check the fuse.
2. The monitor screen is not visible or faded.
• Adjust the bright adjustment dial.
3. Marking is poor.
• Replace the marking ink cartridge (part # 42036 99500 – set
of 3). For a lens with sharp surface curve, use the optional steel
needle marking set.
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4. The screen went out all of a sudden.
• The auto shut-off function is on. Press the “¤ Enter” button,
and the instrument will resume.
5. Does not initialize or read error messages.
• Clean upper and lower lens with a clean cloth. Note: alcohol can
be used to clean the lens/target assembly.
• Press the clear button (4th button on the monitor).
• Note: If CL-100 is used in a lab, please clean
daily for preventative maintenance.
6. Printing issue.
• Check to make sure paper being used is Topcon only (part # 42330 9003B)
• Check manual to make sure paper is loader/inserted correctly
7. Not reading Progressive lenses.
• Press the mode button, then the menu button to enter menu settings. Scroll
down to “Progressive”. Confirm that “Progressive” is in “AUTO” mode.
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