Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions
for Hand-held Measuring Instrument P300
Remove the protective film from the film keyboard. Open the battery compartment on the rear of the instrument and, if present, remove the battery circuit breaker
strip. The instrument switches itself on and is immediately ready for operation after inserting the batteries.
Button (ON/OFF)
The measuring instrument can be switched on and off with this button.
AUTO-OFF function
the instrument switches itself off automatically after approx. 15 minutes if no button has been pressed during this time.
Button (°C / °F)
this button is provided for switching-over the display between °C and °F. The currently active temperature units are retained even after switch-off.
Button (HOLD)
The temperature reading currently shown in the display is frozen when the HOLD button is pressed. When the HOLD button is pressed again, the instrument returns
to measuring mode and shows the actual temperature.
Button (MODE)
When the MODE button is pressed for the first time, the maximum temperature values encountered since most recent switch-on of the instrument appears in the
dislay. The corrersponding minimum temperature value is displayed when this button is pressed again. On the third press of this button the Ainstrument returns to
normal display of the actual temperature values.
The cancel the MAX and MIN values, hold the MODE button depressed for about 3 seconds while in MAX or MIN mode. the display shows -- . To show the actual
temperature value again, press the MODE button once more.
Display illumination
Press the illumination button. The display is then illuminated for approx. 5 seconds. Thereafter the illumination switsches off automatically.
Battery replacement
Replace the batteries when the instrument display meaningless values on pressing the buttons.
CE-conformity, EN 13485, Suitable for storage(S), Envrionment (C), Accuracy 1(-30..+70°C). According to EN 13486 we recommend a recalibration once per year.
Technical Data
Measuring range
Permissible operating
temperature range
Operating voltage
Battery life
Case dimensions
-40 °C to 200°C
0,1°C through the measuring range
 0,5°C from 0°C to 100°C otherwise  1°C
NTC resistor
0°C .. +40°C
2 size AA cells, 1,5V each
approx. 1 year (depending on total time in switched-on state and illumination)
approx. 130 x 70 x 25 mm (L x W x H)
approx. 130 g
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