Campers` Handbook
Ground rules
Site Boundaries
 We will show you where the boundary is.
 Nobody is to go off site with out telling some
For the well being of all,
lights out at 11.00pm
If you have a problem tell
If you need help PLEASE ASK
This is your hand book.
It contains important
information about camping.
Campsite Safety
Trip Hazards
This information will help you to enjoy your
time at camp. You will know what to do and
what to expect, what we plan to do and how
to keep everyone safe.
Guy Ropes
Tent pegs
Activities at camp
You may be helping to cook food, to collect water or
do one of the other jobs.
You will need to look after your bedding and clothes
You will learn how to look after tents, and build
useful gadgets
We will be doing some archery,
some canoeing, and will visit the
zoo or Go Ape.
We will swim in Oundle, take a
walk to the local pub, and lots of
other activities.
Collecting Wood
 Wear gloves when
collecting wood or
using a saw
Keep long hair tied back when
Wear gloves to lift hot pans
Only go near a fire when told
it is OK by a member of staff
Staying clean and healthy
We always was our hands:
After using the toilet
Before touching or eating
Before bed we
wash in a bowl of
hot water.
We use a portable
toilet in a toilet tent.
Jobs at Camp
Every one has to jobs at
We take it in turns to do
the different jobs in our
 Help prepare lunch and evening meal, as needed.
 This might be chopping vegetables, making pudding,
or preparing sandwiches.
Wood and water
 Collecting water from the tap and making sure the
water bins are full.
 Collecting wood and helping to sort out the wood
 Building camp fires when needed.
1st Aid & Toilets
 Making sure first aid tent is up ok.
 Making sure soap, water and loo paper is available.
 Helping empty the toilets
 Keeping camp site clean and tidy.
 Checking tents are ok.
 Putting out meal tables.
Sleeping at Camp
Keeping warm at night
We will all be sleeping in tents.
It can get very cold at night.
You will be sharing the tent with 3 other campers
and 1 member of staff.
The tents look like this.
It is a good idea to wear a
woolly hat and warm pyjamas
in bed.
Take a hot water bottle to
Make sure you have an insulated mat to sleep on
and a blanket for extra warmth.
Do not wear too many clothes in bed as this can
make you feel colder.
Keeping warm in the day
It may also be wet and cold during the day.
The other staff will bring their own tents.
You will need warm jumpers, a scarf
and a hat.
A waterproof coat and trousers and
wellingtons will also help keep you
warm and dry.
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