m-1020-t power amplifier
200 Watts
RF Power
 Medical
 Industrial
 Lab Use
- 10 KHz – 5 MHz
- Solid State Reliability
The M-1020-T module is a rugged source of RF
power for ultrasonics, induction heating and laser
modulation as well as plasma applications. It is
a totally solid state solution employing RF DMoS
FETs in the power amplification stages. The M1020-T reflects E&I’s commitment to reliable and
robust RF power.
Flexible Operation:
The M-1020-T produces over 200 Watts of quasi
linear class AB power over a frequency range of
10 KHz to 5 MHz, with a nominal power gain of
53 dB (+/-1.5dB). Operation over the entire
frequency range is possible without the need for
any switching.
Class of Operation
Class AB
Frequency Range
INPUT: unit will withstand up to +13dBm input
without damage.
10 KHz – 5 MHz
Rated Power Output
200 Watts
Drive Source Requirements
Any signal Generator, function
Generator or oscillator capable of up
to 0.65 Vpp into 50 
Saturated Power Output
300 Watts from 30 KHz – 4 MHz
Power Gain
Temperature Range
53 dB nominal
0 – 45O C
Gain Flatness
Power Requirements
+/- 1.5 dB
42/24 VDC
10/2 Amps @ 200 Watts
Input Power for Rated Output
1.0 mW or 0 dBm
Input Impedance / VSWR
50 1.5:1 max
(H x W x D)
4.7” x 4.0” x 9.7”
118.4 x 100 x 246 mm
Output Impedance / VSWR
50 2:1 max
Any load VSWR, any phase from open
to Short circuit without damage.
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