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Mobile Business Series
MB Pro 1 & MB Pro 2 Bluetooth® Headsets
A genuine ear-opener
for the all day user
The new MB Pro Series premium Bluetooth® headsets deliver
outstanding wireless sound and exceptional listening and
wearing comfort. With Sennheiser voice clarity and ultra
noise-cancelling microphone, conversations have never been
clearer and more intelligible for listener or caller.
For all-day headset users, the ability to seamlessly switch
calls from one mobile device to another gives maximum
flexibility to their working rhythm, while the Sennheiser
“Room-Experience” feature in MB Pro 2 creates a more natural
and comfortable listening experience. Designed for the way
modern business professionals live their workday, MB Pro is a
headset that underlines the value of listening comfort, without
compromising on great sound.
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Great call quality and a
relaxed listening experience
The new MB Pro Series of premium Bluetooth® headsets is designed for
business professionals demanding wireless communication freedom,
brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort.
Sennheiser voice clarity
Up to 15 hours talk time
MB Pro is equipped with legendary Sennheiser voice clarity
to ensure a clear and natural sound experience
Communicate in high definition
audio for a full-work day
Ultra noise-canceling microphone
Filters out background noise for perfect speech transmission in busy and noisy environments
Enable users to seamlessly manage calls between
2 mobile devices from a single headset for maximum
call-handling flexibility
Quality Design and Sennheiser Craftsmanship
MB Pro is crafted with high-end materials to Sennheiser’s
high standards to ensure maximum durability and design
Room Experience™*
Sound-enhancement profiles
Exceptional wearing comfort
MB Pro automatically adapts and optimizes sound for both
communications and multimedia/music purpose
MB Pro comes with headband and large leatherette
ear-pads for a perfect fit to ensure a truly comfortable
communication experience
Sennheiser patented ActiveGard® Technology
Protects users from acoustic shocks and sudden sound
Large leatherette ear pad
gives a perfect fit, powerful
sound and extra wearing
*Available for double-sided variants with on/off feature
For a more natural and comfortable listening experience
giving less listening fatigue for the all-day user
Ultra noise-canceling
microphone for perfect
speech transmission
Adjustable boom arm
for optimum positioning
and voice recognition
Personalized name tag to
avoid wearing a neighbor’s
Room Experience™*
Without Room Experience ™
In our ongoing quest for an even better user
listening experience, Sennheiser has created a
unique new way to experience headset sound on
calls. We call it Sennheiser Room Experience™ and
it’s designed to reduce listener fatigue for all-day
users. By externalizing the sound from your head,
Room Experience™ gives you the impression that
you are having a conversation with a person in the
same room. This more realistic sound gives you a
more natural and comfortable listening experience
and reduced listener fatigue.
With Room Experience ™
*Available for double-sided variants with on/off feature
Sennheiser MB Pro 1/Pro 2, MB Pro 1/Pro 2 UC, MB Pro 1/Pro 2 UC ML
Variants Overview
of MB Pro Series
MB Pro 1 & MB Pro 2
• Premium Bluetooth® single (Pro 1) and
double (Pro 2)-sided headsets for all-day
use with mobile phones and mobile devices
• Come with USB charging cable
MB Pro 1 UC & MB Pro 2 UC
Optimized for Unified Communications (UC)
• Premium Bluetooth® single (Pro 1 UC) and double
(Pro 2 UC)-sided headsets for all-day use with
softphones, mobile phones, and tablets
• Optimized for all major UC and softphone brands
• Come with USB dongle and USB charger stand
MB Pro 1 UC ML & MB Pro 2 UC ML
Certified for Skype for Business
• Premium Bluetooth® single (Pro 1 UC ML) and
double (Pro 2 UC ML)-sided headsets optimized
for all-day use with Skype for Business, mobile
phones, and tablets
• Certified for Skype for Business
• Come with USB dongle and USB charger stand
For full technical specifications of the MB Pro variants, visit
Experience Sennheiser
Perfection is always relative: Users have different expectations
from their headsets depending on their needs. For professional
users, that need is to communicate as effectively as possible.
With Sennheiser’s range of headset and UC solutions, the
combination of exceptional HD sound, quality design and build
– and a focus on real life usability – give the best performance
possible in busy offices, contact centers and Unified
Communications environments.
Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of headphones, microphones,
wireless transmission systems and high-quality
headsets for both business and entertainment.
Drawing on the electro acoustics expertise of
Sennheiser and the leading hearing healthcare
specialist William Demant, Sennheiser’s wireless
and wired headsets for mobile phones, contact
centers, offices and Unified Communications
professionals are the result of Sennheiser’s
leadership in sound quality, design, comfort
and hearing protection.
Please visit us at:
1 Enterprise Drive, Old Lyme, CT 06371 USA
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