e savings - Aquatic Leisure Technologies

e savings - Aquatic Leisure Technologies
Extending your swimming pool season
with Solar Pool Technologies
Solar Heated Luxury
Choosing to install a swimming pool
is a major investment in your home
and lifestyle, so it makes sense to
extend its use and enjoy its benefits
as much as possible.
A solar pool heating system is one of
the most cost effective and energy
efficient ways to heat your pool and
extend your swimming season by up
to four months every year.
Solar Pool Technologies offers you an
exclusive solar heating system that is
high on quality and performance. This
world class technology system heats
your pool faster and gives you even
more swimming days each year.
The Solar Pool Technologies Difference
The end result is that your swimming pool will
become warmer quicker and the running costs are
reduced. Your pool water will be comfortably warm
when other pools remain chilly.
The Solar Pool Technologies system has been
designed to be compact and is tailored to fit any
roof. The absorber can effectively follow any roof
Once our experienced installers have measured and
completed a site inspection, a plan is drawn and the
system is assembled. Our trained installation team
will then expertly fit the system ready for you to
enjoy the benefits of a longer swimming season.
Solar Pool Technologies’ solar
system features:
• Full installation in the metropolitan area
•Elliptical shaped tubes offering 30% more
• Digital controller
•Reliable solar pump with 1 year
manufacturer’s warranty
• Quicker heat up times
•Western Australia’s most experienced
installation team
• Simple to install and service
Solar technologies
How does Solar Pool Technologies solar
heating system work?
This form of heating is very inexpensive to operate and
is ecologically friendly unlike fossil fuel heaters (gas or
electric), which create pollution through their harmful
products of combustion.
Pool water is circulated through a series of tubes (the
collector) installed on a suitably positioned roof. As the
pool water is circulated through the tubes, it is heated
from the sun’s free energy and then returned to the pool.
The water temperature can
be managed by an automatic control system.
Unique in design
The sun provides a certain amount of energy per m²
for our collector to absorb. The unique design
capitalises on the available energy and therefore
has a higher efficiency rating than the original
circular tubes.
of water
Our elliptical shaped tubes allow up to 30% more
exposure to solar radiation compared to the circular
tubes. Also because of its low profile and elliptical
shape, the tubes can be spaced closer together
without shading each other. That means we
incorporate 25% more tubing into a m² of collector
than most other systems.
Low profile elliptical tubes
Closer spacing - No shading
Gluing channel
Another great feature is that it will collect less
debris between its tubing. This is a distinct
advantage in leafy areas, ensuring consistent
performance from the collector and makes collector
cleaning unnecessary. The increased wall thickness
ensures that the tubing has sufficient thickness
to allow for long term wear and tear, which is
unavoidable when exposed to the sun.
Australian first
Australia’s first complete full
length manifold piping system
The Solar Pool Technologies solar system is
outstanding in performance and durability.
Our service history on our solar heating clearly
indicates that the most vulnerable part of any
system has been the manifolds (where the
collector tubes join into flow and return pipes).
Our system has been carefully researched
and designed to minimise potential problems.
This is achieved through the choice of better
materials and the use of improved construction
The end result is a solar system providing
outstanding strength and durability far superior
to any other system.
Less debris
Why is the manifold piping system
so much better?
•Prefabricated in one continuous length.
No holes drilled and no parts glued together
•Easy to repair - can be taken apart
or replaced
• Minimal leak potential - longer life
•Sleeves provide improved pressure
resistance (where required)
• Low maintenance
• Quicker heat up times
• Over 15 year’s infield service life
•Blends into roof line appearing almost
•Made to measure to suit individual site
• Simple to install and service
End Manifolds - giving pool owners
a choice!
End Manifolds take the aesthetic appeal of
the solar system on your roof one step further.
The low profile end manifold makes the loop
returns or the end of the solar strip sit flat to
the roof.
End manifolds are also built with a lugged
anchor point for added protection against high
winds and storms which can damage the solar
system. The design of the end manifolds water
mixing chamber ensures minimal resistance
to the flow of water as it is heated up meaning
that not only can you have a great looking
solar system, but one that works exactly the
way it should.
End manifolds are an optional extra and are
ideally suited for highly visible roofs.
Maximise the savings
Maximising the benefits of solar heating
To get the full benefits of a solar pool heating
system, there are several factors that must be taken
into consideration.
The first is its location. The area for the solar
collectors needs to be of sufficient size and
exposure to the sun. For sloping roofs, the collectors
should ideally be placed in a north facing direction
that is away from possible shade from objects such
as tress and neighbouring houses.
The collector area required will depend on the
surface area of your pool, the water temperature
you wish to maintain, local climate, shading of the
roof or pool, slope and orientation of the roof, wind
protection, type and colour of the roof and the
collector type. The Solar Pool Technologies system
is individually tailored to your roof. Our highly
trained technicians will conduct an individual site
visit and custom design your system to maximise
sun exposure.
Once the location and orientation has been
determined, the pumping requirements should
be the next consideration. An efficiently designed
pump will move the optimum amount of water to
keep your solar system heating sufficiently. Solar
Pool Technologies uses only the best pumps with
corrosion and UV resistant material so that you can
depend on years of reliable operation.
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In a properly designed solar heating system, the
solar controls should be completely automatic.
A temperature sensing control device is required
to operate the solar pump system only when
heat can be gained, ensuring maximum heat gain
is acquired.
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