JL2185A_V2 High Resolution DSC/DV Controller

JL2185A_V2 High Resolution DSC/DV Controller
JL2185A_V2 High Resolution DSC/DV Controller
General Description
The JL2185A_V2 is a highly integrated, low cost SOC solution for Digital Still Camera (DSC) and entry level Digital Video
Camcorder (DVC) applications. It is targeted at the application of DSC resolutions up to 16M pixels. It consists of CMOS image
sensor interface, image processing engine, face-detection engine, JPEG codec, audio codec, memory card controller, video
output interface, and USB 2.0 High-speed interface.
The JL2185A_V2 also supports storage media interface including SLC/MLC NAND flash, SPI flash, SD/MMC, and SDRAM. Fully
supporting major DSC/DV peripherals, customer can design DSC/DV system with minimum cost.
Image processor
Support CMOS sensor up to 16MP
CCIR601/656 video signal input
High-performance face-detection, object-tracking and so on
Advanced color processing engine with color-shading, lens-shading correction, adaptive anti-alias color
interpolation, adaptive 2D edge-enhancement, adaptive 2D noise-reduction, bad pixel cancellation and
AE/AWB/AF/Histogram measurement
8x digital zoom for still image capture
Video Codec
VGA size AVI capture and playback at 30 fps
4x digital zoom for video capture
Audio Codec
IMA-ADPCM coding/decoding
Support SPI flash and SLC/MLC NAND flash
CPU and Memory
Embedded turbo CPU
Booting from SPI NOR flash or NAND flash
LCD/TV display
Support 8-bit memory bus and serial-RGB interface LCD
Support both NTSC/PAL composite video output
Compliant with USB 2.0 High-Speed
Mass-storage class, Video class, PictBridge
Support 16-bit SDR SDRAM up to 256Mb
Small SDRAM buffer required
Built-in RTC, Power MOS, Battery detection and Power-On-Reset circuit
128-pin LQFP
Functional Diagram
JEILIN Technology Corp., Ltd.
8F, No. 179, Jian Yi Rd., Chung Ho
Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
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