User Manual - Compuprint

User Manual - Compuprint
User Manual
Compuprint Information
Thanks for choosing this printer.
Your printer is a reliable working equipment that will be very useful in
your daily job.
Our printers have been designed to be compact and respectful of the work
environment. They offer a wide range of features and multiple functions
that confirm the high technological level reached by the Compuprint
To maintain these printing performances unchanged in the long run,
Compuprint has developed specific consumable accessories for each
printer type (for example: ribbon cartridges for dot matrix printers, toner
and OPC cartridges for laser printers, bubble ink jet cartridges for inkjet
printers) that assure an excellent operation with high printing quality
level reliability.
Compuprint recommends to use only its original consumables with
original packaging (identified by its holographic label). In this
way, a proper use of the printer at quality level unreliability stated in the
product characteristics can be assured. All typical usage problems related
to not certified consumables may be avoided, such as an overall quality
print level degradation and, often, the reduction of the product life due to
the fact that the proper print heads working conditions, OPC cartridge
and other printer parts are not assured.
Moreover, Compuprint does not only certify its consumables in terms of
working conditions but also carefully controls their compliance with the
international standard rules concerning:
• no cancerous materials;
• no inflammability of the plastic materials;
• other standards
Compuprint advises the customers not to use products for which the
compliance to this safety rules are not warranted.
Finally seek your dealer or contact a Compuprint office and be sure that
are provided you the original Compuprint consumables.
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