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C r e a t e , S c h e d u l e a nd
C o m m u n i c a t e I m p a ct-full
Digital Signage.
Create and Schedule
Dynamic Digital Content.
Easy to Use
The simple user interface lets anyone
create striking, multi-zone, digital sign
content in minutes. A presentation
may include a custom background,
digital video, PowerPoint slides or
a multiple-image slide show, and
a text bar.
No big up-front fees, or recurring perdisplay costs. License for only as
many displays as you need, and
add more anytime.
Displays can be around the corner,
or around the world. Automatically
moves content to remote displays
via the Internet.
Digital video, images, Flash, and
PowerPoint slides can be created
and stored by anyone, and shared
by all.
Reusable templates define where
each type of content will appear
on your displays and are created by
dragging and resizing rectangles on
the screen.
DisplayIt! is the quickest, easiest, and cost effective
way to create and schedule content on a network
of digital displays. It offers functionality and ease
of use unrivaled in the digital sign industry. Best of
all, it is licensed, so you never have to worry about
monthly or usage fees. DisplayIt! is being used by
small businesses, corporations, governments, health
care providers, and educators around the world to
deliver powerful messages in a timely fashion.
Schedule for one display, or a group
using a simple calendar interface.
Events may be scheduled for future
dates, and can repeat for up to
two years.
Video from cameras, DVDs, or other
video sources can be streamed to
all of the displays on a local network,
and displayed either full-screen or
with other content.
Create a slideshow with dozens of
images in just minutes. Images are
automatically scaled and placed on
one of 50 built-in backgrounds, or
your custom background.
Prepare for Fires, Police Emergencies,
Bomb Threats, Tornados, Earthquakes,
Blizzards, Hurricanes, and Tsunamis.
Includes a complete set of multilingual emergency graphics.
Prevent unauthorized users from
scheduling or displaying content.
Allow users to control only displays
in their department. Lock presentations
to prevent unauthorized changes
or deletions.
Are maintained of all events in
an Excel Spreadsheet format. PC
and Mac players maintain a screen
snapshot verification log.
Constantly update the content
of displays via external software
programs. Menus, meeting schedules,
room reservations, factory output,
and many other types of data can
be automated.
From over 4,300 locations worldwide
is automatically updated from the
same data that airline pilots use.
Create and Schedule
Dynamic Digital Content.
Factory Floor Messages
When priorities change, getting the
word out to the shop floor is a challenge.
With DisplayIt! and a few strategically
placed LCD panels, it is as easy as
creating a new slide.
Meeting Room Schedules
A schedule for each meeting room in a
facility can be updated by anyone who
can work a simple spreadsheet. Instantly,
the digital sign outside that room shows
the schedule for the day.
Building Directories
No more hassles with lettering strips
or sign companies…with DisplayIt! you
can create and maintain an electronic
building directory using a simple
News, weather and sports
Part of an effective digital sign program
is keeping the content fresh and relevant.
With DisplayIt! you can create presentations
that display the weather from anywhere
in the world, or even news and sports
Dynamic XML Content
Links displays to live data from other
programs. Display sales and production
figures automatically!
Digital Camera Slideshows
Imagine putting together a slideshow
during an event that features the
people that are there now! With
DisplayIt! that is simple. Event planners,
realtors and many others appreciate
the impact of this feature.
Community Notices
Cities around the world use DisplayIt!
to let people know about events such
as health fairs, hikes, tours, and senior
citizen activities. Displays mounted
in civic buildings, libraries, and senior
centers, keep every-one up-to-date
and informed.
School Notices
Administrators and teachers will
appreciate the easy way that they
can communicate with students.
Everything from the lunch menu in the cafeteria to the scores of last night’s
big game can be announced. Best
of all, students see the announcements
when they are between classes, so
valuable class time is not wasted.
ViewSonic CD4232
Commercial Display
other compatible
commercial display
– Most commercial LCD displays with
compatible video and audio ports.
Displays may be mounted in
landscape or portrait mode.
– ViewSonic Media Players:
NMP-640 and VOT-132
– Windows PC: XP, Vista, Windows 7
(dependent upon configuration)
ViewSonic® VPC221 All-in-One PC
other compatible PC
ViewSonic® NMP-640
Media Player
other compatible PC
Part No.
Administrative software
and Player License
Instant Messaging
and Emergency
Notification Upgrade
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