JVC Professional analogue camera line-up

JVC Professional analogue camera line-up
JVC Professional analogue camera line-up
JVC’s innovative range of analogue security cameras offers superb image quality and robust design, meeting the
requirements of today’s demanding surveillance applications. With image resolution of up to 600 TV lines and lux
levels as low as 0.003, our Super LoLux analogue cameras can provide exceptionally clear pictures even at the
lowest light levels. The ExDR (Extended Dynamic Range) Plus function, enabling the cameras to clearly display
people and characters in the foreground when they’re up against an extremely brightly lit background.
Due to their high levels of reliability, with mean time between failures as high as 93,000 hours
– and impressive feature capability, JVC’s analogue cameras are suitable for a wide range
of security installations – and are an ideal choice for those looking for cost-effective
surveillance solutions.
JVC’s Super LoLux technology delivers precise colour reproduction under virtually zero light
conditions; as low as 0.05 lux in colour mode and 0.006 lux in black and white mode. The term
applies to the company’s policy to develop and manufacture CCTV products and components
such as DSP, Noise Reduction and other camera electronic components, with excellent picture
reproduction and colour performance in low-light environments.
JVC’s Super LoLux High line and industry leading DSP, provides excellent colour fidelity and
low light camera performance supported by premium 3DDNR section.
Newly-developed automatic C.L.V.I. (Clear Logic Video Intelligence) mode helps to improve
image quality in turbulent weather conditions, such as heavy rain, fog or mist, helping the
cameras deliver precise, crisp images.
The M.T.B.F. (Mean Time Between Failures) is an indication, in hours, before any unit may fail,
providing an idea of reliability. Most of JVC’s Super LoLux cameras M.T.B.F is rated at 93,000
The Direct Drive motor provides extra precision and silent operation, with accurate positioning
of ±0.03° and super fast and slow pan/tilt of 500°/sec to 0.04°/sec variable. The revolutionary
full magnetic drive mechanism minimises wear and tear of small parts, and performs market
leading 2 million zoom, 4 million focus and 5 million Pan/Tilt operations for extreme accuracy.
JVC Professional analogue camera line-up
Super low power consumption. JVC is committed to producing Eco-Friendly products,
providing up to 40% lower power consumption than conventional models. For example, JVC
Superlolux box camera type 12/24Volt TK-C9200 by 190 m/A.
JVC Monitor mode: Superiour development related to the value of gamma and enhance
paramenters in order to produce best picture quality by different types of monitors using
camera internal LCD 1, LCD 2 or CRT monitor mode settings.
JVC’s variable-focal lens incorporates a newly developed focus screw mechanism that assists
users when fine-tuning with a subtle, precise and overall more accurate movement. This easyto-use function allows users to adjust the lens with little effort enabling them to get the best
possible picture quality.
JVC focus adjustment button has been designed to ease installation for installers. Simple and
effective, installers can press the button allowing the iris to fully open for 30 seconds, allowing
the installer to adjust focus by temporary reducing the depth of field.
ExDR Plus
Advanced Wide
Dynamic Range
JVC’s WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is an advanced system that provides clear images under
adverse backlight conditons. Background of ExDr is special DSP circuit which enables the
realisation of a wide dynamic range function by combining two images captured by using low
speed shutter in dark and high speed shutter in bright area.
Area White Balance has been developed by JVC to eliminate areas with blue or other strong
colour influences in the background. The Area White Ballance can be easily applied to a
designated area by setting the white ballance within an area, whilst avoiding strong colour
Vandal Resistant indoor dome cameras have been developed by JVC to provide vandal
resistant indoor protection for more than 15J (Joules).
JVC has specially developed mini dome models that provide full vandal, dust and water
protection (IP66), as well as the vandal protection withstanding the external force of more than
50J (Joule).
JVC’s CCD White Spot Compensation corrects white spots by compensating them with
surrounding pixels. Unique to JVC, users can use this function from the normal user menu,
while other manufacturers’ cameras require going into the Service Menu. This feature is
essential for cameras, especially when they are mounted high up in inaccessible places.
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