ST2 components
Deactivate lock
Scope of delivery
User interface
L1e e-bike
Replacement of add-on parts on the ST2
Puncture and removal of wheelset
Warning notes
ST2 battery
Battery removal
Before riding for the first time
Battery insertion
Switch on
Battery charging
Switch off
Battery state of charge screen
Stromer app
Taking off
Range – performance tips
Service booklet
Assistance stages
Battery care
Braking mode
Regenerative braking
Boost mode –
riding speed switch
Move mode – push assistance
Ride screen
Theft protection
Activate lock
Menu and settings
Menu navigation
Braking mode
Torque sensor
Daytime light
Units (km/miles)
Smartphone app
ST2 components
Scope of delivery
ST2 Bike
brake with brakesensor
power button
daytime light/USB socket
EnergyBus socket
battery lock
rear light
battery box
license plate holder
torque sensor
ST2 Parts Box
Battery charger
- 2x keys
- Manual ST2
- Manual BMC
- battery charger
2 | 3
User interface
ing socket. Connect your smartphone to recharge
the battery. The charging socket is located on the
front by the daytime light and is covered with a
rubber lip.
Power button
The power button is located on the bottom of the
top tube below the touchscreen.
The Pedelec and S-Pedelec/E-Bikes chapter in the
accompanying general BMC Operating manual
provides you with additional notes on the use of
and special regulations for e-bikes.
Switch off
Taking off
1. Press the power button to access the shortcut
2. In the shortcut screen, select OFF.
The motor assistance kicks in as soon as you start
pedaling and have gathered a little momentum.
The motor assistance of the ST2 adapts itself to
your riding
1. style. The harder you pedal, the more
assistance you get from your motor.
For your safety, the motor of the ST2 does
not start to run until you have reached a minimum speed. However, always keep a brake engaged before placing the first foot on the pedal.
The strong acceleration takes some getting used
to. Uncontrolled taking off can lead to a crash or
to serious injury in traffic or on a loose surface.
Before riding for the first time
This manual contains specific information
about your STROMER ST2. Carefully read this user
guide. Improper use of the ST2 may lead to product defects and personal injuries.
Using the controller, you can control the most important functions of the ST2 while riding without
taking your hands off the handlebars.
The power button has the following functions:
• Switch on
• Change from shortcut screen to ride screen/2/3
• Change from ride screen to shortcut screen
• Change from any point in the menu to the
shortcut screen
The ST2 is equipped with a resistive touchscreen.
This means that the touchscreen does not react to
contact like capacitive touchscreens, but rather to
slight pressure from the finger and can thus also
be readily operated with gloves. With light pressure on the touchscreen, you navigate through the
various menus and can change the ride screen.
4 | 5
light control button
plus control button
minus control button
USB charging socket
Is the battery in your smartphone empty? – no
problem. The ST2 is equipped with a USB charg-
L1e e-bike
The ST2 offers motor assistance up to 45 km/h or
28 mph and a continuous rated power of 500 watts.
The ST2 is thus legally a light motorcycle in class
L1e with regard to Directive 2002/2004/EC. There
is an obligation to register and insure vehicles of
this category in most countries. Inform yourself of
the related regulations to this class of vehicle in
your country before riding for the first time.
The permissible gross vehicle weight of the ST2
is 140 kg. The gross vehicle weight is the sum of
the vehicle weight (27 kg), the rider’s weight and
Be sure to also read the accompanying general BMC Operating manual before riding for the
first time.
If you allow your ST2 to be used by third
parties, then please provide them with this user
Switch on
To switch on, press the power button.
If your ST2 has been locked with a PIN, you
must enter the Stromer PIN after switching on so
that you can use it (see Theft protection, page 08).
Sleep mode
If you do not switch off your ST2, it switches to
sleep mode after a period of inactivity of 5 minutes. The sensor technology remains active in
sleep mode. The system wakes up on its own as
soon as you move your ST2.
Alternatively, you can wake up the ST2 using the
power button.
Always switch the ST2 off using the touchscreen if you want to prevent it from switching
itself on.
Higher motor-assisted speeds and the additional weight may take some getting used to.
Practice the operation of and riding with your ST2
in a calm and safe place before using it on public
Assistance stages
Braking mode
Using the controller on the handlebar, you can
press the control buttons + and – to change between the following assistance modes:
As soon as you press the brake, the motor assistance is interrupted. The motor changes to braking mode and supports you during braking. In
braking mode, part of the released energy is used
to charge the battery.
No-assistance mode: The motor is switched off.
Assistance mode 1: Low motor assistance,
optimized for extended range.
Assistance mode 2: Medium motor assistance
– this assistance mode can be fine-tuned using
the Stromer app.
Assistance mode 3: High motor assistance
for maximum speed.
2. In the shortcut screen, select MOVE.
Regenerative braking
The ST2 offers braking assistance for longer descents. For this, press and hold the minus control
button for 2 seconds. Briefly press the plus or minus control button to adapt the braking power of
your ST2. To end regenerative braking, press and
hold the + or - control button again for 2 seconds.
Boost mode –
riding speed switch
The ST2 provides you with complete assistance at
the press of a button. The boost mode accelerates
you to 20 km/h or 12 mph, even without pedaling.
To activate the boost mode, press and hold the
plus control button on the handlebar. The boost
mode is activated after 2 seconds. BOOST is displayed on the touchscreen. As soon as you release
the plus control button, the boost mode is deactivated again.
The boost mode does not switch on until
you have reached a minimum speed. As soon as
you release the plus control button or press the
brake, the boost mode is switched off.
Ride screen
As soon as you take off with the ST2, the touchscreen automatically changes to the ride screen.
On the ride screen, the speed and information
about your ride are displayed for you. By pressing
the touchscreen, you can change from one ride
screen to the next to choose what ride data you
wish to see.
To switch the headlight on and off, press the light
control button on the controller on the handlebar.
3. Press and hold the plus control button on the
handlebar for as long as you require the push
For your safety in daily traffic, a daytime light is
integrated in your ST2. If the daytime light is
activated (see Daytime light, page 13), it lights up
as soon as the ST2 is switched on. Upon switching
on the headlight, the daytime light is dimmed so
that oncoming vehicles are not blinded.
Move mode – push assistance
Your ST2 has an installed push assistance. The
move mode supports you when you wish to push
your ST2.
1. Press the power button to access the shortcut
The daytime light is not legally permitted in
certain countries and therefore cannot be activated there.
On the screen, the selected assistance
mode is marked. If assistance mode 1/2/3 are not
marked, you are in no-assistance mode and have
no motor assistance.
6 | 7
4. Press the power button to deactivate the move
The menu and settings are not accessible
while riding. If you wish to make changes to the
settings, the ST2 must be stationary.
Theft protection
Activate lock
The ST2 offers you the best possible theft protection. You can lock the ST2 with a PIN when it is
switched off. The ST2 can only be switched on
again, by re-entering the PIN.
1. Press the power button to access the shortcut
2. In the shortcut screen, select LOCK.
If the locked ST2 is moved or is pushed for
more than one minute, theft mode is activated.
The motor is blocked and the actual position of
the ST2 is recorded if a mobile network connection exists. This makes the ST2 highly unattractive for thieves.
If your ST2 was not switched off or locked but has
not been used for a longer period, it switches itself
off. However, it will remain unlocked.
Deactivate lock
1. Press the power button to access the shortcut
2. In the shortcut screen, select MENU and then
3. In the PIN rubric you can set a new PIN.
Your first lock code is generated randomly
and sent to you by text message to the cell phone
number and by e-mail address you provided to activate your ST2.
Do not dispose of your ST2 battery and the
battery charger in domestic waste. In most countries, dealers are obliged to take back electrical
appliances and batteries.
Get to know the current national regulations for
the disposal of old electronics and batteries. Bring
used battery chargers and the battery back to your
Stromer dealer.
Battery insertion
Insert the battery in the battery box. Make sure
that the EnergyBus plug is pointing down and
the lettering THIS SIDE UP is visible on the top.
Slide the battery down until this engages.
Battery charging
Open the battery box with the appropriate key.
Pull out the battery.
ST2 battery
Before the first charging process, be sure to
read the notes on the battery charger.
Use the flat of your hand to press the flap until this
engages with a slight click and then withdraw the
key from
the lock.
You can also use your ST2 battery in another
Stromer ST2 or use an additional battery for your
You can fully recharge the ST2 battery after every
ride, which increases the service life of the battery
and ensures that you 1.
are always
2. ready for the next
ride. There is thus no need to ride the battery until
it is empty each time, as there is no memory effect. Perform as many partial charges as possible,
do not ride the battery until it is completely empty
and recharge it even after a short rides.
The ST2 is equipped with a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. It supplies the drive system and
all other electronic components with power.
Never leave the key in the lock. You could
injure yourself on the protruding key
2. or get caught
on it which could lead to a crash.
Always remove the key from the lock and retain
it in a safe place so that it does not break and is
not lost.
The ST2 battery
may only be charged with
1. the ST2
charger. The battery can be charged directly in theKLICK
Stromer or separately. The charging process with
the ST2 battery charger is described below.
Battery removal
To deactivate the lock, proceed as follows:
1. Press the power button.
2. Then use the touchscreen to enter your PIN.
Insert the key gently into the lock and turn it
clockwise until the battery box opens.
The battery is very heavy. Do not drop it. You
could injure yourself and/or damage the battery.
1. Connect the battery charger to the power
network. The
1. LED lights up red.
2. Loosely hold the charging
KLICK cable in your
hands and slowly guide it near to the socket
of the battery (A) or your ST2 (B). The plug is
automatically correctly aligned by means of the
integrated magnets. The magnets will help you align the connector correctly.
Never force the battery charging cable into
the charging socket. Make sure that the magnets
on the Energybus connector can align the charging cable correctly before you connect it to the
charging socket. Incorrect alignment could damage the ST2’s electronics.
8 | 9
A. Externally: Connect the battery
charger to the
battery. The LED lights up orange.
Charging time
An empty ST2 battery reaches a battery state of
charge of approx. 80 % after a charging time of
just under 4 hours. The battery is full in under 5
B. Internally: Connect the ST2 battery charger to
the ST2. The LED lights up orange.
LED fault messages
• LED on the ST2 battery charger does not light
up: Check whether the ST2 battery charger is
correctly connected to the power network.
• LED lights up red with battery connected:
The battery is not recognized by the ST2 battery
charger. Check the connector between the ST2
battery charger and the battery.
• LED flashes red: ERROR – over-voltage
protection, overcharge protection, short-circuit
or the battery is damaged.
• Avoid charging processes in over 40 °C or in
hermetically sealed rooms.
• Avoid water, moisture, dust or the proximity of
flammable materials.
• Always place the battery charger on a secure
and stable surface.
• Do not charge the battery if the housing of the
battery or battery charger displays any cracks
or fractures.
3. If the battery is completely charged, the LED
lights up green. Disconnect the battery/ST2
from the ST2 battery charger.
10 | 11
Battery state of charge screen
In the ride screen, you have the option of tracking
the battery state of charge for your ST2. The battery state of charge is shown in the form of a bar
and in percent.
If the battery is empty, your ST2 automatically
switches off the motor and changes to the no-assistance mode.
2. In regenerative braking mode, the battery is
charged and the dark bar is shown from the left
to the right.
You can find the recommended tire pressure on
the side of the tires.
The riding speed and range are decreased on
steep climbs as the motor has to work harder to
increase the speed or the altitude.
Lower speeds (below 7 mph), mean less efficiency. At high speeds (above 22 mph), drag increases considerably. Ride consistently at a medium
speed to achieve the maximum range.
The bar above the battery state of charge shows
the current energy flow. The screen helps you
to ride an extended range in an energy-efficient
manner. The longer the bar, the greater the energy flow.
1. As soon as you are assisted by the motor, the
bar is shown from the right to the left.
In order to extend the range using regenerative
braking, where possible only electrical braking
should be used (not mechanical braking). To do
so, ride in regenerative braking mode or only
lightly tap the brake to activate braking mode.
The longer the regenerative braking is active, the
more energy can be fed back into the battery.
For your safety, a small portion of the battery energy is saved so that the basic functions of
your ST2 can be maintained. Light and the screen
remain operational for about an hour if the battery
is empty and the motor assistance is interrupted.
Increase the pedalling frequency (low gear) while
maintaining the same speed and you will ride
more economically and extend the range.
Range – performance tips
The assistance modes 1/2/3 change the ratio between motor assistance and rider power. You save
the most battery energy when you change to the
smaller assistance mode 1 on a climb.
With a heavier weight (rider and luggage), the
motor must perform higher when accelerating
or on a climb. Minimize your luggage in order to
achieve a greater range.
Regularly check the tire pressure. Roll resistance
increases with low tire pressure, which can considerably reduce the range.
With the sensor sensitivity, the ratio between the
motor power and rider power can be individually
adapted. The following is valid here: The lower the
sensor sensitivity, the greater the range.
The range of the battery decreases at low temperatures. Only insert a battery that has been stored
at room temperature in your Stromer. This will
lessen the negative effect of low temperatures.
Battery care
In order to increase the service life of your Stromer
battery, please observe the following:
• Before riding for the first time or after a longer
period of disuse, the battery should be fully
• The first three times you charges your battery
make sure it is completely empty. However
there after avoid letting the battery go flat.
• In continuous use, you can completely
recharge the battery after every ride. This
increases the service life of the battery and
ensures that you are always ready for the next
ride. There is thus no need to ride the battery
to empty each time as there will be no
memory effect.
• Perform as many partial charges as possible,
do not ride the battery until it is completely
empty and recharge it even after a short period
of operation.
• If the battery is ridden completely empty, you
must charge this directly after riding as
otherwise the battery life will be compromised.
• If the ST2 814 Wh battery is not used for an
extended period, store it at room temperature
and recharge every 4 to 6 months.
• If the battery is not charged for an extended
period, a deep discharge may occur.
The warranty is thus invalid.
• Charge your battery at room temperature.
• In the event of a malfunction or if the battery is
in a deep sleep, connect the battery to the
battery charger for at least one minute. The
battery management then automatically checks
the battery and can rectify faults. If this is not
productive, contact your Stromer dealer.
• Avoid touching the contacts on the bottom
of the battery. This could lead to the battery
switching off.
Under no circumstances must you perform
the following with your battery:
• Short it
• Place it in water or clean it with water
• Open or tamper with it
• Charge it with a different battery charger
• Expose it to a source of heat or flame
Menu and settings
Menu navigation
Press the power button to access the shortcut
screen. Here you have direct access to all functions and settings:
A change to the sensor sensitivity influences the response behaviour of the ST2 in all assistance stages. A high degree of sensitivity decreases the range.
Braking mode
Daytime light
As soon as you brake, the motor switches to braking mode. The braking energy is stored in your
battery and thereby increases the battery range
of your ST2. Using the regenerative braking level, you can adapt the strength of the ST2 engine
brake to suit your riding style.
For your safety, the ST2 is equipped with daytime
light. As soon as you switch on your Stromer, the
daytime light turns on. As soon as you switch on
the headlight, the daytime light is dimmed slightly so that oncoming vehicles are not blinded at
If you prefer to do without the daytime light, you
can deactivate it.
1. In MENU, press BIKE.
2. In the BRAKEMODE rubric you can set the
strength of the braking mode.
Press the power button again to return to the riding mode screen. More detailed information on
the individual settings can be found in the corresponding subchapters or online at
The mode of operation of the described settings can change with a software update. A description of the current functions can be found
online at
The menu is only available if your ST2 is
stationary. As soon as you take off, the touchscreen changes to the ride screen. For your safety,
you cannot call up the menu while riding.
Torque sensor
The response behaviour of the ST2 can be adapted to your riding style. With the sensor sensitivity, you can define the ratio between rider power
and motor assistance. A higher sensitivity leads
to your Stromer already reacting to the slightest
pressure on the pedals.
1. In MENU, press BIKE.
2. In the TORQ.SENS. rubric you can set the
sensor sensitivity.
1. In MENU, press LIGHT/LCD.
2. In the DAYLIGHT rubric you can activate and
deactivate the daytime light.
We recommend always activating the daytime lights. You are perceived better by other road
users as a result and increase your safety in traffic.
The daytime light is not legally permitted in
certain countries and therefore cannot be activated there.
You can set the time and date as well as their display format individually.
12 | 13
1. In MENU, press SETTINGS.
2. In the TIME/DATE rubric you can select the
desired display format as well as set the time
and date.
The ST2 supports the following languages: German, English, French, Italian and Dutch.
1. In MENU, press SYSTEM.
2. In the LANGUAGES rubric you can set the
desired language.
Units (km /m iles)
The ST2 supports metric (m; km; km/h; Wh/km)
and Imperial (ft; miles – mi; mph; Wh/mi) units
of measurement.
1. In MENU, press SYSTEM.
2. In the UNITS rubric you can select the desired
unit of measurement.
Certificate of Conformity
For type approval of the ST2, certain parts were
determined that must not be changed. This means
that the approval as per L1e only remains valid as
long as the original parts are used. The following
parts can only be replaced with identical original
parts, otherwise the certificate of conformity of
your ST2 is invalid.
1. Frame
2. Fork
3. Motor unit
4. Battery
5. Tires
6. Rims
7. Brake system
8. Front light
9. Rear light
10. License plate bracket
11. Side stand
12. Handlebar
13. Stem
Replacement tires for your ST2 must meet the following requirements:
Replacement of add-on parts
on the ST2
All tires used on the ST2 must have an E-approval
for fast e-bikes in accordance with ECE R75.
In general, only use original parts approved by
Stromer for your ST2.
For example: E4 75R 0007911
The following tire dimensions have been approved for the ST2:
Inch designation
with your palm from above, it should detach
from the frame.
• Pull on the small silver tab to disconnect the
plug to the motor.
Puncture and removal of
In order to transport the ST2 with your car,
always remove the battery from the battery box
and transport it separately.
In the event of a puncture, the tire change is similar to that for a normal bike. If you are not sure
how to change a tire, please contact a Stromer
specialist retailer.
Before any maintenance work, please remove the battery from the battery box. Never disconnect or connect a plug while the battery is in
the battery box. You thereby avoid the risk of an
electric shock and of injury.
Front wheel
To remove the front wheel, loosen the thru axle
with a 6-mm hexagonal wrench and pull out the
thru axle.
Rear wheel
• To remove the rear wheel, first shift to the
smallest sprocket (high gear).
• Loosen the thru axle with a 5-mm hexagonal
wrench and pull out the thru axle.
• Pull the gears back slightly.
• Lift the ST2. With a light knock on the wheel
14 | 15
In order to avoid a life-threatening electric shock,
make sure that no objects can be held through
openings in the ST2.
Make sure that the ST2 cannot be used by third
parties without your consent.
You can now remove the wheel from the fork or
chain-stay and rectify the tire damage.
In order to install the wheel again, proceed in the
reverse order of the removal. The torque of the
thru axles is 20 Nm.
Warning notes
If the motor is under heavy load for a longer
period, e.g. on long ascents, it may overheat. In
order to avoid burns, make sure that you do not
touch the engine with your hands, feet or legs.
The ST2 lithium-ion battery has a capacity
of 814 Wh and is considered dangerous goods.
The ST2 battery belongs to hazard class 9. Transport by airplane as well as any shipment must be
approved separately.
If you would like to transport or ship the ST2 by
airplane, please contact the transport company
in advance. They will be able to inform you of
the valid regulations. Before transport, be sure to
speak with an expert on hazardous materials.
Smartphone app
Stromer app
Get everything you can out of your ST2. Install the
Stromer app on your smartphone and discover the
entire world of the ST2. The Stromer app is the
easiest way to adapt your ST2 to your needs. Perform your personal fine-tuning on the assistance
mode 2. The app also shows you the position and
the battery state of charge – even if you are not
near the ST2.
Service booklet
With the service booklet on your Stromer app, you
keep an overview. You can view the service work
that was performed on your ST2 at any time and
see when we recommend the next service from a
Stromer dealer.
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