Automatic Chronographs COSC User's Manual

Automatic Chronographs COSC User's Manual
Automatic Chronographs COSC
User's Manual
Display and functions
 Hour hand
 Minute hand
 Small seconds hand
 Date display
Chronograph :
 Central 60-seconds counter hand
 30 minute counter hand
 12 hour counter hand
 Tachometric scale (depending on models)
 Stop/Start push button
 Reset push button on counters
Crown with 3 positions (11) :
I Winding position (not pulled out)
II Setting position for date (unscrewed*, half pulled out)
III Setting position for time (unscrewed*, completely pulled out)
* Models with a screwed crown :
IA Initial position (screwed down, not pulled out)
IB Winding position (unscrewed, not pulled out)
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Automatic Chronographs COSC
We would like to congratulate you on having chosen a self-winding chronograph TISSOT ®, one of the most highly renowned Swiss brands in the
Chronograph function
Press the Stop/Start push button (9) to start the timing operation. Press the
Stop/Start push button (9) again to stop it. The timing operation restarts
when you press the Stop/Start push button (9) again (time is added), or the
three chronograph hands (5, 6 and 7) can be reset to zero by pressing the push
button (10). This is only used to reset the chronograph hands to zero.
Constructed with meticulous care, this chronograph is also a COSC* certified
chronometer. Using only the highest quality materials and components, your
chronograph is protected against shock loads, variations in temperature,
water and dust.
Speedometer (depending on the model)
The speedometer is used to measure the speed of an object which is moving
at a constant speed. Start the timing operation and stop it again once you
have covered a distance of 1 km. The chronograph hand then points at a
numeral on the tachometric scale (8), indicating the speed in km/h.
In the chronograph function, this model is able to time events lasting up
to 12 hours, displaying all the results precisely to the nearest 1/10th of a
To ensure that your chronograph operates with perfect precision for many
years to come, we advise you to pay very careful attention to the advice
provided hereafter.
Care and maintenance
* A COSC chronometer is a chronometer of high precision which obtained
an official rating-certificate issued by the Swiss Institute for Official
Watch Time-keeping Office (in french Contrôle Officiel Suisse des
We would advise you to clean your watch regularly (except for the leather
strap) using a soft cloth and warm soapy water. After immersion in salty
water, rinse it in fresh water and leave it to dry completely.
Do not leave it anywhere where it might be subjected to major variations in
temperature or humidity, in direct sunlight or near strong magnetic fields.
To benefit from the highest standards of service and to ensure your guarantee
remains in force, please always contact an approved TISSOT ® representative or retailer.
Usage / Settings
Models with a screwed crown
To ensure that they remain water-resistant, some models are fitted with a
screwed crown. Before proceeding to setting the time or date*, you must first
unscrew the crown into position IB before pulling it out into position II or III.
Important : After each operation, you must always screw the crown
back down to ensure that your watch remains water-resistant.
The high-quality mechanism of your TISSOT ® watch will give you complete
satisfaction for many years provided that you take proper care of it. However,
we would advise you to have your watch inspected every 3 to 4 years by an
approved TISSOT ® representative or retailer.
Crown in position I/IB, not pulled out
Manual winding is necessary if you have not been wearing your watch for
some considerable period of time. To restart it, you only need to turn the
crown a few times (clockwise), or to tilt your watch from side to side a few
times. To restore the power reserve of your watch to 42 hours, you need to
turn the crown about 32 times (clockwise).
Whenever you wear your watch, the automatic mechanism is wound every
time you move your wrist.
Setting the time
Carefully pull the crown into position III ; the seconds hand (3) stops at this
point. Turn the crown forwards or backwards until the hands display the
correct time. Once the hour hand passes the 12 o'clock position, you can see
if it indicates midnight (the date changes at this point) or midday (the date
does not change).
Advice on how to synchronise your watch
To synchronise the second hand (3) with an official time signal (radio/TV/
Internet), pull the crown out into position III when the second hand reaches
the 60 second (or 12 o’clock) position. This then stops. At the tone, press the
crown back into position I (and tighten it down if you have a model with a
screwed crown).
Rapid correction of the date*
Important : Do not set the date* between 10 pm and 2 am (the movement
is in the process of changing the date at these times).
Pull the crown out into position II and turn it backwards until the correct date
(4) is displayed. During this operation, your watch will continue to function
normally, so you will not need to alter the time.
Note : When setting the time, if the chronometer is engaged, the hand on the
12 hour counter will turn together with the hour hand of the watch.
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