RV generator set Quiet GasolineTM Series RV QG 7000 EFI

RV generator set Quiet GasolineTM Series RV QG 7000 EFI
Specification sheet
RV generator set
Quiet Gasoline
Series RV QG
7000 EFI
Features and benefits
Weight, size and sound level
• Electronic fuel injection - industry first for
maximum performance.
• Quietest generator set in its class.
• Exceptionally low vibration levels.
• Integrated design with enclosed muffler for
easy installation.
• Self-diagnostic capability to simplify
• Runs two air conditioners with power to
• Digital voltage regulation for stability as
appliance loads change.
• 3-year limited warranty, lifetime drive
Weight: 299 lbs (136 kg)
Length 33.6 in (853 mm), width 22.2 in
(563 mm), height 16.7 in (425 mm)
Sound: 70 dB(A) readings at 10 ft (3 m) half load
• Meets National Park Service sound level requirements
(60 dB(A) @ 50 ft) for national park use.
• Typical installation will further reduce sound level.
Models and ratings
7 HGJAA-97
Circuit breaker
(2) 30 A
Ambient conditions for rated power output with muffler and RV enclosure, per ISO 8528-1:
- Temperature: 77° F (25° C)
- Altitude: 500 ft (152.4 m), (99 kPa dry)
Typical power output change based on ambient conditions:
- Temperature: Power output decreases 1% for every 10° F (5.5° C) increase
- Altitude: Power output decreases 3.5% for every 1000 ft (305 m) increase
Ratings represent minimums. Actual performance may be significantly higher based on installation and operating
Operating temperature range
-20° F (-29° C)
Performance you rely on.
©2013 Cummins Power Generation Inc. | A-1431i (1/13)
120° F (49° C)
Standard features
Engine details
• Electronic fuel injection (EFI) for clean, smooth running
under all conditions
• Maintenance-free electronic governor
• Cummins Onan OHV engine
• Pressurized Thru Flow cooling system
• 4-point mounting system with vibration isolators
• Universal mounting tray with structural capability to
support the generator set in RV applications
• Integral USDA Forest Service-approved spark-arrestor
• Replaceable dry element air cleaner
• Integral control box
• Instant one-touch stop switch
• Enclosed muffler
• Sound-attenuated housing
• Remote waterproof connector
• Long-life fuel filter
• Spin-on, full-flow oil filter
• Low oil pressure protection
• Over/under speed protection
• Overcurrent protectors (see Models and ratings section)
• Low power factor field overcurrent protection
• 120 in (3 m) generator set output leads
• Digital voltage regulation
• 2 in exhaust tubes, straight with flanged end
Model: Cummins Onan OHV EH65V gasoline engine
Design: 4-cycle, OHV, 90-degree V-twin
Compression ratio: 8:1
Displacement: 39.8 in (653 cm )
Maximum power: 12.3 bhp (9.2 kW), 14 bhp (10.5 kW)
Cooling: Centrifugal blower, generator set-mounted for
high effectiveness, pressurized system, vertical flow
Cooling air volume: Includes engine, generator set
control cooling air flow
60 Hz at 500 ft /min (14.2 m /min)
Fuel System: Digitally controlled, electronic fuel
• Combustion air volume at rated load: 18.8 ft /min
(0.53 m /min)
• Electronically controlled throttle body governor
• Coach chassis-mounted, rotary roller vane pump
• Replaceable dry element air cleaner
Ignition system: Electronic magneto type with resistor
Starting system: Remote, 12 V, negative ground;
automotive type starter with steel pinion and ring gear,
automatic start disconnect, connector for remote start
cable, start-stop rocker switch mounted on set control
Lubrication: Full pressure positive displacement lube
oil pump, spin-on, full flow lube oil filter, low oil pressure
shutdown, dipstick
Oil capacity: 2.0 qt (1.9 L) including filter
Cylinder crankcase: Alloy aluminum with iron cylinder
liners cast into the block, aluminum oil base
Cylinder head: Aluminum, OHV, removable
Average fuel consumption
Gasoline, Gal/h (L/h)
60 Hz
No load
0.4 (1.6)
Half load
0.7 (2.7)
Full load
1.1 (4.3)
Alternator details
Design: Cummins Onan revolving field, AC, 2-pole selfexcited, two bearing design
Insulation system and temperature rise: Meets
Cooling: Direct drive centrifugal blower, cast aluminum
housing for excellent heat transfer
Excitation: Capped, digital voltage regulation
DC brushes: Electrographite; long life
Rotor: Laminated electrical steel assembly press-fitted
to shaft, balanced; heavy insulated copper wire windings;
optimized air gap for improved waveform and motor starting
Stator: Laminated electrical steel assembly, skewed for
improved waveform; heavy insulated copper wire windings
Frequency and voltage regulation: No load to full
load, frequency <2%, voltage 0.6%
Performance you rely on.
©2013 Cummins Power Generation Inc. | A-1431i (1/13)
Bearing: Double-sealed, pre-lubricated ball bearing
Generator set performance
Air conditioner starting: Two 13500 Btu air
conditioners with 3500 W base load at 100° F (38° C) at
500 ft (152.4 m) elevation
Basic dimensions
Dimensions in (mm)
Note: This outline drawing is provided for general reference only and is not intended for design or installation. For more information see
Operation and Installation manuals or obtain drawing 500-3234 and wiring diagram from your distributor/dealer.
• Remote start/stop rocker switch (P/N 300-5331)
• Remote control with start/stop switch and running
time meter (P/N 300-5332)
• Remote control w/start/stop switch and DC voltmeter
(P/N 300-5333)
• Remote control plug and wire harness;
10 ft (P/N 338-3489-01), 30 ft (P/N 338-3489-02)
• Battery, 12 V, 360 cold cranking amps at 0° F (-18° C)
• Under floor mounting kit (P/N 405-6699)
• Installation template (P/N 539-2057)
Performance you rely on.
©2013 Cummins Power Generation Inc. | A-1431i (1/13)
• Tailpipe kit: 22 in (P/N 155-3481-01), 26 in (P/N 1553481-02)
• Exhaust tube, straight with flanged end: 3 in
(P/N 155-2610), 7 in (P/N 155-2424), 12.5 in
(P/N 155-2610-01)
• Fuel pump kit (P/N 541-1002) required
• Energy command auto generator start EC-30
(P/N 018-02030)
• Energy command remote start/stop with diagnostics
EC-20 (P/N 018-02020)
• Energy command wireless start/stop EC-15W
(P/N 018-02015)
Testing for RV application
After sale support
• Tested at extremes of temperature -20 °F (-29 °C) to
120 °F (49 °C) for starting and operation
• Tested with RV loads, air conditioners, microwaves,
converter, TVs, VCRs
• Tested installed; Cummins owned RVs used for
product development testing
• Tested in high humidity conditions
• Tested in salt spray conditions
• Tested in heavy airborne dust conditions
• Field test program
• 60 Hz (120 V only) models listed by SGS United States
Testing Company, Inc. per ANSI/RVIA EGS-1 and CSAcertified per Std. 100 Motors and Generators and TIL RV-06
• This generator set was designed and manufactured in
facilities certified to ISO 9001
• 60 Hz models meet applicable U.S. EPA and California
emissions standards
Complete line of parts and accessories
Cummins Inc offers replacement and tune-up parts,
accessories, oil and maintenance chemicals - all
specially designed to help
keep your Cummins Onan
generator set running at
peak performance. Cummins
Inc. also provides genuine
Onan Green Label Parts™
that exactly match generator
set specifications and will
help maximize power output
and extend the life of your
generator set.
Warranty policy
This limited warranty covers virtually everything except
routine maintenance for the first two years you own your
RV generator set, and covers parts and labor on major
power train and generator set parts during the third year.
In addition, it also includes a free 90-day adjustment
policy, which provides that Cummins Inc. will make
minor adjustments during the first three months you own
it - free of charge! Please note: This 3-year limited
warranty applies to RV generator sets used in RV
applications only, and does not apply to RV generator
sets used in commercial mobile applications.
The warranty period for the drive train belt and pulleys
on the HGJ series generator sets used in recreational
vehicles shall be the life of the generator set. For the
original owner, this drive train warranty shall include
parts and labor. For succeeding owners, this power train
warranty shall cover belt and pulley parts only.
Do not use this generator set on a
boat. Such use may violate U.S.
Coast Guard regulations, and can
result in severe personal injury or
death from fire, explosion,
electrocution, or carbon
monoxide poisoning.
Largest distributor/dealer support network
Cummins Onan generator sets are supported by the
largest and best trained worldwide certified
distributor/dealer network in the industry. This network
of knowledgeable Cummins Onan distributor/dealers will
help you select and install the right generator set and
accessories to meet the requirements of your specific
application. This same network offers a complete
selection of commonly used generator set maintenance
parts, accessories and products plus manuals and
specification sheets. Plus, they can answer your
questions regarding proper operation, maintenance
schedules and more.
Manuals: Operation and installation manuals ship with
the generator set. To obtain additional copies or other
manuals for this model, see your Cummins Onan
distributor/dealer and request the following manual
numbers: Operation (A035D009), Installation
(A035D005), Parts (983-0201 I15), Service (A035D011).
To easily locate the nearest Cummins Onan
distributor/dealer in your area, or for more information,
contact us at 1-800-888-6626 (or 763-574-5000), or visit
Back feed to a utility system can
cause electrocution and/or
property damage. Do not connect
to any building electrical except
through an approved device or
after building main breaker is
Contact your distributor/dealer for more information.
Cummins Power Generation
1400 73rd Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55432 USA
Phone 1 763 574 5000
Toll-free 1 800 888 6626
Fax 1 763 574 5298
Email www.cumminsonan.com/contact
Performance you rely on.
©2013 Cummins Power Generation Inc. All rights reserved.
Cummins®, Onan®, the "C" logo, Performance you rely on.™ and Quiet Diesel™are servicemarks, trademarks and/or registered
trademarks of Cummins Inc. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
A-1431i (1/13)
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