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Model: Poly 865G
Convertible either as Mini-Tower or Mini-Desktop
* Supports Socket 478 for Intel® Pentium 4,C,E, EE (Prescott/ExtremeEdition)
* Supports up 3.4 GHz/FSB 800
* Supports FSB 400/533/800 MHz
* Intel® Springdale 865G Chipset
- Supports FSB *400 (Northwood only)/533/800 MHz
- Support Single or Dual channel DDR 400/333/266 nonECC memory up to 4GB
- Integrated Graphic controller
- Support AGP 8x or 4x at 0.8V (AGP 3.0) or 4x at 1.5V
* Intel® ICH5 Chipset
- Integrated Hi-Speed USB 2.0 controller, 480Mb/sec, 8
- 2 Serial ATA/ 150 ports
- 2 channel Ultra ATA 100 bus Master IDE controller
- PCI Master v 2.3, I/O APIC
- Supports both ACPI and legacy APM power
management - Serial ATA/150
* Support 400* (Northwood only)/533/800MHz Intel
NetBurst micro-architecture bus.
Main Memory
* Supports 4 unbuffered DIMM of 2.5 Volt DDR SDRAM
* Supports up to 4GB memory size with non-ECC
* Supports Single or Dual Channel DDR 400*/333/266 MHz and up
* One AGP slot supports 8x/4x at 0.8V (AGP 3.0) or 4x at
1.5V (3.3v is not supported)
* Three PCI 2.2 32-bit Master PCI Bus slots. (support 3.3v /
5v PCI bus interface)
* One CNR slot.
* The mainboard BIOS provides "Plug & Play" BIOS which
detects the peripheral devices and expansion cards of the
board automatically.
* The mainboard provides a Desktop Management Interface
(DMI) function which records your mainboard specifications.
On-Board IDE
* Dual Ultra DMA 66/ 100 IDE controllers integrated in
- Supports PIO, Bus Master operation modes
- Can connect up to 4 Ultra ATA drives
* Serial ATA/ 150 controller integrated in ICH5
- Up to 150MB/s transfer speed
- Can connect up to 2 Serial ATA drives
Triple Video (one on-board, two on AGP Card)
On-board Intel Extereme Graphic 2: Also knowns as
DVMT2 (Dynamic Video Memory Technology 2.0), it
will assign up to 64MB with total system memory 192
MB or above.
Nvidia GeForceFX 5600XT 128M 8X AGP Graphics with
Dual Monitors Support: DVI+VGA+TVOut Ports, DVI
Port can be converted as VGA Port.
40GB to 300G ATA-100/133 or SATA-150 Drive
52X CD-ROM, or 16X DVD-ROM, 52x52x32 CDRW,
DVD+CDRW+Card-Reader All-in-one Combo Drive, or
Sony/Pioneer DVD-RW 8X +- Rewriteable Drive
- 3.5” Floppy Drive, or Floppy+Card Reader Combo, or
Zip, Jazz devices
Lan, Audio and Other I/O
Intel® 82562EZ
- Integrated Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY in one chip
- Supports 10Mb/s, 100Mb/s
- Compliance with PCI 2.2
- Supports ACPI Power Management
- 6 Channels C-Media 9739A audio codec
- Compliance with AC97 v2.2 Spec
- Meet PC2001 audio performance requirement
- Support SPDIF out via 3-pin SPDIF bracket only
- 1 floppy port supports 2 FDDs with 360K, 720K, 1.2M,
1.44M and 2.88Mbytes
- 1 serial port COM A ; 1 VGA port
- 1 parallel port supports SPP/EPP/ECP mode
- 8 USB 2.0 ports (Rear x 6 / **Front x 2) (**Front USB
ports are supported by pin-out)
- 1 Line-In/Line-Out/Mic-In port
- 2 PS/2 connectors
- 1 LAN RJ45 connector
Industrial Standard MicroATX Chassis
Can be Tower (Vertical) or Desktop (Horizontal)
Aluminum Material with light weight and better Cooling
- 1 x 5.25” + 1 x 3.5” Exposed, 2 x 3.5” internal Bays
- Front USB and Optional Blue Light
- Dimension based on Vertical: 13.5”Hx5.6”Wx14.5”D
- 200W 100-240V Switchable P/S, UR/CSA/FCC/CE
Optional 10-Bay Aluminum Mid-Tower with 420W P/S
available for this system.
Optional 10-Bay Aluminum Mid-Tower with 420W P/S available for this system.
Polywell Computers, Inc. 1461 San Mateo Ave. South San Francisco, CA 94080 [email protected] 650-583-7222 Fax: 650-583-1974
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